To listen Vedas is tapah. If you listen Vedas then other translations then it is fine. When the pralay happens, all the books will be destroyed. The knowledge of Rishi’s book will remain. If you read Samhita, it is not Vedas.

When pralay happens in the next Shristi, the same Vedas will come. Not even a comma changes. Listen Vedas as it creates a rakshya kavach, vidyat (you should know them).

Sarah : river. If you put a stone in the river, the waves will go all around, similarly when Rishi Muni do uccharan of Ved mantras then they get spread in entire Brahmand. These are avinashi, Chetan Brahm. Askhar Nakshara Vidyat.

If people don’t listen Vedas.. this Shristi is made by God. The rules are only of God. Till Mahabharat, the punishment and punya was according to Vedas only. We need to follow and respect constitution now. You keep the law and order but you should listen and follow the preaching of Vedas.

Varnn (वर्ण): Why did God explain these varn (akshar)? They never get destroyed. They protect you. Varn ka gyaan, va vishaye (vanni ka vishaye). These have both shabdbrahm and parbrahm both.

Laguvartam: Bahut bada gyaan. Like this anant gyaan has been shortened and put in these words. Like moon is shushobhit in starts, just like this, if a man gets the knowledge of these akshars, then that man is shushobit amongst humans. He is not just a man. He becomes Rishi Muni and Devta.

Peace is in in Brahmakshar. This is also in Rigved and Yajurved. This is Shabdbrahm gyaan. It has praise of askshars. After listening these, we should listen to the mantras again and again. We should not keep agyaan with us.

You won’t get moksh unless you listen to Vedas. You will not realise God by practicing on name. The main reason for practicing on name – I cannot leave your Ved Vanni (Samved), but I don’t understand. That’s why I practice on your name. After that when I listen Vedas, I start understanding. You also get ekagrah vritti.

You should sit near Acharya and listen Vedas. I first listened this mantra and then it did adhyan, manan.

There are four thorns of these akshar (chatvari singah) – that means that there are four Vedas. Yeh jo aksharon ka samuh hai. Like when an Ox hits someone with his thorn, it causes injury. Similarly, these akshar also cause chot. It also has vairagya, upasana, karm kand, etc. There are 3 knowledge but unlimited.  But people are so hard that it doesn’t affect them. You should keep listening and keep practicing to remove bad deeds.

Then you will enter Dev Yoni. This is the work of animals. Your work is to do Yajyen, listen Vedas, etc.

You shouldn’t be scared. You will have vairagya in such a situation. It takes 2-3 births minimum. We should keep doing good deeds of grahayasth. If there some Jigyasu who keeps doing a lot of sadhna, he starts getting a little vairagya on the basis of his path deeds.

There are three feet of Ved mantra – bhoot kaal, vartman kaal and bhavishyat kaal – that means people have realised God in the past, current and also in future with these akshar. It will remain forever. This Shabdbrahm. (this is alankari bhasha)

There are two heads – Shabdbrahm and Parbrahm (realised God). I have explained you from Mahabharat. Bhishma pitamah has said that someone who has the knowledge of Vedas then when he mediates, he can realise God.

I know the Jyotiswaroop Parmeshwar. Without knowing him, you cannot cross over death. Vedas say that there is no other path – na anya pantha. If you don’t know God from Vedas then you cannot escape from birth and death, and getting in various kinds of yonis. This law has come from Himself. This law has been repeated in many mantras. There is no other way but people keep saying that there are several paths. It means that they have learnt Vedas.

If you do not want to become Vidvaan then don’t be. You get the benefit of listening Vedas. Acharya wants you all to become Vidvaan. He doesn’t want this children to waste time.

I am doing stuti of Shabdbrahm from Vedas. You are also getting the benefit of Shrutam Tapah.

Shabdhbrahm has 7 hands – 7 vibhakits. If people keep listening them Acharya gives the knowledge. People do not become Jigyasu and are always entangled in the worldly affairs.

Veden Vedah: if you keep listening Vedas then you will keep understanding Shabdbrahm.

I will like some people from Ved Mandir become Jigyasu and become Vidvaan.

Mumukshu: When after doing a lot of sadhna and listening Vedas, the one who realizes that I have been born just for realising God. Many people have become samadhist. They have come to know from childhood that they have been born for realising.

God has given order to have both progresses.

Tridha – You do dharan of this in 3 forms – mouth, throat and heart. It is Mahadev (nirakar Brahm). You should pray to him. It showers happiness. Cows give milk and oxes benefit us by helping in cultivation. I have listened to Vedas, please shower sukh on me.

You can get extra sukh by listening Vedas and saiyam.

Rararti: Shabdbrahm makes noise. It makes a lot of sound when people realise. It gives a lot of pleasure. Sri Krishna advised Arjun to become Yogi. It is inside men (Vedas and are inside men). Without knowing them there is no pleasure. You can get some worldly pleasure through sense organs but God takes them away eventually.

A few days ago, I shared the benefit of doing Yajyen, but one was a new benefit that shared. God says that if you do Yajyen then I protect his ears so that his ears may be able to hear Vedas.

I had requested God that I should not see anyone’s sin. People don’t even think that we have come after performing sins. Then I couldn’t let anyone sit near me. If I see the births then I won’t give deeksha to anyone. Why did you give them deeksha? I have to bear their sins. One day they will improve.

You should speak to Adhikari and not Anadhikari. To do ullanghan of Guru aagya is a big sin. It cannot be oversighted. Sri Ram to Sita – I can leave you, all three brothers, kingdom, but I cannot leave the agya of Rishi. He has told me to carry weapons. No one really follows Sri Ram. No one does sadhna.

Keep idamnamah in your practical life. With Guru God doesn’t give anything. From Vedas only Vidvaan will share what are the qualities of God. Even if you say that it is not mine. It given by God and Rishi. There is so much pleasure in this. God protects you for 24 hours.

If you think it’s yours then it so much pride.

When Sri Ram heard the announcement he wasn’t overjoyed. He did Yajyen for 9 hours till 4am in the morning and then sat in Sadhna. The body has been given by God. One day he takes it away and all wealth.

It depends upon the time that has been spent between the birth and death.

Ambe, Ambalike: Wealth gives you laziness. It won’t let you sit in sadhna. You should keep an eye on parent’s wealth. You shouldn’t think that it is yours. You shouldn’t exercise right over it. You should expand it.

Ten tyakten bhunjita: You should not be greedy. You should ‘tyagpurvak bhog bhogo’. Whose is this wealth? Man buddhi should be God and Acharya. With hand and feet do worldly work. God says I will take everything. It is not yours. I have given it to you for some time only. Put time for both spiritual and materialistic.

You should become philosopher of Vedas and Acharya.

Sri Ram told Sumant to please allow me to follow the order of mother and king. Raja Dashrath asked him to stop. Sri Ram asked him to move on. Sumant asked how I can ignore what the king said. He said, just say that you couldn’t hear him.

Under any circumstances you should not stop doing Agnihotra. I have given you example of each moment. Rishi, Muni’s order is much bigger than anything else. Even Mata Pita, if they are good. Now the knowledge has vaned.

You have been doing this for past several years. At least in this birth you should wish for Brahm.

If we do Yajyen then his powers protect us day and night.

Even if you are late then its good benefit as you have taken time for Yajyen. You will have to take some time for Yajyen. We pray that my Indirya get attached with shreshtamaye karmanah (Yajyen). It is not for job, business, marriage, etc.

Then the second rule is that you need to do job, business, marriage, etc. as you need to maintain soul in the body. You are a soul and you don’t need rest, food, shelter, etc. If you are self-sufficient then what is the problem?

With 5 sense organs, the chitt vritti has gone to materialistic things. (prakriti rachit bhog padarth). For children, you need to give them the knowledge of Vedas. Then you see how nicely they shine. You should also keep the knowledge of Vedas.

Soul is very small, it is not visible. It is Chetan. It is immortal. It is pure. It doesn’t eat. It doesn’t get old. It is satisfied – but vritti has gone outside and it has forgotten it is real form. Once you do tapasya, you will get in its original form. Then it leaves the attachment of body. It takes care of the body but if it goes then it goes. This is brahmgyaan.

You can increase the age till 400 years if you have Brahmcharya and follow Vedas. This too is without sickness. If someone is stuck then he may come once a year. God says so. Mann Buddhi should stay with Guru. If your mind is with Guru then you get complete knowledge by telepathy. Bhasmantam Shiraram: God’s order is that you should burn the body. After you do then there is no work. Pandits have made chautha, tervah, barsi, etc.

When someone has got married, it was just one day in morning. It was done from Vedas. It was Vivaah Sanskaar. Anyone who joins gets tapasya and Yajyashesh amritam. Now there are so many functions – ring ceremony, fera, etc. People have made so many tasks that they do not have time for Yajyen.

People have destroyed their lives by going against Vedas. When you have increased your work load so much then where do you have time for Yajyen?

This Anushthan is rare in this world. Any Jigyasu can come and become Vidvaan and Vidushi. Ishwar is prakat. If you don’t eat roti without Yajyen it is a waste. If you don’t do Yajyen then everything has got spoiled – gold, agriculture, etc. is not giving sukh.

Can we explain it to the world? In everything God has been put. There is a mantra which says that mitr become siddh by Yajyen. (It Mahabharat they were like this)

If you are going in space, then you will be scared. In Yajyen it will be siddh.

Without Yajyen God doesn’t give body again. Otherwise money and food is also judthan of Rakshason.

Kalpantaan: siddh, perfection – they will take you towards God also and the products will give you pleasure as well.

Kevalya: without Yajyen there is no Samadhi

Shuchas: the spoon by which ghee is put, and Plates, these are for Yajyen

Garmah: pure, without Yajyen there is no purity

You will see so many babas. They will claim that they are tapasvis. To listen Vedas is tapah. To maintain peace is tapah. To control sense organs is tapah. To put aahutis is tapah. Devpooja, sangitaran, daan is tapah. If you put aahutis in Yajyen then it has immense benefits.

If you are using what is provided by God and not doing Yajyen then it is thanklessness. With little knowledge, you can expand. In the past mantras there is statistics, trigonometry, etc. Scientists say that I have invented and rishis say that God has given. There is a lot of difference.

Yajyen gets siddh with Yajyen.

Devah agan jyoti babhuv: If Acharya sits between us there is jyoti. The praise that God has done in Vedas that has ended. Now these false saints get praised. So many things are happening in this world. Rishi and Parmatma only.

If you leave Yajyen the God leaves you to get sorrows.

Prathamjah Puranah: You are not able to understand but you should listen carefully. If you do superior deeds then you will get good births. You should imbibe Vedas in our life. We shouldn’t go against Vedas.

Mammah Hinsi: I should have not violence. I shouldn’t have any injury. No one else should be able to do our hinsa.

Ud Budh Yas

Devah Yajyan prapyantu: In our shubh Yajyen, Dev come.

Purity has everything. Mann, Buddhi and Indirya should be pure. When you go to Vidvaan then only you get purity if you become Adhikari. Those who listen they only become Adhikari. You should have Jigyasa.

Mrityu Pahi: Protect me from death

The giver of knowledge is God. The knowledge of various seasons (Hemant, etc.) is from Vedas. Also, without the knowledge, people will see rain but they won’t know that how it is caused.

Hotar Yaj: Direct order from God in Vedas to do Yajyen.

These aahutis are very great! They will be with you in every birth. They will benefit your family. You also benefit the whole world. You get the benefit of that separately. You are all sevak, shraddalu and daani.



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