By Swami Ram Swarup, Yogacharya

Next to God, the universe is indebted to girl child, who transforms into woman, first for life itself and then for making it worth having it.

Margaret Mead says-

Every time we liberate a girl child, we liberate a man.

Ironically, the 12th Annual status of Education Report [ASER 2017- Beyond Basics] focuses on 14-18 years old girl children across rural India and finds disturbing shortfalls in their ability to do even simple tasks like counting money and telling time.

Causes and effects of prejudice against the girl child in our society are many and extremely hard to undo.

Sex determination, for example, is done through machines with impersonal technology. But male dominated society is responsible for these gender-based terminations or female infanticides. Deep rooted prejudice against the girl child operates at subliminal/unconscious level almost everywhere. Is it not a mockery of the constitutional and legal golden rules of equality and security guaranteed to females across the nation through Article 14 of Indian constitution which guarantees right to equality for both males and females.

Are we following this article in letter and spirit.

In an oriental (sick) environment that we live in, girls have to make more adjustments than boys right from childhood.

The recent going attacks on girls have shaken all sections of society towards increasing incidents of violence against girl child.

Genesis of violence on girls is very subtle and deep rooted in human psychology.

Introspection reveals- social, political, economical and psychological factors for the same, manifesting in society as poverty, lack of employment, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual perversion, money, power etc.

Girls are being violated not because of their lack of strength but because of their lack of knowledge of Vedas and their disability to realise their true identity.

Unfortunately exemplary characters of Sita, Madalsa, Bal Brahmcharinni Gargi, who was the Acharya of King Janak, Katyayani and many others have been confined to pages of history.

Today is the international day of girl child and what better day than today will be to reflect on what it means to be a girl where I live. Being a youngest girl in my family I was never made to feel incapable of doing or becoming whatever I wanted to. None of my family members ever forced me to do something I never wished for. Gender did not define who I was back then and to this very day.

India is experiencing an increasing amount of acid attack over the years. Young girls are being kidnapped, murdered and what not. Girls cannot go out at night as any mishappening can take place. Even today they are not allowed to wear anything of their own choice. They are still not treated equally as boys.According to our society, a girl cannot do anything that a boy does. However, girls are not less than anyone. They handle their household work as well as their job.

So, I conclude Girl emancipation is possible by armouring her with both spiritual and worldly education to make her realize her immense potential.