Aahutis of Samved are considered best for praying – upsana and stuti. You should create a congenial environment. No one should interfere in anyone’s life. You should not point out anyone’s mistakes. If you notice a mistake, you can report. If someone says that it is my order then you should confirm. You should keep this atmosphere enlightened.

God, Ved Vanni and his powers are prakat in this environment. God gets pleased with aahutis.

We need to take care of our health. It is extremely important to earn money in family life. Alongside Yajyen should happen.

These Ved Vanni go towards outside while asking the owner of Ved Vanni (God) (Gopati). Whenever a tapasvi does the pravachan, it is Vedas only when he has realised God, and God is bringing it outside from him. These are direct from God and not from Rishi. This rare occurrence happens after 20,000-30,000 births that a yogi comes to this world.

People are entangled in kaam, krodh, etc. Humanity is getting destroyed. They don’t know that this is body is with you for realising God. I should go to dev yoni. I should not make such a mistake that I go to pashu yoni. This is only explained by Vedas.

Most people have a lecture prepared professionally for 45 minutes with stories in between. People applaud them. Ishwar is formless, He doesn’t speak. The pravachan that comes from Rishi comes from God. Sri Krishna says shrutva api na Ved as people have left hearing Vedas. Those who listen also listen in kshipt, vikshit and mudh. To listen and to put aahutis is tapah. It improves the next birth.

There is no one apart from you (God). Gayatri chand has a special benefit in listening and putting aahutis.

You have to listen complete Vedas. You have to listen happily without greed. You have to listen with the comfort and happiness of Rishi.

A tapasvi is liberated but the world keeps eating him. With a mistake he stays with the public. If a tapasvi was living in the forest then no one could touch him.

These mantras have a very deep secret. These are very important to listen. You will understand many secrets. The people who listen should be right. If the one listening is materialistic then it is an insult both for Rishi and God. God is the speaker of Vedas.

If the ones listening are not right then God punishes them. This greatest worshippable God, from which the knowledge of four Vedas originate (ajayatah). Jigyasu should understand. Many of you will have these faults but some of you are right. This fault has come in this world that why should we listen to Vedas? Just naam lo aur tar jaao (just learn the name of God and get salvation). Has it happened anytime? God is saying that there is no path except Vedas. This, some so-called saints, and those with bad intentions have got people away from Vedic knowledge.

We need Vedas in our life. If they follow Vedic path then they will get money, wealth, food, etc. – we will get everything. Otherwise it is left-over from rakshasa. God from whom the voice of Vedas comes, He is our true friend.

Pavakah: He destroys our kaam, krodh, etc. He doesn’t do just like this. When someone does the intense service of Rishi, and keeps getting knowledge – the he gets pure. It doesn’t happen by just taking name or just saying that I won’t do bad deeds. How will he not do? Inside there is mind and buddhi. They will make you do bad deeds. Tapasya and Gurukripa comes to your aid. Those humans who follow this path with Shraddha then Guru and God both, when he goes to the bad path, they hold him by his neck and take him away. Otherwise no one can escape getting into bad deeds. Mann and buddhi are trouble.

You should practice daily to take out your vices then Guru and God will help you.

There are praises of God. God is pure. He gives life. He is devon ka dev (mother, father, etc. and entire earth’s dev, and He is Devon ka dev).

Kushnev: For whom the adjectives have been used, He wants something (kuch chahta hua – He has no desires, automatic process), Kavyan (Vedas) updesh karta hai (explains Vedic knowledge). With his potential, He makes the Vedic knowledge appear in the heart of Rishis.

Vrahah: That day, when pralay ends and when non-sexual creation is made. One day comes when He makes the Vedic knowledge appear in four Rishis.

Evening Yajyen

Saamved gives a lot of pleasure. It has upsana and stuti of God. We sit while doing stuti. We sit with havankund in the land of Yajyen, around it. Put so many aahutis that your both ears become jyotimaye (enlightened) after listening God’s voice.

God gets especially pleased with Gayatri chand. To listen intently has one benefit, to concentrate in asan is another and to put aahutis is another.

To listen is another tapah, dam tapah, aahuti is tapah, etc. There are tapah in the ashram. If someone doesn’t do then he is a sinner.

If someone takes the Somras (in the form of merriment) from Rishis (does adhyan after listening). Each mantra can have a lot of vyakhya. After June 16th, vyakhya will be done for each mantra. This is adhyan. It has to be done with Rishis. God has not talked about learning from ordinary people. Those who have still buddhi in God, they should speak.

If someone doesn’t have Vedic knowledge then what’s the use of listening? If someone memorises and speaks then it is an insult. If someone just listens to saransh (summary) of Vedas, then just like air touches fruits, milk, etc. and takes the juice out, then he will enjoy it and also gain immensely. (This note is incomplete)

He will not have any shortage of milk, money, ghee, etc. If there are any household works to be done then those should be done. There shouldn’t be any wastage of time. You should study Ved Vanni from Rishis then you will get Som Ras and will realise. You will make your life successful, if you don’t have doubt and you keep gaining knowledge

Ved Mata shastraye dhareyan (accepts thousands), it may make us pure.

Earlier Rishi Muni would send social workers. They (social workers) would first control over sense organs and would do their own uddhar (attain salvation).  They would then spread knowledge. What is this social work? There are so many different cases, people get arrested as well.

We should have the inclination to listen Vedas. To listen in tapah. Then put that in action – yam, niyam, yogabhays, service, Yajyen, etc. Those who have sinful things. Sun has the category of sun. Mother and father are real if they have Vedic knowledge. Even now they should have Vedic knowledge so that there is impact on children. God has given the status to Rishi, who is a human to challenge it? God Himself says that He Himself stands in their protection.

With service then you start understanding knowledge. You can gain knowledge by going to Rishi Munis and Tapasvis. There is joy in it and helps you realise.

From pure mantras you get pure blessings. It is the voice of God. As much as you can hear, less it is. Rishi Munis have heard from many births. Then it comes with you.

Do stuti of God, how? He is pure and is away from sins. So do stuti for Him from many pure mantras from Samved. He showers you with pleasures. You offer His own mantras to God. This is His order.

Everything becomes pure – money and everything else.

Asya Yajyam Sukrutam: Oh God! May this Yajyen give param sukh (ultimate pleasure) including long life, prosperity, etc. We keep being in the feet of this Ved Vanni. (It is also applicable to those who are listening to the broadcast).

This mantra is repeated. It says that this soul may realise God – jyotirmaye ho jaye. This is the target of human body. Maya (illusion) is kamaal ki (tremendous). It has made the entire world enchanted by it.

Day and night you get the blessings of God if you are attached to Yajyen.

It is with the blessings of God only Yajyen happens. You become Yajmaan and I also sit.

Tvam Agnibhai Nah Yajyam – Oh God! With other Agni (physical fire – it has 7 forms kaali, karali), with Yajyen you increase our Yajyen, food, knowledge, etc.

Oh God! You only inspire Dev Yajyen (for Yajyen), Rayah (for money), for Daan (for donation). You will not understand this but you should understand. You don’t come just like this. It is an inspiration of God. When you come to Yajyen then Rishi makes you pure and take you towards salvation in many births – those who are Shraddalu (who have faith on the truth).

(Some people do not have inspiration from God. Sometimes a son can be forced by parents and they squirm.)

If you are donor then you are closer to God. There is a mantra that says that His (donor’s) asan is close to God. Donation is given in Yajyen. Rishi only is the adhikari to receive donation.

God gives ann, dhann, sukh, sadhan – everything. He gives inspiration to donate and then jeev donates. He knows you and He is close to you. He is inspiring you.

You should sit by 10:30am. I will try to come by then. Anyone who comes from outside you should offer them water and tea. They can also take themselves. They have complete right. Everyone should take lunch, dinner, etc.

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