Yajyen is Vishnu – name of God. Without Yajyen there is no other way to get out of dukh. Avidya- dukheshu sukah, people think that dukh is sukh. Even murderers think that they are sukhi.

God is Supreme Judge. He doesn’t need witnesses. He is inside you and seeing. He sees your good and bad deeds. He doesn’t need evidence. If we escape from court here, we can’t escape from the power of God. As soon as we do a deed, the results thereof is imbibed on chitt vritti (including when it will be borne). The only way to get rid of them is by Yajyen – in that we need to prayaschit.

We need to make two births good – current and the next. The next birth is good if we are born in the kul of yogis. We will get salvation in future births.

We are not able to understand Gurus Vedic vachans. It’s not a fault but it is a big fault that if you have doubts and you haven’t addressed those. You will face the result in current and future births.

We should become Yajneeya men and women. We don’t get this birth every time. In this time, people have the effect of this world only. If you follow Vedas then you should good effects only.

Acharya doesn’t do bad behaviour. In case someone does then you should share. Acharya has the right to scold.

According to Atharvaved, if Yajyen is done for the departed then their mistakes are forgiven and they get human birth soon. You will bear some results of previous and current births bad deeds.

You have to follow every order. If you violate then you will suffer.

People get confused when someone says that are all those people who are following a false faith stupid? Vedas is knowledge. Those who do not follow Vedas are called foolish.

You should go to the Vidvan who makes foolish people intelligent. Even if there are a lot of people following a particular faith, as per Vedas they are stupid.

For 1 Arab 97 crore years, 100 percent of the population followed Vedas and were happy. They must be several trillion, were they stupid? Knowledge is Vedas. Otherwise you have to face dukh again and again of birth and death.

In Vedas God has left no subject. Shiv – kalyaankari God, God cannot be two. There is just one God

If you listen Vedmantras from someone who is not Adhikari then it is of no use. It will harm you and won’t benefit you. Even God cannot break his own rules. These are Atal rules. If you listen from a tapasvi then only it is beneficial. You should make an assessment if someone is really a tapasvi.

Manushya also has asur and bhog yoni. You should jaap with arth (meaning) and bhavna (abstract). God doesn’t have one name. They are unlimited based upon his divine qualities. Vayu: the one who destroys the world in Pralay, like how strong winds cause destruction. Vishnu: omnipresent. Brahm: brih dhatu that means old, sabse mahaan (greater than anyone else). Shankar: the one who gives peace. Surya: As he has light. Shiv: the one who does kalyaan. These names have been taken by people for their own reasons. These names are not of statues. Everyone should try to become Adhikari.

God doesn’t like formality. He has not given you birth for bhautikvaad (materialism). By following it then the world is at the verge of war.

The name of God is inside everyone, even in animals. But they cannot get any benefit.  Can a horse do pranayam?

He doesn’t have one name. Vidvan knows his names. Without Deeksha the life gets destroyed. In Vedarmbh sanskaar it is also mentioned.

In the mantra stuta varda… there is paavmani dvijanaam: the one who has taken second birth. She (Ved Vanni) makes dvij pure. This rule has been made by God.

With vratt you get Deeksha. You need to do dharan of vratt. Brahmcharya has to be followed irrespective of ashram, even if grahasthya.

Those who did not take Deeksha then their Kaam, Krodh, etc. became strong. They were punished by the king. The kings used to follow Vedas and they won’t let anyone stay unpunished.

You should follow good character after Deeksha. It is essential that there should be Yash Keerti in 16 kalayen. Yash is yash only. Now Ved Mandir is known the world over. It is God’s Kripa. You should follow the path which is not bad. So that you also have your Yash Keerti. When someone follows Brahmcharya then Deeksha does its work. Then wealth will increase. These are the fundamental rules. If your vritti is bad then if you get money then it will give you dukh.

After wealth, you get Shradha. Then you will get Satya (moksha). This is easy and also difficult. You should be Jigyasu. Not formality.

You should know the basic rules. I have explained you all mantras but you don’t rememeber.

Time is moving. Kshan follows another one. Our life is going. If you retire at 60, and you haven’t done anything spiritual then haven’t you wasted it? It should be done alongside.

God we are your Praja (citzens). Your name is ‘gau nam’ (in Ved Vannis). It is first, before anything. God has many names. To do jaap is one and to say is another. Whenever we say Ved Vanni we say it first. As per Atharvaveda, Om has to be said before chanting any mantra. It is there inside you forever. Those who know your name, do your Stuti and do your keerti from Ved Vanni.

If the same name of God is given by Sadhu Sant then it becomes false.

I can’t leave your Ved Vanni. This yogabhayas etc. I cannot do so soon. So I concentrate your name with unlimited qualities.It had to be done daily. If you do it less then you won’t be able to understand Ved Vanni. Then everything goes on.

There is God inside us. Unless we concentrate on name, our life is wasted. If someone does early it’s good but if someone is late, they need to more practice.

The science etc. has originated from Vedas. Swamiji gave several examples of mantras that contain even sequences and series.

Everything becomes siddh by Yajyen (Yajyen Kalpantam). Materialism without spiritualism is dangerous. The real meaning of Satya (truth) and Shraddha cannot be known without Yajyen. It becomes Siddh by Yajyen.

Even kridah cha me – even playing becomes siddh by Yajyen. Without Yayen you can see a lot of vikaars in them (like bad language, or taunting).

Peace cha me (leaders also say keep peace), how can there be peace without Yajyen or Vedas?

Food becomes pure by Yajyen. Otherwise it is juthan of rakshasa. (Til, Channa, Maa Daal, Masur, etc.)

Iron, glass, copper, etc. also become pure by Yajyen. If there is no Yajyen then it is impure.


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