Even if you take 4 crore births, you won’t be able to stop corruption. If you follow Vedas, then the indriyan come in sanyam. Then corruption will stop.

Yajyen is priceless. You have been hearing about Yajyen since 1978. A lot of you have learnt yogabhayas here. I have taught many other things from Vedas. You should have control over your sense organs and there should be Jigyasa that we do good deeds. You should not be distracted and do Yajyen as a formality.

In Yajyen there is no one small or big. Everyone is similar. You should take care of it and create a good environment for Yajyen.

Like if you have been staying for long, you shouldn’t put pressure on those who come new. You can give them education. You are forbidden to insult anyone, and also have raag-dvesh. It is also in Vedarambh Sanskaar.

If you think too highly of you then you have seen so many of them destroyed. You should pay attention to all of this. Those who put in the aahutis of ghee it is good, but you should give others a chance to put in aahutis, and you put samagri. It should not hurt anyone that they cannot put in the aahutis of ghee. They shouldn’t think that I don’t deserve it. You should stay down to earth in Yajyen.

You should not find faults in others. If you find faults then you should try to remove them in a loving environment. You shouldn’t do raag dvesh. I could not see faults of other people otherwise none of you could sit in front of me. God has given you the opportunity to follow the Vedic path. It is almost impossible at this time.

In my case, I try to remove the faults (of others) or become peaceful.

We shouldn’t fight. We should try to remove our faults. If someone doesn’t take out their faults then they can be removed from the ashram. God’s wish is that one who does droh (disloyal) against Vivdvaan, they should go from here.

You should been away from kaam, krodh, etc. We have not come here to stay. The world is like a hotel. When God calls us back, we do not know. But it is certain that we have to go. We should increase our age before we go. We should improve our life. In bad deeds your life won’t increase or improve. You have endless yonis ready for you.

There are many subjects in Saamved. It has mostly upasana, it also has other subjects such as medical, medicines, etc. You should take vritti from outside and put it in Yajyen. The time that you put in stays – this is amar vanni (immortal voice). The time that you don’t pay attention, goes as well.

The last shristi when it ended and this new shristi started, there was no name of any rishi muni. God has made a law that even the last shristi’s dev (or even before or later), they come to Yajmaan. Souls are also immortal but those liberated souls come for Yajyen. There is no proper name of anyone from the last shristi.

This shristi has been created afresh. It will only have sanatan Ved and God. If you keep listening then you will get closer to God. The rule is that you need to listen from Acharya. These are Ved and the others are sahinta (collection of Ved mantras).

This hard order of God is that the soul that has realised God, and has also the knowledge of Vedas (given by God after realisation), only he should speak (Ved Vanni).

This stuti of God. There is no one greater than him. In human life only you can hear about God otherwise you will waste it. If you don’t listen then you will one day lose these indriyan. You will have to go to bad yonis. We do not believe in the books of humans but we look at Ved.

Rigveda 10th mandal: 124th that there are unlimited yonis. 125th they are under the shelter of God (during pralay) in susupth stage waiting for different bodies they will get according to Vedas, 135th – karm bhonge aayi hai, bhin bhin yonis (different bodies to bear the deeds).

These have been observed by yogis – different bodies and on different planets. We should make ourselves safe. We shouldn’t do bad deeds and go to bad yonis.

Everyone should stay united and with love. We should not keep pointing out mistakes. We should know that they are mistakes. We should make them realise.

Kids cry. If they keep crying then their lungs will remain strong. If someone points out and ask them to be quiet then the person who points out is a sinner. The kid will wonder what I did wrong. When a kid is crying then it is like his pranayama. It will help him.

Earlier I would tolerate. Don’t criticize anyone, including kids. This place is for tapasya. This isn’t our age to point out mistakes. We should do sadhna. You can suggest people to improve their behaviour.

If you keep things for cow to eat then it is very good. It shouldn’t be thrown as garbage. In your area from where cow comes, keep the things safely. It shouldn’t get stuck in drain or create discomfort or impression that you are throwing garbage.

You should first get knowledge and then you should spread it. If you don’t understand then you should ask. You should change your attire – if you wear a coat and try to spread the knowledge of Vedas, it won’t look good. You can wear white clothes and white angvrasta around your neck. I had earlier also said you should try to wear yellow clothes in the ashram. It is not to show the world but clothes make a difference. No pant shirt, half sleeve t-shirts or branded items. You can pajama and shirt – white or yellow. I have said it many times but people don’t understand.

These clothes are of western culture. You can wear outside but not in the ashram. If you stay with Vidvaans then your rang-dhang (guise) should change. What you came here for the first time, like for money or raag dvesh, you will get the same.

You should improve yourself.

This is very deep and gudh (sophisticated) knowledge. You and I are, all souls. Some people become knowledgeable of Vedas after many births of practice (30,000, etc. – live for 100 years, die and another body). With a lot of difficulty a Rishi or Yogi gets born on the earth. Earlier there were a lot. There was no burai earlier.

Till the age of 25, people would get Vedic knowledge and also of social work. Also, how to spread the knowledge of Vedas and to spread agnihotra in different places, yogabhayas and name jaap, etc. On the basis of the quality of their disciples, the Acharya would bifurcate.

Without aadhyatmikvaad (spiritualism), you cannot remove corruption in materialistic life. The people with best of education and resources will also do corruption if we do not have spiritual knowledge. For social work there are so many societies – like for upliftment of women. If you see spiritually, you will see that the result is 0. There is no focus on respect for women but out of pity they give them a job. The sins that they do is outside the purview of our discussion.

Before we give any knowledge we should have Vedic knowledge imbibed with us. Then it will spread. I have said in many articles that any government will come, nothing will happen. Goodness won’t spread. Our culture (Vedas) is getting destroyed the how can goodness come? You will keep doing corruption. They need to have control over their sense organs, and shelter of Vedas and Vidvaan is required. If you look at the people in the past like Pandavas, they had control over their sense organs and they would treat their public as they own family.

These mantras are pure as they have come from pure God. They have purity. They don’t have impurity of 1 billionth portion of 1 atom. The books created by Vidvaan have no impurity. Even though the translations may be incorrect but if you take these books to a learned of Vedas, they will be able to make the difference quickly, and they will be able to share the true meaning. It will only be truth in the buddhi of a Vidvaan.

Every mantra appears inside a Rishi. Their body is of turyateet stage. It is a sin for Rishi to share deeksha to someone not deserving or to give Vedic knowledge.

From pure mantras, do stuti of God and will get pure blessings. The deep meaning is that when we listen pure mantras from Rishi (from others it is not pure, and if you read yourself then you become proud) then you get pure blessings. There are unlimited stutis of God.

Apart from Vedmantras, any shlok have not originated from God, will not be pure. If someone writes – God is one. Why is it incorrect? (It is memorized, and he is not Adhikari). The biggest reason is that he has not listened Vedas from someone who has realised God. If you say then may be correct, as you have heard Vedas. The truth will remain the truth, irrespective of what one says.

If someone says that these are my shlok and you will get blessings, it’s wrong. You get pure blessings from pure mantras. If you listen impure slokas then it creates impurity. It gets no blessings. It spreads adambar (pageantry) and falsehood.

The knowledge that you gain you should put to practice. You should never use hard words. It is a sin. Once you keep collecting sins then it is not good. You should speak sweetly.

God please give me the light of knowledge! The giver of knowledge is God. Ahtarvaveda says that the knowledge that was given to our purvaj (ancestors/4 Rishis), the same we may get. With this knowledge I get over death. There is no other way.

May our buddhi get the knowledge of Vedas! Vritti gets nirrudh, and not just ekagrah. Then you realise God. How does it come? From Vedas. There is no other way. If men have made their own path then it’s their own creation – swatantrata hi karta (you are free to do anything). The result is given by God.

Indraye Saamgayatah – for God, sing the mantras of Saamved. It is being sung and not as gadya (prose). All our aahutis are in gayan (singing) only. When Saamved starts then then special gayan starts. It is a very good thing that God makes arrangement through disciples that there is also singing in this Anushthan.

Brhamkrite – Brham (God) Krite (made by) – Vedas have been created by God. They have come from God. They have not come from human beings. You shouldn’t think that anything is yours (family, children, money, etc), it belongs to God. Some people have started understanding.

If you hear the translation, and don’t listen to Vedas, then it has no impact. It won’t be in acharan (practice). People think that everything is theirs. They don’t think it is of God or Rishi. They don’t remember Idam na mama. The right way to live is – Ishavasam Sarvam Idam Yat Kinch Jagyatyam Jagat.

In this there is a prarthana. We are saying something to God. Oh God! You have unlimited divya (divine) deeds (shristirachna, unlimited souls – which body to send to, life and death, rain, agriculture, garden, etc.). those who are experts in singing, sing for you. Those who have come here for a long time (some since childhood), you have also learnt to sing.

Like frogs in a pond. One large frog sings and others follow. It is in Vedas. Those who have not made an effort haven’t learnt. It doesn’t need whether my voice is good and how will it sounds like. We should think that God has said that sing for Me. God will fix the voice. We do not sing for someone.

Yogi doesn’t sing for himself or the world. He sings for the stuti of God. If you are listening and you can benefit from the singing then it is your good fortune. You can make your own fortune. God and Rishi likes when you learn singing.

Music has been given by God in Samved. Those who are experts in singing, sing for you.

Arkinah Archan Archanti  – Those who are experts in doing your Pooja (adar maan samman) – we follow your orders in Vedas. Like: Forbidden to be angry, don’t do it. Greed is forbidden then don’t be greedy. Don’t be proud. Don’t do sins. To follow the orders is the biggest Pooja. He says put aahutis, if you put, it is Pooja. To do good deeds, is Pooja. If you follow bramcharya, then it is Pooja of God. If you don’t the beda garak.  

You should have vairagya at least till the age of 60-70. If you don’t then it is a sin. The tradition is to take sanyas. Those take nowadays, they do it to earn more money. This is a great sin. Pooja is to follow the instructions and orders that have been given in Vedas and to follow Vedic path. To put aahutis every day.

Bramah will tell about God – his qualities, nature and deeds. Bramah is like my vansh. He increases your vansh (ancestory). Yajyen is Brahm. He has the superior place in Yajyen. He doesn’t need anything else. He is yogi. He is mantradrista. God has given him this stage.

Without Brahmah there is no one who will talk about God. He will share that there is no one as superior than Him. He gives knowledge, salvation, etc.

All these Ved Vannis – The empty space in everything (like space, nose, eyes, sea, etc.) Ved Vanni is everywhere. It is everywhere in the sky. If you listen to a Vivdvaan then you get it. It is there in every bit and remains there. Smudra (also the name of God).

Wherever is God, there is Ved Mata. Ved Vanni is immensely superior in rathawalon (7 rays of the light of the sun). God is everywhere and Ved Vanni is everywhere. The protector of powers (Satpati), Ved Vanni describe the unlimited qualities of God and Ved Vanni (man cannot). The describer is a Yogi or Rishi who has realised God. It is such astounding knowledge.

Shutam (siddh kiya hue) Jyeshtam (highest) Amar (immortal) Divya (divine) – God has unlimited pleasure. The most superior pleasure (madh) from You, we may drink. When you do sadhna, you will get. We may get the stream of truth (Vedas) in the heart. This originates from God.

The aahutis that you put are amar dhara (immortal creek). You do not have laziness. If you do not have hunger and thirst then you will have a better effect.

I have borne the sins of the others – Yogi. If Yogi does bad deeds then I (God) won’t leave you. Till you (yogi) have body, I will keep you dukhi (Sankhya Shastra). Even a Yogi against Vedas then God punishes them. There is also a rule that Brahman, if he makes slight mistake, then God will punish him more than 100%. This is correct. However, Rishi stays in merriment. It is a blessing of God that he is not stopping Yajyen. If Yajyen stops then perhaps life will stop.

Saamved is upasana kand. It has mostly worship of God. The one who knows all four Vedas, keep worshiping God and make him happy. It destroy sins.

To get salvation, the knowledgeable of Vedas (Rishi) and Humans to become liberated call upon you. The knowledge of Vedas is prakashvaan (enlightening).  

We should destroy our sins by Yajyen. If they (Rishis) are happy then only Yajyen only go on. It is the nature of a Rishi to do Yajyen. Secondly, someone who is Jigaysu, they gain knowledge. The good qualities of Yajyen cannot be described. It has unlimited benefits. The biggest thing is that it has endless stuti of God since He has unlimited qualities.

Pavmaan: pure. Jeev has to become pure from everywhere. These aahutis give a lot of pleasure.

The mantra says, when I do bhasan in sansad (public place for discussion, such as the parliament) then my yash keerti (reputation and glory) should spread. Vedas say our netas should speak like this that will benefit others. Speaking harshly or abusing someone will not increase your yash keerti.

He is God. He takes care of us. He is Devon Ka Dev. This knowledge is there for humans to become Devta. It is not for animals. When we will understand this knowledge, we will know how God is being explained by Vedas. He is just like how He is described in Vedas. He is not different from what is being described in Vedas. He gives everything and does palan poshan (nurtures). This mantra has plut (प्लुत) swar (prolated or lengthened to 3 matras) to ask to sing.

Vedas have vichitra and adbud gyaan (unusual and phenomenal knowledge).

Yajyen is true (Satya) who speaks (who has the tongue) iska jo palak hai – Som na nasht karne vala. Jiski jivya se tapakta hai. Voh som ras prapt karta hai aur karvata hai. (The knowledgeable of Vedas that speaks in true Yajyen from whose tongue Ved Vanni comes out, he gets the nectar of divine merriment and he gives it to the others). He has the experience of realising God.

Dvilok ke jo Prakash aur usse yash ko dharan karta hai. Jo yajyen ka palak hai. Yajyen karvata rehta hai. (Rishi keeps leading Yajyen. He is the patron of Yajyen. He has enlighten of  Dvilok and from it, he has imbibed glory.)

Dvilok tak uska yash jaata hai. Beta maata pita ke beech mein tisare naam ko dharan karta hai. Issitarah se yash kop rapt karta hai. (Rishi’s glory goes to Dvilok as well. Like a child sitting with his mother and father gets third name. Just like that a Rishi gets glory)

Prataksh mein usko yash pratp hota hai. Dvilok tak jaata hai.

The soul of Rishi can go to many lokas. His yash (glory) is in all directions. (Saamved mantra 706)

If someone has written a book then it should have truth from the start to the end. Whenever there is something wrong, you should stop. Sins are destroyed by bearing them or getting them excused in Yajyen. Shastras are paratah pramaan. If there is any shlok in shastras which doesn’t tally with Vedas then it is not written by Rishi. Only Rishi Munis are able to share the meaning as it is.

In this path, no laughter, clapping, etc. It is prohibited. Then only you will realise God. It is the path of vairagya. It doesn’t apply to those in family life. You shouldn’t have Vishay vikari laughter even in family life.

People can laugh on the topic of Brahm.  

Tubhyam: This whole world is given for Rishi, Munis and Yogis. They can go anywhere.

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