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Evening Yajyen

If you rest and talk then your time is wasted. Ashram in Sanskrit – Aa ((from all directions), shram (hard work). Anyone who is sick can rest. Never think of resting. You should do hard work. Lead a hard life. When you are done with Yajyen then do name jaap (meditation).  Rest in sickness is not really rest. It is musibat (hardship).

For knowledge I have done explanation for many mantras since 1978. Vedas contain rules of God. Those orders need to be followed – that is the best service. Pooja – adar man samman. These are Vedic orders and need to be followed. Remember them everytime.

‘Anya koi itna nahin hota’ – it contains how much is the importance of going to the house of Rishi. You have Shraddha that’s why you have come. Take benefit of each moment. Whenever you get time then chant gayatri mantra, or any other mantra or meditate. This is great labh – it is extraordinary.

Rishi’s nature is that he spreads the knowledge of Vedas at his residence. Nature doesn’t change. It is yogi’s nature to Yajyen, yogabhyas, etc. and other good deeds. They are always immersed in tapah, etc. Those jigyasu who go to his residence and go these good deeds only those jigyasu become capable of samast accepting Vedic gunn, karm and swabhav (understanding the knowledge of Vedas and….) other don’t.

People should do Vedic deeds. When they get time, they should come for Yajyen. Earlier at a younger age, people would come for long. Our disciples also come, they come like kabaddi, kabbadi, etc. and go. This materialistic attachment is dangerous. Sanyas has to be taken in one birth. Vairagya has to come. If not in this birth then next birth.

You should do nirodh of chitt vritti. It requires a long abhyas (practice). You don’t like this world. It may come in next birth or even next after that. Vairagya doesn’t come easily. It may be next births.  There is a mantra that says that my life may happen in yogi’s kul in next births.

Even after coming here if someone doesn’t do hard practice, doesn’t keep the place clean, doesn’t do cleanliness in Yajyen and is entangled in worldly things then God punishes them. They will be eligible to get punishment from God. Keep everything pure, including mind.

How people are living these days? They don’t know about God. Everything has gone haywire. Till the age of 25, there were just Yajyen. Philosopher of Vedas (Vedanuchya) antevasanah – those who live inside the ashram.. he teaches satyam vad, dharmam char, acharyaye priyadhanam aarihit, matri devoh bhav pitriye devoh bhav Acharya devo bhav, etc. (Speak the truth, follow dharm, for Acharya bring loving wealth – as per your capability, it shouldn’t give you any discomfort to give, mother father and Acharya are Dev, etc.)

Awareness of how God has asked us to live our life has ended. When you are in family life, you should do havan. You keep practicing truth and dharm. God has given the knowledge of Vedas to everyone. God’s constitution is applicable for the entire world – whether you believe or not. God is Supreme Judge. In earlier times no one cared to make their own constitution.

When king does justice, as per Vedas, had been given complete capability to administer as per Vedas. God has said that you leave my Yajyen I leave you for grief for the whole life.

Vedarambh Sanskaar

There is also Vidhaan of giving diksha from Gayatri mantra. Learned of Vedas give birth to Voice of Vedas and then others speak. A large frog in a pond speaks and others imitate.

There is a mantra that says that the voice of Yogi asks God before speaking. You are fortunate that you are listening Ved mantras. This Gayatri mantra is also should be recited by Rishi and then the disciple should speak.

Mekhla is worn from childhood. People don’t listen to Vedas. By wearing it the difficulty in speaking is removed. There is immense benefit that has been created by God. Pure words come out of the mouth (like a sieve). I have got it today with the blessings of God – it is like a sister that gives pleasure to a child. It makes the fortune like a Devi. Like pranapan (pranayam) it gives strength.

Anushtan continues

Everything needs proof. Like if you say that God and voice of God is same – vachay and vachak. One is you and one is your name. When you do jaap of God’s name – (when you do jaap do it with its meaning and bhavna) there cannot be a difference. God has to bless. We should do jaap of God’s name and do aahutis. We do it and whom do we get – God.

Ishwar ki prapti Ishwar ke naam se ho jaati hai (You can realise God by his name). But both are different. Like if you say that go there and take my name, the work will happen. Both are different.

Puranns have been written by human beings. Stay away from what men write. This proof is in Atharvaveda. Anything that has been said, we need proof from Vedas. Vedas have been there since unlimited times. There is no start and there is no end. Sri Krishna has come in Dvapar. Vedas have no history. It has no mention of any historical event or any proper noun.

Bhagwat purann has many things that cause bhranti. Those are lies and are impossible (like 100 yojan body, if someone was that big it would cover Mathura and Gokul, and everyone would get crushed, how would she have moved?). You should read the books written by Rishi. This is the order of God. You should know this evidence.

In 31st adhyaye it is mentioned that Brahmano mukham aasit. Brahm is shabdbrahm (Vedas) and parbrahm (realization of God in Samadhi), acharan of these mantras of Vedas (in daily life) and has control over sense organs. Only knowledge of words means nothing.

There is a worldly story that is shared as an example. Two people go to a Hakim to learn. One of them, who was a fresher, asked how long will I take it learn. The Hakim said that it will take one year. The other, who had studied somewhere for 1 year, asked the same. The Hakim said that you will take two years. He questioned why and the Hakim replied that it will take one year to undo what you have wrongly learnt.

Those who have learnt a bit of words and meaning, they are extremely sinful and foolish (as per Atharvaved). If you do not have the experience then what can Richas do? It is only the right of Rishi (who has realized God) to preach.

When you listen Vedas, you will see that God has unlimited power. It is his quality that he doesn’t take help from anyone. Puranns have spread a lot of lies. God doesn’t even create the earth. His very little power makes the world and manages it. This not the quality of God that He needs anyone’s help.

(Replying to a question on how a doctor left everything for preaching Gayatri) A farmer is very happy when he sees a successful crop. Doctor is very happy when an operation is successful. It is materialistic and has nothing to do with spiritualism.

I have left service for God. God has prescribed in Vedas that if someone takes a little bit knowledge (like only Gayatri) then God will not be happy. You need complete knowledge of Vedas. It is a matter of respect. If you get better respect somewhere then you may change your job. If someone is respecting someone then it has got nothing to do with God.

Yogi is away from maan-sammann. God is saying that you should go to the learned of four Vedas.

You get human form when good and bad deeds are same.

Oh God! Please make me free from sins.

Poorva ke hamare rishi muni aur maata pita, aur usse pehle bhi, shubh karm vaidik chalte huye dev yoni prapt karein. (In the past our Rishi Muni, and mother & father – of previous births, and 4 Rishis of several creations did good deeds and followed Vedic path to get Dev yoni). May we also go the same lokas (births). There are wonderful things. God says pray to me like this and follow the path Vedas. Poorva ke means when the creation was made and in the future creations. May we follow the same path! Why we have made new paths?

Whichever route you take, you have protection. Our ancestors have been given so many things. God will give us too if we follow their path.


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