Those creates the bodies of animals of 2, 4 and other feet. For the God that gives pleasure, we should put aahutis and sit in Dhyan.

In all the mantras God is saying to our aahutis and sit in Dhyan. We are following the orders of humans.

For three lakh years Rams family ruled over the world. Every kind would follow Vedas and do Yajyen. Nowadays every neta is scared every 5 years.

Nari is like Brahm if she follows Vedas. Today people have tried to restrict her education. We should worship the God that was worshipped by Darsharth, Hanuman, etc. Ram and Krishna are two eyes of mother india. This knowledge is hard to understand. If you understand then you have the blessings of God.

There are Devyaan Marg and there is Piryaan Marg. We should always strive for Devyaan Marg. Devhitam yadayu – We should dedicate rest of our life for Dev – God and Rishi. It will continue in your next birth also.

We should do good deeds in the current birth. After death, you should be in the birth where you do can good deeds.

We have got human body with a lot of difficulty. Now you should strive to realise God.

Look at what God is saying – Devah (vidvaano, Dev vritti vale) God is everywhere, when we sit there and we come to know that he is everywhere then in this human body there is light of God and knowledge. Yajmaan will get maximum possible pleasure. For realising God, we should do it in your life and do things for the good of the public. From pitar they become Dev. They good deeds of family life and they come in Devyani. So I become someone to destroy sadness. After Athithi sanskaar etc I eat the remaining food (yajshesh). Keep working hard and never be lazy. God is saying to be gatisheel. You keep doing good deeds.

These aahutis are rare. You get punya for your 15 generations. When Vidvaan does Anushthaan then only you put such aahutis.

Those who speak truth, focus on Vedas and realise God, they know their father God. They are true son of mother and father.

Whose buddhi is stiht on Vedas, realises God and in samadhi sees the creation that person only should do pravachan. Without that it is not pravachan.

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