A lot mistakes happen in Ashram. Why does it happen? It shouldn’t happen. It means no one really loves Guru. It is just selfishness. You should not have this ego. You have no respect for Gurudarbar. You should be scared of blaming the ashram or Rishi’s family. Why you do not have this knowledge? You don’t know that it is big sin.

In these years you haven’t understood this. There is truth, knowledge and God (prakat) in ashram. People keep making mistakes. Swamiji gave his own example – I washed utensils at the spring and left spoon accidently. When my Guruji found the spoon missing at 3:00am, I jumped out of the cave (it was quite high) and reached the spring. I got the spoon immediately. He scolded me and said who called you to come here. I used to find this scolding sweet.

You should not have guts to blame. You should first introspect. Yogi likes staying alone. People disrespect and don’t agree. People do what they want. I don’t tolerate that someone comes and pleads to me. What has happened has happened.

Today is Poornima. God has made this a special day. From unlimited times these three days – Poornima and Amavasya, and Yajyanushthan, have been given special importance.

Swamiji talked about Maharishi Dayanand. He reviewed someone’s book and he threw it saying that it is false. People of a particular community got angry and then he explained nicely – when the books are printed, those who print and bind it smoke as well, and many times the papers are in their feet. Anything made by man gets destroyed one day.

The knowledge (Vedas) is unlimited. It is not a book. Even the books written by Rishi will not remain after pralay. The knowledge that you have gained will not be lost and your knowledge starts from what you have learnt.

God gets pleased with his stuti. I don’t know if you have come to make your mind happy, God happy or Rishi happy. Mind is the biggest murderer, thief, dacoit, etc. It has been made by prakriti. If you cannot control then you cannot progress. In the next life you will definitely get bad births. If you follow Vedas then daily you need to practice to get this dirt out (vices). One day your mind and buddhi get pure. With clean mind and buddhi you do good deeds, otherwise bad deeds.  

Vashisht told Sri Ram that tomorrow you are getting rajgaddi. Immediately there he did Swastivachan for them. (Later both of them went for Yajyen) When they were getting married, Vashisht Muni said bring the daughter and that I have done Swastivachan for Sri Ram, and Shatanandji said that I have also done Swastivachan for Sita.

I have stopped doing Swastivachan for some time. Maybe it is the wish of God. You have heard many bhaavs (abstracts) but you have not understood. When Vishwamitra came to the door of Raja Dashrath, the soldier welcomed him. He told the soldier that tell the king that I have come. He sweated and ran towards the king. On hearing his arrival, Raja Dashrath also left everything and ran towards him, and his courtiers followed. (Like moon and stars). Then he did pranaam, washed his feet, arranged jalpaan, etc. That was the time of Vedas.

This Vedic knowledge is out of the world. If someone is leaving, will he give his keys to Vishwamitraji? Rishi keep tolerating insults.

Your bhaavs are getting bad everyday. My Guruji had said that I have a soft heart and people will keep scratching me. The punishment that has been given to anyone, they should tolerate. If you can bear it now, it is better. In the next birth you will be in a very bad condition. Sri Ram told Bali the same thing as well that you should be grateful that I have punished you otherwise you will have to bear the sin in the next birth.

Any king that is knowledgeable of Vedas, nyaypriya, madhurbhashi hai, etc. is capable of giving punishment. Others are not. You should be very careful. Swastivachan has stopped as you are not Adhikari. There cannot be a bigger blessing that God and Rishi give to you. It’s not that I want to punish you but God stops as they don’t deserve.

Yuyam Path Swastibhi Sadanah – Mahanubhaav with divine qualities, respectable for all human beings, etc. those who are listening, maximum 1%-2%, but rest of them oversight. People have to bear a very big sin in the current birth. God has said they (Rishi) are worshippable for the entire world.

He who protects you always, prays for your welfare and gives you benefits (Rishi). If you were the public of earlier yugas then you would have become amar by now. You are not deserving.

God has alerted you a lot about Gurubhakti in Vedas. God has said that I do not give knowledge. I give you knowledge from Rishis. I don’t blame anyone. Main hi nibha raha hoon (I am managing with you). Now I cannot and I am sharing your faults.

Muni: the one has who has realized God after doing manan (deep concentration) of Vedas, after keeping 7 under control (5 sense organs, buddhi and mann), etc. Rishis only 100% pure Yajyen. Their eyes are closed and they are joined with God. God makes the words come out of their mouth. If the minds of Jigyasu are not pure then God punishes them. Foolish people do not understand.  

Till I am alive, I won’t come out of these rooms. If I have to go for something important for Yajyen, etc. then only. I will keep doing Yajyen and give blessings. I will not go to anyone’s house. If you come here and do Yajyen then it’s better for you. Now this is my firm decision.

Who you don’t understand and don’t respect (Rishi), God praises them. The mantra says that he may tell us the right path and does our kalyaann (welfare).

Can anyone realise God without Rishi or Muni? The answer is no.

Devim Navam – Boat of Rishis – those who sit with Rishis, does sadhna, and follows Vedic knowledge. There is no hole in the boat that water will come, or a culprit can come. You have thoughts of Vedas. You should sit firmly (not even move). It means when you do Yajyen, do Yajyen. Swastaye – we need rains of pleasure.

Those who listen also will not understand. Those who are entangled in the world have nothing to do with it. God says that you should pay more attention to spiritualism. People do not even have 1% attention. If you have come for 3 days then you should not think of outside things. If you have come for 1 day then you shouldn’t even think for one day.

Devah avse swastaye – Learned may give us pleasure and protect us. God doesn’t say that you come to me directly. He asks you to go to the learned. He has filled Vedas with importance of Vidvaan. Earlier the whole world will pay attention to Vedas, and was happy, now no one is and everyone is unhappy.

Now wherever there is light of knowledge of Vedas, there will be sukh. In the home where even after listening Vedas, one has not followed, then it won’t be. You can say Swaha even when you are not putting aahuti. It is the name of God.

Devash avsa vaj saat – Protect and give us wealth. God delegates the power to Rishi as well.

Devgopa bhavtu – Vidvaan may protect us.

Do Yajyen, body has been given for Yajyen. Everytime Devah may protect us.

Vidvaan may not make our age less. These are rules of God. Anyone who becomes a Rishi gets the power that he may reduce anyone’s age or increases, he may take money and give, etc. No one really knows that Guru has given. People think that it is their hard work only. In every field Guru’s kripa is needed. No one knows, he laughs and leaves it. You are not capable for serving.

Our Isht is God and Guru. Without Vedas there are so many Ishts now. Vedic knowledge is from unlimited time and is also at the start of this shristi. At that time there was no sadhu, sant, mat matantar were not there. Because of Vedas indriyan were in sanyam. There was no kami, krodhi, etc.

You do not have affection towards Guru. There was a mantra that said that Oh God! I may not break the order of Rishi. I have given this order then whenever you get anger, you should not let it come. The order has been given to soul and not to mind and buddhi.

You soul should order mann and buddhi that it should not come. Where will the peace come from? Earlier there was joy everywhere.

Our organs are working now even if you are 50, 60, 70, etc. you can keep serving. Bramchari should serve the Rishi. Sick person cannot do service. They should just listen. Those really sick should stay at home. People don’t follow the orders. Sthirai angai (body is still).

It is wrong devotion when you are not capable of serving and insist on serving. People should follow orders. Whomsoever we give orders, they don’t follow. Now I cannot tolerate so I have started telling your mistakes. Keep your body healthy. Even if you come for 30 minutes or for one day. You look at your time.

You do not have vairagya. It is not sin not to have vairagya. If you are not making an effort then it is a sin. If you don’t get vairagya now, you may get it in next births. Rest of the life spend for Dev. Don’t spend for worldly things only.

If we have made mistakes small or large, intentionally or unintentionally, you (God) knows. If you do sin intentionally or unintentionally, it is considered a sin. Why were you not alert? Why did you sin? Why didn’t you get knowledge till now? You have dealt with Rishi and his family wrongly. Why should I keep tolerating this? Why can’t I get rid of you? These are not mistakes but sins. People would get scared when they would see a Rishi. Then they would do dandot vandana (like a stick, it has no pride – similarly we have no pride). You should stay away from sins. Then only you will progress. You are going to a very wrong path.

Everyone is wrong. Not even one is fine. You should do pranaam from a distance. If you come near Rishi then you are getting a sin. People don’t follow. What is this worship? Manusmriti says that you should stay 6 feet away from family and say your name and purpose. It is a very serious subject. You have spoiled the complete system.

One mantra can help you get salvation: Om Vishvani Dev.. Oh God! Remove all our vices. If you keep doing mere prayers then it has no meaning. You should do hard work alongside. When the burai (fault/evil) comes then remove it immediately. You are a soul and you should try. It just takes 1-2 years to remove everything. You need to practice daily. Just like this every sin is removed. If you want to keep it then what will happen?

People want to keep Rishi tied. Yogi always stays in his vritti. If you try to control a Rishi then it is your sin. How can you understand? You don’t have adar maan samman.

 You are Yajmaan then you will get benefit. If you are true or not, you will get some benefit. If the words are said in Yajyen, you will get benefit accordingly. With Yajyen you should protect your family, the times are bad.

Sangatikaran – Guru should be tript with your seva. How can anyone do a sin and the life will be good? It is not seva to take Guru to your home. It is seva where Guru is comfortable. How can you get happiness by bothering Guru? How can aahutis give benefit if Guru, who leads Yajyen, is unhappy? Yajyon vai brahm!

You were doing your effort from so many years and then you didn’t get progress.

Vidarambh Sanskaar

Gayatri mantra shiksha and after that Kaupin is worn. You should be very humble in front of the Rishi as if you have no life. Students should follow school studies and also listen Vedas, either by broadcast or come to ashram.

You should not ask Rishi for time unless you have something really important. During Anushthan it is very busy time. If they say no then also it is your benefit.

Vedas say that you need to learn under Acharya for 12 years but it doesn’t happen now. You should learn dharamacharan and the deeds prescribed in Vedas. You should not get angry. Being angry is a sin. If you tolerate the anger of parents and Guru then you will become great. You do not have right to be angry over parents. Being angry or lying is prohibited.

Bramcharhi shouldn’t ride on elephants, horse, camel, etc. Those in Kshatriya vansh there was an order by Rishi alongside and there were strict orders to follow. When you enter grahasth then you can ride.

May my Acharya give me good buddhi. Devabhi Manushey Jane – He gives benefit through Devas.

Poornima: either go to the residence, or put at home. You will get 20-30% benefit if you put at home using broadcast.

If someone breaks this tradition then he has gone against Ved and God. Today world’s sukh has vanished. If you won’t put aahutis with Shraddha then who will protect you?

Nakasya Prishthe: These aahutis (on Poornmasi) will take you towards Moksh. These will destroy the dukh of your family. It has come to give you wealth (which doesn’t last for many generations), knowledge, etc. You should become Adhikari.

Those who increase this Yajyen (those who come or do from home), do it regularly. You will get benefit of listening Vedas and Yajyen but the punya of service and darshan will be reduced. Those who do good deeds then you will enter happiness. You do both good deeds towards family and spiritualism.

Those who can tolerate the hard words of a Rishi then they become great. But no one can tolerate. I keep explaining the faults for you to correct. Please do not insist to invite me home. It is more beneficial for you to come here for Yajyen.

Gayatri mantra jaap should be done for long. If you do practice for long then it helps in making your good fortune. Gayatri mantra says ‘dhiyoyo nah prachojyat’ – our buddhi may have light of knowledge. Now what is knowledge? It is Vedas. If people do Gayatri mantra chanting while praying to a river then it is against Gayatri mantra.

Kasmai devaye: We should put aahutis from Ved mantras only.

If you do activities against the Vedas then it is a sin. Saamved says Vidhipurvak Vedmantron Se Aahuti Daalo. You should not put aahutis from your own shloks like Hanuman Chalisa or Vishu Shehastra. God is nirakar. How will you feed him? You have heard that he alive even during pralay. There is no food, water, etc. He doesn’t need anything to live. We have to invoke him.

God says that my worship is stuti mantra aahuti.

Devah amritam adharyantan: One who listens Vedas and becomes a Dev, will realise amrit (God). This is the law. Vedansa hi Devah. Vidvaan is Dev. Mantra says this. We don’t listen to mantras then how will we know the truth? We need to follow it to realise God.

God says Dev only will realise God. Man says that anyone can. We should know whether God says the truth or man. Yagyavalk Muni says that man speaks lie (even if he listens to Vedas) and Devah anrityan vadanti – and Devas speak the truth.

For spiritualism, a man cannot write the truth. Their books may have some truth and some lies. (For worldly things or subjects it is perhaps is not so.) People write on the basis of their buddhi, which is made from rajogun satogun and tamogun. Dev only get moksh – Dev are those who are samadhist. They write truth only in their books – from start to the end.

Without knowing this people are calling themselves as Rishi, Guru, etc. Based on the knowledge of Almighty God, in the shape of four Vedas, these are all saying a lie. If you don’t understand then you can ask questions for thousands of times.

You may go anywhere. Some have long hair, some have fancy clothes, etc. Fundamental is that those who have realised God after Samadhi then God makes him Rishi, Brahman and Sumedha (good buddhi).

You see your Yajyen’s agni. Unless Agni is pradipt, God doesn’t appear. God is everywhere. He is omnipresent. God says, you ask me this, like how agni is pradipt, we all get progress (I, family, society, etc). Like how agni was faint and now it has progressed. Progress should be both materialistic and spiritual.

Progress is confirmed from Yajyen. It is 100% certain. God gets happy soon with stuti. Do complete havan both times. Prajapate – He takes care of everyone (raksha, palan poshan, etc.) – we pray to Him. We should understand His qualities. These are all his qualities. He immediately gets happy. We should remove bad deeds. You should at least come at the start and at the end. If you can come in between then you are fortunate.

Adityaye: who cannot be broken, jyoti swaroop. For you sundar vanni Ved. Itam na mama. All the expenses (for Yajyen) are not mine, these are yours and not mine. You should get these feelings when you do uccharan. You should not do shekhi (pride and attitude). Guru ghar ka adar samman nahin raha.

You should not make mistakes. If a mistake happens then you should accept your mistake. The matter gets over. The game has been happening for many years, they try to blame the family. You do not have love with Guru darbaar. You have some other inclination.

People must be very scared. If there is a mistake then keep it on your head. Rigveda has made a formula that if you make a mistake then you accept and then bear the punishment. It is a long life. Pay attention – if you show pride then you will be destroyed.

Remove all vices – kaam, krodh, etc. everyday. You should try to remove everyday. Vyas Muni said it to Yudhishter, when you get bad thoughts then remove them, don’t let them come inside. You need to practice. The most dangerous enemy is anger. When you get anger then you soul should struggle to remove it. Sense organs communicate to mind, which affects buddhi to make soul do bad deeds. Mann (mind) has bad intentions. You are the malik (owner). They need to take permission from the soul to do both good deeds and bad deeds.

Buddhi discusses with soul. Both mind and buddhi are bad since they are made from rajogun, tamogun and satogun. The first object is mahat, then ahankar, then panchtantramatrani, then panch mahabhoot (agni, vayu, etc.) and then.. Power of God uses all these spare parts to make.

Pannini muni says that soul wants to say. If mann sees a Rs. 100 note and mind says steal it. If soul did not effect of bad deeds then why would it in a body? You need to remove the cover of from soul.

Soul has forgotten its true form. It has come in the effect of prakriti. Unless soul agrees no stealing will happen or even Yajyen won’t happen. When a bad thought comes to your mind then remove it from outside only. Whenever you get krodh, lobh, moh, etc. come then remove it from outside only.

If you keep practice for 1-2 years then God will see that they are pursharthi.

Mantra says that there may not be any diseases but you should keep cleanliness. Even if you are over 100 years old you won’t get these diseases of intestine, etc. It is unfortunate that we don’t listen to Vedas. We are all like his children.

Vedas have unlimited knowledge. Kashyap Rishi did study for 300 years of Vedas. After 100 years when death would come, he would request for 100 more years. Yogi/Rishi can instantly are able to get in touch with God. With this eternal process he requested God. After 300 years, he could extend for 100 more years. After studying for 300 years, I (Kashyap Rishi) have understood that Vedas are unlimited knowledge. You can keep studying, you will keep studying and there is no end. We should take inspiration from Rishis that this is unlimited knowledge and we should follow. God helps.

Anadarvaan – saare sansar ka bhar uthane vaala Ishwar

Aushadhi: There is a knowledge of medicines in Vedas.

There is so much knowledge. This mantra mentions about ashudhi.  Your buddhi has been made by God like this that you get a small hint, you can expand the knowledge. If you are a Rishi then you will know the knowledge. Rishis had written in their handwritten books various sciences.

Vedas have already said that the earth revolves around the sun. Now the science has also said the same. There are 33 jad devta. Gyan = Ved. There is even knowledge of sports. Even when you play then you do swaha. Our pitamah has shared this knowledge.

Yo antarishke rajaso vimanah: Like birds fly in the sky. Rishi Munis would get the complete knowledge of each mantras. They wrote many handwritten books on many subjects.

Every knowledge has been given by God. Ayurmepahi: Oh God! Protect my age (life), and the mantra mentions protect my eyes, ears, etc. A few days back there was a mantra that said that if someone does Yajyen then I will protect the power of your ears to hear, and I protect all your organs.

If you keep doing Yajyen then rishi and manushya both become Samarth.

The heart specialist said that you can’t live for more than 2-3 minutes on the day of Vyas Purnima. He asked to get admitted immediately. I did Yajyen for 4 hours and also sang. I prayed to God. With his blessings, the best cardiologist was available. I only got admitted the next day.

Badrah: kalyaankaari thoughts.  We pray to God that we may get good thoughts.  Whenever we get bad thoughts we should try to get them out.  Mere prayer won’t do anything.

After so much stuti,  God says that if you do a lot of Yajyen then these liberated souls come. At Rishis place they come in Yajyen.

You wake up and wake us up (agni)  – all devas come near Yajmaan.  It does ahvaan of mukt souls,  sun,  etc.  Kapil Muni says jeevanev updrishta – what he says he has seen from close.  Alive rishi should preach otherwise tradition of blind faith will spread.

Shabdpranaam is from rishi.  Vedas also say the same.

Rudra – pran Or someone who makes you cry,  raja and God also.  Here is Raja. If there is an enemy of raja and Nation they are hit by vajra.  Those who protect the nation namah.  They may get strength by God.

If you want to change your fortune then be in the shelter of God – Rishi.

You should not pray to jad devta. They protect you.

You should be attached to God. He protects you.

If you have love toward God and Guru then whole world loves you. If you love the world then everyone will do selfishness with you.

There was a mantra a few days back which was very long and had the deeds of husband and wife. I am thinking about writing a book on managing children with both traditional and modern perspectives.

You should be ready by 9:00-9:30am. We will try to do Swastivachan.

Vedas only help you decide what is true or false. They (kings) spread the knowledge of Vedas. They aghora- without upadrav, this body is for doing kalyaan of others.

Uttam kalyaankari. If you want to know something then you should listen Vedas. If you a listen to a mantra for a long time from Acharya then you will know the meaning. You won’t say that Shiva is Rudra. Rudra can be King, soldier, God, etc the one who makes one cry.


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