We are updating the sites with enhancements and suggestions given by users. The following changes are being incorporated:
Questions & Answers:

  • Searchable Index (date, subject, etc.) – Idea by Mr. Narender Sharma
  • Auto-search of previous questions before sending a new question
  • Option to mark questions as private, priority, etc.
  • Option to send attachment alongwith questions
  • Security input to prevent automated submission


  • Articles also on recent updates and activities
  • Excerpts from spiritual discources
  • Vedic interpretation of current news and events


  • Videos of Yajyen and Bhajans
  • Option to submit own videos


  • Jukebox with spiritual bhajans (suggestion by Sanju)
  • Audio of Yajyen


  • Detailed havan procedure with audio of mantras

    eBooks (free)

  • Free downloadable books in Hindi and English (requires PDF) – Suggestion by MB


  • Streamlined ordering process for publications


  • Comprehensive section that will contain ways of contribution such as volunteer participation in various activities and other donations


  • Schedule of Yajyen, Yoga Camp, Book Promotions, and other activities

    About Swami Ram Swarup

  • Comprehensive information on Swamiji including detailed bio, pictures, ways to interact, and more..

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