Since long, I have been receiving questions on Internet from world level aspirants on the matter of faith. I ever thank Almighty God who has truly blessed me with the knowledge to satisfy the concerned personnel. I heartily take it a service for humanity provided by God and I really feel personal satisfaction while receiving calm reply from all concerned. Spiritualism is a vast, the deepest and even hard subject and to satisfy the aspirants is not an easy task even. As a matter of fact, all will too appreciate that there is one Almighty God who creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe. And too that the goal of all human beings is to realize God by promoting international brotherhood. But it has been my personal feeling that until and unless till such time a man will not be able to know and realize the true qualities of only one Almighty God who is a creator and nursing the universe like our father, the ravages of hatred cannot be made ended and spreading of love at the level of International brotherhood will be affected.

Let us, therefore share our sources to spread brotherhood Internationally by trying our level best to know the real truth, that is Almighty God, while discharging our moral duties towards family, society and nation.