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God gives inspiration to come in Yajyen and to donate. He has unlimited deeds – he gives body and calls soul back. He does the creation. He has unlimited qualities. He is in everyone. That’s why we can walk and earth etc. are doing their work. If He comes out someone then the item will get destroyed.

For the same God you should do daily yogabhyas, naam simran, Yajyen, etc.

God protects us. His rule is that those who put in aautis in front of Rishi in Yajyen, then these aahutis would become his raksha kavach. More aahutis you put, more protection you get. People like Karn would sit from morning to night without food. Even in old age, Gold helps me in putting them for 2-3 hours. This is also the way to realise God as well.

You should listen intently and take notes. You should forget the world. You should not have laziness. You should stay still in asan. You should be Chetan and after closing eyes, you should put aahutis. Review again and again. In case you do not understand, you should ask questions.

You should do manann chintan of each mantra.

Dheetaye: Dharan karne vaala (Som).The one who has adopted Som.

You should stay still in asan. You should do sadhna, agnihotra daily, and regularly listen Vedas. You will definitely get pleasure. When we do Yajyen, then around that, all four directions you get pleasures.

Somras: the pleasure of God. Before you realise God, you start getting pleasures of various kinds.

Oh God! Several and thousands, the whole collection of these wealth (gold, silver, cows, etc.) the one who donates – The one who donates in Yajyen for him God keeps giving different kind of wealth, cows, etc. God gives inspiration to donate to Acharya in Yajyen. It is given to him only. Donating in Yajyen is special.

The inspiration is given to supatra (the one who deserves). God gives him more pleasure and wealth. Donation does not get wasted. It only increases in wealth and gives pleasure. The sentences of Rishi (they do pravachan), and those who sing your stuti, avase (av = raksha/protection) – God protects them.

You should not think when you will get. You should give selflessly and without expectation. Leave the results to God. You will do deeds and the results is given by God. If someone gives money with a bad intention then God will not give anything. It is given with love and after knowing.

God gives inspiration to donate. Before you donate, God gives you the inspiration. It is a very big thing that God is thinking of you and is inspiration. Donation (when a disciple donates) is a very big blessing.

When sunlight comes out then with its aid we see. Just like that Yogis with Yog drishti do the darshan of (see) God. They always stay in merriment of God’s darshan without even a second’s break.

Paramam Padam (no one is bigger than Him)

If you increase your Jigyasa then you should also reach this stage. We should become Dev. To sit in the morning, sit in dhyan, Yajyen, agnihotra, seva, etc.

Today Saamved will get over and Atharvaved will start.

Learned of Vedas pray to God using Vedmantras. It has Stuti Upasana etc. people who do not know Vedas, new path.

We should pray the way our ancestors pray.

In this mantra God says people do Yajyen

People who do not do Yajyen etc. they don’t get anything complete.

We should always praise him. People who start leaving sins, they start getting knowledge, they keep getting pure (like cow)

You should do Manan of each word. His Yash his everywhere and every time, eternal. It can be only one God. It cannot be something that is made new.

The one who is wakes up early morning God does kaamna early morning. The one who does adhyan early morning then Som says that definitely I am your true friend.

How quickly you can make a friend? You just need to get purity and even if you read one page. You should have first listened.

God has made Saamved complete. After this Atharvaved will start. We will also do Vyakhya.

If a diamond is passed around you can’t tell the price. We don’t know. Jewellery knows what is the worth of the diamond. Similarly the worth of Ved Vanni is known by a Jigyasu that this is made by God. He has made the world and it has the way to live your life. It is rare that Jigyasu like you (a little and not too much). Ved Vanni will be with you.

If you so Yajyen then the karma that you need to bear as per prarabdh they keep getting obliterated. Irresptive of the post 10/135 calls these people ordinary people those who don’t do Yajyen.

Shabri, etc who didn’t have post, and people like you, will have kripa dritisti all the time. You should keep sanyam during Yajyen.

This and next birth will become safal. Next birth will be in a birth where Vedas are followed. You should do karmas as per Vedas and do Yajyen etc. this birth is for this. If we are away from it then this birth is wasted.

Ved mata I have done your stuti (like Sri Ram, etc. they were blessed as well). Give me blessings since I have done Stuti from Ved mantras.

It makes those who follow Vedas pure, those who have taken Deeksha. It also gives them knowledge. Long life, family, country, glory, wealth, etc.

Earlier no one will fall sick. People think that materialism is pleasure. It is God’s order that we need to earn but money doesn’t give pleasure. The reason for evething like money etc is pleasure but try to find someone who is happy. We have to kill mind as it is sinful. One day you keep getting pleasure.

Either wealth comes from Rishi or from Ved Vanni.

And Ved Vanni one day make us unite with God.

It is not a joke to come here. Those who come here have the blessings of God. Then you get a chance to get all pleasures. Sri Ram didn’t waste a single day. He would do Yajyen everyday.

Those whom we pray became great because of Vedas.

If you pray to Pujneeya God the you become Pujneeya as well.

You hear four Vedas annually. This mantra contains how to fight a war. When Kargil war happened, we did Prarthana for victory using the same. It is not appropriate to discuss about the reasons for victory but this was our contribution.

Like vulture eats flesh of animals similarly you destroy the enemy. Pandu did not go to the palace after marriage. He did a meeting and checked if anything happened when I was away.

He was told that one mandalik raja is trying to rebel. He immediately asked for his warrior clothes, and prepared for war. He attaked, fought and make him surrender and apologise. There was not even any consideration that he was recently married.

The wars now have poor motives. War is essential as per Vedas to maintain peace. India has left the chances it had to fight and maintain peace. Now with atomic energy, it is not appropriate to fight. USA vs North Korea. UNO is there but the war keep happening.

Earlier the wars were aamne saamne ke.

Attack the enemy on their marm sthan. God had not left any topic. When you go to Rishi then you have different kinds of Tapah happening. Keeping your mind clean, tapah. If you do burai here then you have to bear in this birth. You do many kinds of tapah here. You also get the benefit of God being prakat here.

If you hear the meanings then you will know what is justice. If they knew these then they would have taken care of the enemy nation. Now it has become very difficult.

If you capture your enemy, as per Vedas, you should kill him the same day. Gauri was pardoned 17 times. Those who have come till now have no knowledge of Vedas and have not been neetivaan, gyanvaan, etc. they keep saying that it is a poorer country.

You should remember the meaning of Badhram karnebhi. You should listen Ved mantras. If you listen Vedas then your ears and everything else will remain fine.

I inspire people to come and also donate. (God says)

He also says that the one who doesn’t donate, stay away from them. Badhra means kalyaankari. Doctors also say at the end that Bhagwan ki marzi. Then you should be in the order of God in the place.

You should listen Vedas and good things from your ears. If you keep listening worldly things then you will have their cover over soul (apparently). The indriya get attached to bad things under the influence of mind.

It is your job to remove the cover. This cover if of avidya, etc. the place for Rishi is Yajshala.

You should see good things. It calls the Devas that have realised. They come during Yajyen and if you do Havan properly then they come there also. You have stable organs, you are not a bed patient. Keep doing good deeds and your organs will stay Stable.

Once we understand then we spend rest of life in the service of God. Rishis will make you pure by giving knowledge.

If you start understanding Ved Vidya, if is difficult in one birth. Yes, we are standing in a queue. Next birth we will be in a place where the bhakti starts.

I have listened big Saamved from my acharya. Rishis regard it as the biggest Ved.

God who takes care of the world and gives the knowledge. He never gets old and doesn’t come in birth. The owner of the world. May give us pleasure and may remove our sorrows since we have listened to Vedas.

He is our isht and our true companion. Apart from that it is Rishi. Both of them will be with us in the next births.

Atharvaved medical science and siddhi of all Vedas, bramahgyaan. Rishis call it Brahm Ved.

With his power he has made Vedas prakat in each Rishi. He hasn’t spoken or written. Those 4 poorvaj. Death comes for everyone in Pralay except God. Souls are sleeping stage.

He does the creation from prakriti. The knowledge of Vedas that was given to four Rishis you may give to me. With those I will cross over death (mrityum Tarani). There is no other path. If you follow your own path then sorrows are not destroyed. I may not leave speaking Vedas. 1st sukt and first four mantras say that you listen Vedas and follow them.

We have called the giver of Ved Vanni – Rishi. We are sitting close to him. We listen to him. Till the Mahabharata time the whole earth was under Vedas and kept blooming. Anyone who understand may follow this path. It is not difficult. You just have to listen. You should do Havan. You make an effort to leave your vices.

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