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Tadev: we should become Vidvaan. We shouldn’t become stupid. One truth (God) but Viprah say many names of it. Viprah and not ordinary people. You should listen from Rishi. Gyaan Roop Swabhav Karm.. His name is Agni.

In Pralay God doesn’t need any support. He doesn’t need air water or earth. He is self-sufficient and self- satisfied. He is Aditya. He is very powerful. He destroys everything in Pralay.

In one life it is not possible to realise. Whosoever has, it has been result of many births. We are souls. We live in body. If we are in Yajshala then we are different. Soul is chetan purush. He is different and body is different.

People are going in ashankya yoni (unlimited births in my lifeforms). Due to advidya (false knowledge) Avinashi ko nashvaan.. (immortal as mortal), people don’t know the difference as they are not listening Vedas. People have made various Gods. This made of rajogun, tamogun and satogun – buddhi and mind may do crores of sins in one second.

We should do maximum good deeds. People shouldn’t think of realising only. They cannot achieve in this life. It is target. We have to do pious deeds. We should think of next birth. It is very difficult to get vairagya.

You should remember that God’s name is also vayu. Prajati – he takes care of people and he is owner. Chandram- he gives peace. These are the divine qualities being told by Acharya but God has shared first in Vedas.

The power that closes and opens eyes, that power is God. Such God, cannot be held from top, side or below. You cannot hold the universe from one side. God is even beyond that. He is formless.

Vidvaano se raag, dvesh karne wala, ninda karne vala- (those who are against the learned of Vedas – who have hatred, etc.)  take them away. The rules are very strict for them. Mantradrishta Rishi, not less than that. He is immersed in his nature. Peeyavah (the one who hurts him).

Soul is like leaf of a plant. When it breaks then who knows where it will go. No one knows that if we do bad deeds, the soul will go to bad yonis and also in present yoni there is a lot of grief.

The life of ordinary people is to bear the results of previous deeds and also bear the results of this birth’s deeds. They don’t know Guru, Vedas, etc. either they don’t listen to Vedas or when they listen, they ignore it. Liks Sri Krishna says, Shrutah api na Ved (even after they listen Vedas, they won’t know). The vritti on the first day when you come to the ashram, will remain for the rest of their life. Vyas Muni says that even if they see yogi in a good stage, it won’t change. You should take care of your vritti. You should go to Rishi like a Mumukshu (who is extremely keen to learn Vedas and realise God).

If you have the wish of realising God then the learned smile and say that you will get both. But if you just wish for materialistic things then you will keep squirming (be a fish out of water).

You should destroy your bad deeds. Follow Vedas, etc. You won’t know where the leaf will go. People do sins since they don’t know. They keep doing bad deeds.

Please forgive my sins. To get over death then you need the path of Vedas. Leave death (parey fenko). If our close relative has died then we shouldn’t do grief and worry.

Soul is immortal, doesn’t get old and will never be destroyed.

God says that Rocha Kim Karosi. Why? Because you will get this pride that I know Vedas. If someone is in advidya (darkness), those who know a little (even more darkness). People shouldn’t be pride. Those who are knowledgeable are humble.

If it comes in the aad (pretext) of Dharam then it is a lot more ahankaar (pride). Sambhalo (beware).

You should stay in this world in consultation with Vedas and do good deeds. You shouldn’t be scared of death. If you grief over death then you will also have to die early. Those who depart early you should do Yajyen for them.

Voice of God has so many secrets. There is nothing bigger than this. You won’t know the answers as you don’t do enough Simran or don’t listen carefully. The knowledge of Vidvaan is so that you gain knowledge.

If we remember someone who has died then you remember their body, which is dead. Our attachment has become with body. If you know the soul whom you had a relationship. Krishna to Arjun that the arrows cannot hurt soul. The body is favouring adharm. It shouldn’t be left alive. Arjun understood but you haven’t.

God will create such diseases which cannot be cured. He doesn’t need to slap your face.

Yajyen and Rishi who does Yajyen are most superior.

Sri Krishna says that I am Saamved amongst Vedas. That means that Saamved is very dear to me. Sri Krishna was learned of all Vedas. All Vedas have all subjects but Saamved has more Upasana.

After meditation etc after seeing our qualities, please give us knowledge.

God is one. For him do yogabhayas, Yajyen etc bur before everything go to the sharan of Vidvaan.

It’s God’s order to put in ghee and havisha quickly. Two times daily you should do Yajyen.

One, two, three and four Vedas may protect me. Ved Vanni is chetan Brahm. Ved mata. If we don’t stop listening for the whole life then it protects you. It is anant (never ending) protection.

Saamved no 50 says that we should come to Yajyen and listen to Vedas morning or evening, whenever it happens. Ears have been given to listen Vedas.

God makes noise. These Akshar never get destroyed. Ved mantras are inside you and make noise.

Oh God! You have madh (divine pleasure), give us some too. Then we won’t leave meditation. Sit in the pure land of Yajyen.

You don’t get desire to realise God with Yajyen. It is not ordinary faith. People get into avidya and blind faith.

If someone doesn’t have as much as desire to realise God, they get into wrong path. Those like Maharishi Dayanand are able to find the right Guru.

This is Jeev (soul) and Jyotiswaroop Parmeshwar. We may realise you in samadhi.

Like a good father who gives knowledge of Vedas to children, You are our biggest father. We pray to you that give us the knowledge of Vedas with Vidvaan after leaving kaam krodh, etc.

Oh God, you may not forget us and you may not leave us! You should take the name of God everywhere. (It’s mentioned in Yajurveda).

We shouldn’t leave God or will leave us forever.

We have listened to your name Indra also. The owner of universe with all the Aishwarya.

Don’t do worldly talk to anyone in ashram. Early to bed early to rise. Do your daily Sadhna.


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