Swamiji continued the preach today from Atharvaveda:

Sakshat Brahm – every corner of the earth Mandlik Raja and their praja would come for Yajyen. Some lucky people would have Rishi ashram close by or they would get them to come in darbar. Vedas are the sentences that come from Rishis mouth. If you want to listen Vedas then you need to go to a Rishi. This is your duty. You at least get to hear using technology. The benefit of service, aahutis, darshan and going to the place is much more. You should try to get that.

What is the fear of the earth? It has no fear. If you are in the shelter of Yajyen, then your prann should not be afraid, just like the earth. We should not have fear that we will die. These aahutis give you abhaydaan. We should become adhikari. Rest of the work of God and Rishi.

Again and again God says that do not do dvesh against anyone. I will punish you (multiple times). Still people look at each other and have jealousy. Either people don’t listen, or listen and don’t follow. People don’t hear clearly. This is a clear message in Vedas that if you do any work against Vedas, you will do sin, and you will get sorrow.

People do dvesh against children, younger and higher age, you should destroy anger, and attachment. If someone does sin then God punishes. People don’t listen and if they listen they don’t follow. Their aim is to do sins under the guise of dharam.

If you do sin, even if you do without knowing, God will finish. People who get punishment blame it on God.

For example, someone’s wife died. He said that he lost faith on his Guru and God. If you do sins then God has to punish. You have come to bear the sins of past births. You can get over some deeds by Yajyen but no one does. Why do you blame God? He is punishing you for your sins. If you do sins in Yajyashala then you should be ready to

You should maintain brotherhood. There is a rule by God that you should not do raag dvesh.

Those who are in Brahmin family then God punishes even more. You are born to imbibe Vedic rules in your life. If you think you have come to enjoy then God will not forgive you. If you look at my life, I have not rested at all in my life. I live in merriment as I never rest in my life. If I was resting then God would destroy me and my family. Those who do not have rest in their life are tapasvi. Those who want to relax and do sins, you see them in jails.

Brahmin bears more sins. For the same sin, Brahmins face 100%, Kshtariya 75%, Mahajan 50% and Shudra 25%. You need saiyam and niyam.

The justice system of the world is with God. It is not with judges and lawyers. They have temporary duty. If they do their duty then they have a very high rank (judges and lawyers). If they do not follow then they bear the results in many births. Delegation of power is only with kings who know Vedas.

If we do dvesh against someone, we pray that it may that end soon.

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