In these mantras there is Stuti, Upasana and Prarthana. Also, people who have taken deeksha, if they chant mantras, it has a value. If you do jaap, even for one hour, it will benefit you tremendously.

It is important to maintain purity in the ashram. Impurity isn’t good. Rainwater drains will get blocked in case they are dirty. People should compile garbage and put in the dustbin. If you throw outside then people will say that what kind of people stay in Ved Mandir. If someone else throws outside then don’t say anything.

Yayah Gacch – Whatever karm is there in Yajyen, God approves and it goes to God. Dharamacharan: Kartavya par acharan.

Service to acharya’s cow and fields is considered very good.

99% of people think that we are just like Acharya. We should remove it from your mind. From the side of knowledge I have explained a lot but buddhi stays just in..

Sthool tarir and karan sharir (normal people). Yogi has turiyateet avastha. How can it be same as other people? People have spoiled their lives in doubts. People who are good will praise them and will regret that they haven’t done it as yet. They will know their mistakes. Those who are bad and who say something like, “Badi aayi seva karne vaali”.

If you are abusing someone then it will just reach back to you. There is a rule of Atharvaved. We should follow it. We should understand.

If someone abuses then the learned remain quiet as they know it will go back to them. Those who are kami, krodhi, etc. they get angry and react.

You are educated. You should keep the environment clean.  

Mind has this quality that wherever you put, it gets entangled. You need to pull it out.

There should not be any shortfall in the service towards cow. If the floor has broken, then it should be fixed immediately. When the disciples are there, they should help. If you like, you can people from outside to help.

For people who even don’t get to do service, even if they have bhav (inclination) towards service, they benefit. This is individual path. If your family doesn’t support then it’s fine. Death comes but because of Yajyen the life gets extended.

These examples are for your benefit. I have told many times that when you travel at night, you shouldn’t drive. Whenever you go against the instructions then you suffer. Those who really serve with full potential then death cannot harm them. These are the rules prescribed by God in Vedas.

The yug is such that people don’t listen to Vedas. You get some benefit but not enough. The orders that are being given to you like should stay from bad deeds, you should follow.

Vedas say that you should listen with concentration. If you have heard 100%, you should remember at least 1%.

When you listen, you should do manan, then you need to implement it in your life. If you do like this, then you can realise in this birth or the next. Because of our sanskaars, we are not able to put that in action. If you keep doing service and aahutis then you will see a lot of magic in your life.

Every moment the name that is inside, we should remember the name of God (swaha, or Om). It’s king’s duty to spread the knowledge of Vedas. There haven’t been good kings after Pandavs. Pariksheen and Janmejei were not good. Janmejei

There used to be Dharm Sabha. Earlier before any rule had to be passed, it had to be approved by Dharam Sabha. Rishi Munis were not in the court but would be independent but would be consulted. After Dharm Sabha was dissolved then kings started implementing their own rules. The sun of Vedas started setting.

When you have to sleep, remember God. Before eating food, remember God. Before drinking water, remember God. Before using toilet (urinating), remember God. If someone listens Vedas then they will know.

 Sumradikay Swaha: If you get prosperity, remember God.

If you live your life the way God wants you to, then you never lose wealth. When you die then it goes to the next generation.

Yogsheen: What is protection of Yoga? The knowledge shared, Rishi Munis never take a penny. Sometimes people would give donation as per their Samarth. But they cannot charge money, or make people buy tickets, or charge for water. Anyone who takes money for Yog vidya or Vedas, is a very big sinner. God makes vritti such of a yogi that he cannot take money to teach.

This money is nashvaan. It is getting a lot of problems for those who take.

We have to life for small time. You should do sadhna.

When it rains remember God.

When you do agriculture remember God. (watering, harvesting, etc.)

When you do cooking, remember God (Swaha or Om). Won’t you get a good stage if you keep remembering God? If the sun doesn’t come out, won’t there be darkness? If you don’t have knowledge then you will be avidyagrast. How will you get uddhar (redemption)?

Swamiji recalled the discussion with late Mr. Khushwant Singh and how he had discussed and clarified. He understood the meaning of Swaha when explained.

Purity comes first in ashram. God has compared Yajshala with an infant and how he is cleaned by his mother. God is everywhere but is prakat in Yajshala. He is seeing us. There should not be dirtiness.

Who walks alone? Surya – tejasvi purush goes alone. Vishwamitra Rishi went alone to get Sri Ram. Vyas Muni went alone with Maitrei. Sanyasi goes alone.

Never be lazy in Yajyen. Swaha is the name of God.

Ganpati tyva havam havamahe: so many souls and their bodies, we call you. Ganpati here is God. You are sabse priya. The meaning is the sabse uttam – Diamonds, Raja,.. you are sabse priya hai. People murder for gold. Earlier God was the most worshippable and he will remain so. There is no one bigger than Him. He gives family and He doesn’t take more than a second to take everything away. Serve him by name jaap, yogabhayas, Yajyen, etc.

Mata Pita have a great respect in Vedas. You can give education to your children, wife, husband, etc. If they don’t follow Vedas then it is their prarabh. You keep increasing your medication. You shouldn’t get angry and treat them with love.

It is God’s order. Like teacher would teach and those who follow, they follow. Earlier in Gurukul, the Acharya had the right to choose what the child will become. We need to go alone.

If we are doing tapasya and we have good thoughts, and have control over kaam, krodh, etc. then after seeing us, they can follow the right path. There is a possibility. If still they don’t follow then they may have this in their karma – asurya naam te loka. We should not have any hatred towards them.

Who knows the naabhi (navel) of this universe and the earth? I know. Wherever you keep havankund, it is there. Yajyen is the naabhi of the universe. If you do it then the world is fine, otherwise.. Those who do Yajyen are protected.

There is knowledge of every animal, bird, insect, etc. These include monkey, pig, cow, snake, peacock, mosquito, termites, etc. If you see an animal remember God. People nowadays remember names of so many animals and do not think of God. We should be grateful towards God. The best method to show your gratefulness is by Yajyen.

There is also knowledge of teeth, talu, tongue, heart, lungs, etc. Unless the knowledge was shared by God, no one will come to know.

There is also knowledge about dates like ekadshi, tryodashi, etc. Pandits have memoraised and talk about those but don’t share that these have been shared by God.

Put aahutis in agni. We pray to Dev that our age should not become less, it should increase. You should become Adhikaari and sit. You should try to get your sins pardoned in Yajyen.

Bhratshrava – very large Saamved (upasana kand) I have listened Vedas from my Acharya. Give me sukhs and destroy my sins. We have come for that but we have made mistakes.

We have done a lot of sins. We have the sanchit karmas from past birth. The sins of this birth will be added to those. Unless we do not do practice of leaving bad deeds, and get our sins pardoned, this birth and the next births will be very bad. We have listened Vedas. If we do not listen then he will not give you sukh. His rule is what is being shared – Anushthan, Yajyen, etc.

I have listened Vedas that’s why bless me. Unless I listen to Yajyen, he doesn’t bless me.

We should listen to Vedas (best). We will hear about God from Vedas. Those who come from far, they listen Vedas, get sukh, get long life, and have unlimited benefits. God is prakat there.

The mantra is saying you have seen, killed, cut, sold, bought, cooked, served, eaten and washed utensils (of meat). You all get ready for punishment. All addictions are forbidden as per Vedas.

God and soul never die. Vedas have the knowledge of traitvaad given. People have used it, modified and shared their own path. God punishes.

Vedas have unlimited knowledge. In fact, even one mantra has unlimited knowledge. The method is that you build ekagrah vritti by doing name jaap. Shrutam Tapah. If you have ekagrah vritti then you will start enjoying. Even after you sell three lokas, you cannot pay for even one day’s Yajyen. People can come and collect blessings. The way goes towards moksh.

All heads belong to him (including animals, insects, etc). His creation is great but it is nothing compared to him. He is jyansha purushah – greatest.

For eternal time Dev worship God by Yajyen.

From, God all Vedas have originated.

Brahmin is mukham- anyone who has realised God is respectable as God. Those who have power in their arms are kshyatriya. Those who have power in their thighs to move from one place to the other, stand for long, etc. are Vaishyas.

Vedas are one path made by God.

No one can hold him from too, below and between. He is unlimited. He is nirakar.

He cannot be measured. He has no statue.

Listen Vedas from your ears. Both your ears get enlightened. You listen Vedas and put aahutis. This Veda lot of knowledge.

Vidvan May come near us and give us sumrideekah (pleasure).

We should do deeds that are good are you and for others. If you listen Vedas then why should you do bad deeds? Such as maligning others. You should know that it is bad for you, as when you malign or abuse someone, you get it back. It will also make the other person angry or feel bad.

Our mind should have beneficial thoughts. It shouldn’t have bad thoughts.



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