God has done dharan of earth etc. That’s why all their activities are happening. If He comes out then they won’t remain.

This sukt (12th) was about God, the next is about vanaspati (13th).

Swahah: joy. Those who look for God inside them then they do not have expectations from anyone except Guru and God. This when vairagya happens. They keep increasing Yajyen.

This is body. The body should be fine. You should earn money. You should keep it healthy. It also comes in tapasya. (Then only it can be used for good deeds)

Knowledge doesn’t get destroyed – the one that we have gained. The thief cannot steal it. No one can do violence against it. It is formless.

Ved Vanni’s virodhi – those who are against it and go against it then it destroys their homes. The enemies cannot hurt with any weapons. You should not do enmity against Ved Vanni. Its protector is God.

God says that He is in everything. God is saying that I am telling you myself that one who does Tapasya he realises God, I give him alokik buddhi, Etc.

You listen by my ears, see by my eyes, etc and does not believe in me, worship others, I will take these sense organs away. I am telling you anadi truth.

The anger of Rishis and God is on dusht (दुष्ट) – crooked/criminal.

Brahmani prathamja: God gave voice of Vedas to four Rishis at the start of the creation. Ved Vanni is everywhere. Using it only you can cross over death. With this only bhootkaal mein mrityu ko paar, parishram, bramodanam se mrityu ko jeeta jaata hai. (even in the past people would cross over death by sustained effort and getting Brahmodanam).

There is also Stuti of Ved Vanni and God. We are putting aahutis. In the past with hard effort and Sadhna people got over death.

These mantras are full of knowledge and joy.

When we get the knowledge of Vedas and sit in dhyaan then you get out of the world powers, when they destroy their sins, God gives them the title of Brahma. They should always be engaged in Vedic Satsang and stay away from sins. It has a prayer Oh God! Make our wealth pure (we earn from hard work) that our sins may get destroyed. (After they (sins) also get dukhi – mind wants sins) Otherwise they are all judhan.

The one who has the need for this knowledge- I donate him Bramodanan. The one who needs stays from sins and will sit in Dhyan, etc. then the knowledge will not get destroyed from him. He will be born in the family of Rishis and/or he himself will become one.

Knowledge is Anant. Tomorrow I will see and will tell you more.

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