Swamiji continued the preach today from Atharvaveda:

Morning Yajyen

You can destroy all sins if you really understand what is Yajyen. The time that you spend in Yajyen is your tapah and last with you for even for the next birth.

These days people die early. As per Vedas it can be 400 years. We should know that it is a klesh – abhnivesh. You can realise God and then you can get over death.

These days mind keeps you engaged in maya. It has almost become impossible to realise. You mostly come to listen with a small buddhi. You can do Vikas of buddhi. You can’t understand with small buddhi.

I think that I am preaching in vain as no one had come to learn but just to fulfill their desires. The desires get fulfilled automatically if you follow Vedic path.

You can’t understand Rishi. Sri Krishna is saying that you can’t see me with these eyes. He is telling it to Arjun who was brahmchari in family life and had studied Vedas till the age of 25 in ashram. So how can you?

You get punya to listen, put aahuti, etc. In some birth you will get vairagya. One day your buddhi will get developed after some births. If you leave then you will get sorrows now and in future bad births.

You can’t do anything for departed except Yajyen. When they are alive then you have been giving to the body. Whether it is good food or good clothes. A mother may be happy that the child is wearing good clothes. It is for the body. Earlier there won’t be even one child that would not be learned of Vedas and won’t go to Gurukul.

You are fulfilling your desires but not getting vairagya. Your spiritual achievements are weak. You will not meet the target of life. People don’t ask for knowledge. They don’t have a need of God.

From Rishis who does study of pure mantras (air takes taste of everything), he gets all the products. That means that the person gets all the products that are touched by air including honey, milk, wealth, etc.

Rishiyon ki tapasya ki anubhooti ka ras (the nectar of merriment of Rishis achieved after tapasya).

The attire of sanyasi is defamed now. The perception of someone who wears this is of a pakhandi (phoney).

Every soul is enslaved by mind.

Rishis have said everyday bodies are cremated but those who come back, after cremating, they come back and get entangled in work that they never have to go. They should prepare for going. Like if you have to travel, don’t you make arrangements?

God is prakat in Rishi’s heart, Rishi’s buddhi and the place that they live.

Trith etc is manmade worship which has nothing to do with Vedas. People don’t listen to Vedas and go against that. You have come in the false talks of other humans.

If people go to Devyaan Marg then God gives them knowledge, peace and long life. They do adhyatmik Yajyen – control indriyan, no anger, etc. their kids would get settled earlier and they would not have any problems.

Direct God says, I bind you in these rules. I give you Ved Vidya. Follow this adyatmik Marg and you will get over death. (Mrityu path). Mantras say that oh death go away from me I don’t want to follow your path.

Everyone was happy with sanyas earlier. The children will be well-settled and will be satisfied that my parents will spend rest of their life for God. People now don’t know what is Devyaan Marg. They get uncomfortable that how will they manage without him and money.

I may hear the voice of Vedas again and again. I may see Guru again and again. However, it does not mean that you should ignore family duties to come again and again. If you don’t follow the rules of family life then it is not good. It is also the order of God.

You should try to follow what is learnt. Acharya may keep the disciples in his rules. There are also rules that Rishi should scold and thrash disciples. However, if I do that then you will all run away. You should build ekagrah vritti and leave kaam Krodh etc. vachaspati uphutah: Rishi (the one know knows Vedas and also has the experience of realising God). He may come near us and we are calling for him.

Disciples should have the voice of souls that Guruji may come. Love is love. In Gurus order has love and bhakti. We should follow the order and get punya and get happiness. This is your own home as Brahm is prakat here. Rishis aagya cannot be ignored. I have said that I won’t be going to your homes for Yajyen and you should follow it happily. You should not be greedy that I should come to your homes. You get more punya if you follow and come to ashram for Yajyen.

The mantra about Rishis states that he may come near us and roam freely. I will never make you unhappy. We may listen to Vedas and we may never stop listening. It is God’s order to listen Vedas. We should keep listening and should not stop listening.

Whenever you have time, you should go and listen Vedas. You should do good deeds of family life. God’s order is just 50 years. If you have vairagya then do the whole day (tapasya).

You should do Yajyen peacefully. If you make your mind practice that we have to go early then you will get less punya.

Dhyan: soul pays attention on God – when the mind has no external topics (one who is me who’s is soul and second is God, whom I am concentrating on). Apart from that you don’t remember anything else. It takes several births also and some take 10-20 years if they really want to realise.

It is quite bad that you don’t even know shabdbrahm. In this path it shouldn’t be like this. You should clear all concepts. If you just remember meanings of some mantras then you can impress others but it will not be of any use. You should understand the deep meanings. I give knowledge if someone doesn’t take then what can I do?

The process of doing Yajyen for departed is made by God. They also get punya. Remember the deep meanings and secrets of mantras then you will get emotional. You will 100 times the benefit.

If you just know the meanings then he will go in deep darkness. Bhavarath is formless. These are very deep. Guru word is addressed to God by rishi (in shlok: Sah ev purvesham api Guru..). The words used in Vedas are Acharya, Rishi, etc. Now everyone is using the world Guru for anybody.

The tradition shouldn’t break. You should keep listening to Vedas. Rishi parampara has to be followed.

The agyaa of Rishi should not be ignored. Aaruni was asked not to sit in Yajyen but to just take care of the cows. He was given few cows and asked to serve them till they become 1,000. Aaruni did not say that I will sit in Yajyen. He would be woken up at 4:00am and he would come back late in the evening when Yajyen was over. He would eat food and sleep. He got Vedic knowledge by serving and following the order of the Rishi.

I have told so many times in ashram that you should leave the kids alone. Usually kids cry together it sounds quite nice (as if they are singing). It is good for them as it improves their respiratory system. In fact, doctors make a newborn cry at birth. It shows that everything is fine. If you scold a crying infant then he would think what did I do wrong? I was just crying. You should not scold them. In case a child is causing disturbance then the mother can just take him away. Crying is good for children.

Triyambakam Yajamahe mantra is in Yajurveda and Rigveda. Yajurveda has the longer version that we normally put aahuti. People have taken from Rigveda. The mantra says yajamahe (we do Yajyen) but pandits say that we will put 100,000 aahutis at this cost. It is against Vedas.

God is saying that I will increase your age if you follow devyaan marg. Trayusham mantra indicates that you can live for longer but you should try to realise God so that you do not get death again and again.

Medical science has been bestowed by God in this Vedas. This mantra has knowledge of medicines. There are many mantras in Atharvaved that have knowledge of medicines. Unless knowledge is given, it isn’t gained – agriculture, nuclear energy, etc. Even Vedas have knowledge of even how to prepare food. All knowledge has come from Vedas. Otherwise we would be ignorant. Vedas is the base of all knowledge.

There are tribal communities in some forests who have no contact with the outside world. If you see them even now they do not have the knowledge of wearing clothes, or how to eat. Either they eat animals or they get eaten by animals. They don’t have electricity or facilities. Do you think they have knowledge of reading, writing, medicine, surgery, etc.

I am explaining again and again so that you main gain at least a little knowledge. Without giving of knowledge, it cannot come. The knowledge was initially given at the start of the creation by God to four rishis. From here only all the languages such as English originated. From there only all technology, mathematics, etc. has come from Vedas. Whatever work you do first the knowledge has come from God in Vedas. With that we are prosperous. Earlier when the ladies would cook, they would first thank God (in Vedas you have heard the name of all pulses – moong, maa, etc.) that you have given in Yajurveda and we are cooking. Vedas say that before and after cooking you should remember God for a second.

These mantras have medical science. This mantra talks about a medicine. Sharash is a medicine that will relieve the urine that has stopped. It will give immense strength. Today doctors give medicines the origin is from Vedas. First when they get knowledge and then develop medicines such as allopathy, ayurvedic, etc.

These mantras have knowledge of bacteria – good bacteria and bad bacteria. The bacteria that keep us happy and those causing diseases.

Every Rishi has praised Gayatri mantra. Its bhaav (deep meaning) is that we should get the knowledge of Vedas in buddhi – it may get prakat (appear). You are listening Vedas.  People would chant this mantra to start Yajyen. It doesn’t mean that if you read and speak Gayatri mantra, you would get salvation. It is ignorance. You need to listen complete Vedas. Rishi Munis give knowledge. To accept or nor to accept is upto you. Soul is free to do deeds but in 4th adhyaye 48th mantra of Yajurveda it is said that who does work and who gives the results? Soul does deeds and God gives the results. You are independent to do your deeds. Rishi will you give you advice. You are independent. You can do sins and good deeds. Results will be given by God.

God has made a perimeter, you should stay and stay within Vedas. If you can refuse to accept this knowledge of Vedas, the results will be given by God. Everything is explained by God. According to Gayatri mantra, we do prartha but it has no meaning unless we make an effort that we do deeds according to our prayer.

We make an effort so that we can listen Vedas so that we get the light of knowledge in our buddhi. You should follow the path. What will Gayatri do? Unless you make an effort. God helps those who help themselves. God says I don’t listen without an effort.

You have to listen Vedas and follow Vedas. You should know the importance of devpooja, sangitaran, etc.

From tomorrow more aahutis will be put since the number of aahutis that are put are quite less.  

Evening Yajyen

Atriyano mantra – If the bad bacteria come in the intestine then God is telling about the medicine, and as per karmas, God will destroy the disease.

It is our dharam that we should listen to the meaning of these mantras. Earlier I have shared the meaning of these mantras. The repository of knowledge is given by God.

This mantra says that if use this jadi booti (herbal medicine) then we can get a life of 100 years.

This mantra says God gets happy… If we control our indiryan (sense organs) by naam simran, yogabhyas, etc. then God gets happy. We should focus on sadhna. These Rishi Munis of today, past and future, have done only by sadhna. You keep doing sadhna then this life will become longer and you will get Dev Yoni.

We don’t do paapacharan (do bad deeds). We should live for 100 years at least. We should not do bad deeds.

God is formless. If someone focuses on a statue then they cannot focus. In statue you will be concentrating on some part of the statue such as head, clothes, etc. Your mind will become chanchal (fickle/volatile).

You should sit in meditation and concentrate between your eyes (inside skin). You should try to control your mind. If your mind goes elsewhere, God is still there. You can get it back.

Rame Krishne is name of a medicine in Atharvaveda. It is used for treatment of skin diseases like leucoderma. Rishis sit in meditation to find the location of these medicines.

There are many medicines in Atharvaveda to destroy bad bacteria that come in the body. Yenendra can be name of a person.

The tip of my tongue should be sweet. The root of my tongue should also be sweet. I should speak sweet voice. We should control on bitter words. God gets angry. You should speak with sweetness. You should meet with happiness. The environment of Ved Mandir or any other place should be sweet. You should kill your mind and listen your own voice. You should take inspiration from Vedas.

There is one God. He is formless, and will remain formless. He will never take a form. There are 33 non-alive devas which should not be worshipped. Mata, Pita, Rishi, etc. are also Dev.

Atharvaveda is called Bramh Veda as it has a lot of knowledge of God. There is one owner of the world – God.

Janghida is also the name of God. These mantras talk about destroying infectious diseases. Muchatu means to remove, take them away (diseases).  Chetriyeh: local diseases are external diseases like blister, pock, etc. From here only this knowledge has come. Bhesham: medicine.

This is anshthan – Chaturveda – of all four Vedas. This is the biggest worship of God. It is certain that those who put in aahutis in Yajyen it becomes your protection. The work that you do doesn’t go in vain. It gives you a lot of pleasures – long life, money, etc. You do and it is your good fortune. You create your saubhagya (good fortune) by Yajyen.

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