Raja Dashrath was knowledgeable of Vedas and would do palan poshan of the whole world. It is the king’s responsibility to ensure that people get appropriately distributed with the items that they require. God has given everything.

Now there is no equitable distribution. The distribution earlier was according to Vedas. People have started thinking that this is something different. People think that they have to earn only.

When you just think, as per Atharaveda, that you just to do materialistic progress (and you don’t need Vedas) then your pranns leave very early. You won’t be able to able to go till 100 years. Earlier it was Vedic culture.

From king Manu to king Dashrath, they were knowledgeable of Vedas, but they may not have complete knowledge as the selection of the king was also to protect. They would do consultation with Rishi all the time. They would do yogabhyas, Yajyen and had complete respect for Brahmcharya. They would take care of their public as their own children – how can a father tolerate when his son doesn’t have food or water? What kind of kings are these now? They don’t have knowledge of Vedas. They just want their own selfishness and power. After the knowledge of Vedas has left then no one on the earth is happy.

Only those who are in the shelter of spiritualism, are slightly better off. Anyone who says that I am majboor (helpless), God says that I have just sent you to realise God. For body, you should do effort. If you don’t have time for spiritualism then it’s of no use. Know Vedas, know God and know your responsibilities. He is inside you, and is seeing you. He knows your majbooris (helplessness). I also give you this advice from Vedas. If there is a genuine problem then he forgives but if it is a continuous majboori (helplessness) then he doesn’t accept. The main motto of human life is to attain salvation. If you don’t follow the motto then God doesn’t agree.

If you don’t have spiritualism then you will do a lot of sin. There is no department or officer left where there is no corruption. Even atomic energy is stolen. Even those with big degrees are thieves.

There is no spiritualism then they are free to do bad deeds in materialistic things. But if they are immersed in spiritualism only (and not following the materialistic path) then God makes it clear that you leave the deeds that are towards society, family, nation, etc. then won’t be able to live for long. Yeh yoni teri chhut jaayegi (you will lose your human life).

Even worldly deeds must be good deeds. Kurvanneye karmani jijivishesh shatam samah (You should do good deeds that help you live for 100 years). The most pure deed is Yajyen after that what we can do for the society, such as spreading the knowledge of Vedas, studying, marriage, serving elders, duties of husband and wife, etc. These are not according to your mind. Buddhi is impure. Make your buddhi pure. The karmas that are prescribed by Vedas is called bhautikvaad (materialism).

Right now sinful deeds are happening. Rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer.

Bhautikvaad doesn’t exist without aadyaatmikvaad (spiritualism). There is a lot of Kami (lustful people) in faith. It cannot be overcome. Hence the deep preachings of Vedas people think that these are ordinary. They don’t have faith and service otherwise many of you would have realised.

Bhimshma has said that if you know Shabdbrahm (Vedas) and then you would know Parbrahm (God). If you have 1% faith then you will get human form if you keep doing medication.

Some yogis took 33,000 births. You are soul and you are immortal. If you are getting a chance of getting another human body then you should take it. People are scared since they are avidyagrasht (they have false knowledge).

Mukta souls come in Yajyen. If you don’t have concentration then they spit at you or go, if you have then they will bless you and your family.

You should put in aahutis seriously. If you don’t do properly, with laziness, you are insulting. Tie your chitt, between two eyes in agyachakra, behind skin.

Swamiji also described Dharna in detail.

Every mantra is Arpit to Ishwar. You should do Havan with a lot of respect. Everything is offered to God. If you do like this then you soon get benefit

7/4 has knowledge of Yoga. Oh soul! Do ashtang Yog. How will anyone know about yoga without God sharing? People have left Vedas and say yoga. The base of yoga is Vedas and Brahmcharya. The whole world is bearing the effect of not following the base.

God has first taught karm kand and gyan kand. The experience of realising God is called sompaan.

The mantra says that pull your breathe and leave, and become owner of wealth of yoga. Samadhi and also siddhis. Many use them and many don’t. These are used for the benefit of the others.

The pleasure of realising God is so much that yogi doesn’t pay attention to siddhis. This is the pure that is away from sins. He is inside you.

What do so-called saints of today know about God? They keep saying that He is inside but they don’t know what is inside. They have just stolen the knowledge from Vedas. The whole universe is inside you – ‘Yata Brahmande Tatha Pinde’. Take the pleasure of realising God. This is pure path – away from materialism, sins – this is strange world inside you. It is other path. When a Yogi is alone, he gets lost in this world.

In naamkaran mantra God has said that what is your name (I have No name) what is your form (I am immortal), whose are you (I have no parents) the name is of your body. The knowledge is serious. If you meditate then one day you will know your form.

This knowledge cannot be attained by pramad (laugh, etc.)

This is a big insult of God and Vedas since people who talk about yoga without mentioning them. The result is that so many of them get arrested.

As per answer by Swamijis Guruji – Baba Bankhandi Maharaj to a foreign correspondent’s question on what’s difference between yoga and other forms of worship. He said that people wear colourful clothes dance in front of Krishna’s statue and show that they are deeply praying.. that is acting. In yoga vidya there is no acting. If someone tells a disciple to sit in padmasan, either he will be able to do it, or he won’t be able to. There is no acting.

Yoga is learnt after Yajyen. Disciples can request Rishi for knowledge of yoga. Rishi will preach when he wants. You should try to become Adhikari.

Who does deeds and who gives the results? Soul does deeds and God gives the results. Entire knowledge comes from Vedas. If you look at a tree.. if you keep holding leaf and leave the root then they won’t be left for long. This is a worldly example and not fully applicable on Vedas.

The root of Dharam is Vedas. The knowledge of how to do deeds comes from Vedas. It has all knowledge and science. From it all the knowledge had come. Body, aircrafts, ships, minerals.. everything. It has unlimited knowledge.

Souls doesn’t die. You keep taking knowledge in every birth. Keep meditating in every worth and keep taking knowledge. This is unlimited knowledge. Kashyap Rishi studied for 300 years and wasn’t satisfied. More I study, more deep the knowledge gets.

Live in this this merriment for many births. What will this do you? If you move to this direction. It will get you a good stage of realising, wealth as well and keep you capable. Vedas and God will not let you have any shortage. You will keep doing tapasya.

People don’t understand. You need pleasure, right? It is in worship of God and Rishi. If you keep looking for pleasure in sense organs, then you won’t get it. You can keep looking for it in ‘moh mamta’ (attachment and endearment), you won’t get it. Vedas has prescribed karmas, you should do them.

People become even of over 100 years. They don’t want to leave home. Some people love their homes, they don’t want to leave. Some love their cows. Some get attached with their grandchildren.

You can wrap ‘moh mamta’ (attachment and endearment) around you and when the death comes it will destroy it. You will leave it then, right? It will be dangerous when you leave it then. You will be born in many other bad births.

Gurubaani has shared about various yonis from 41st adhayaye. If you remember money, family, etc then you get bad births. Money: snake, children: pig, Etc. You should have money but you should have it with tyaag.  You should know that it’s not mine. God and Guru give it to you. If you say that it’s yours then it’s bad.

When you are dying you will God, remember your karmas, remember your form (soul). Sri Krishna, at the end time, if someone is meditating on God, he will get a good stage.

Only those get liberated who are able to remember God at end. (Om or Diksha) If you practice then only you will remember otherwise how you will?

You should remember God and your form (soul). When you are dying, automatically you will remember your karmas. If you have done good deeds then you will remember them. You are bearing the result of your karmas. If you meditate in the end, they reach a good stage. You should do practice now. You will remember what you meditate (if you do) and aahutis, Om, bhur bhavah swaha, etc. Best is what you meditate on. If you practice now then only you will remember.

Vedarambh Sanskaar

Yajyovatit – for unlimited time there has been a tradition to wear this. God is unlimited and this tradition is unlimited. The sins done by Aurangzeb and his forces were borne by them as per the laws of God.

You cannot put his sins on the others and be partial or abusive to Muslims. We need to maintain bhaichara (brotherhood). The truth will remain truth – Vedas have no partiality. They are applicable on everyone.

Vedas are there since unlimited time and it should be prescribed for everyone to study. God knows what kind of governments have come on our head.

I will leave bad company, lies, follow the truth, Brahmcharya, etc. promises. (Vratt- promise) (in the first 5 mantras after wearing Yajyopavit).

Earlier people with do both progress. You should keep unity – it is the order of God. When you learn in childhood, you should keep following it.

You should keep mailjol (association) with good people and not with bad people. You should keep good thoughts and not backbite. If someone is doing something bad then report. If you don’t keep Raag Dvesh then you won’t have any fear.

If you make gutbandi (faction) then it isn’t good.

Anandpoorvak vicharan karo (move around with pleasure). Don’t meet people with bad thoughts, meet with those with good thoughts.

Water may give you sukh. It gives you energy, good eyes, parents should ensure that child gets pure water. Like mothers milk it benefits. Keep drinking a little bit water again and again throughout the day.

Water gives us life. It may give us a long life.

Give food with good minerals with iron etc. give it to your kids and have also. This life is there to make your this life successful and get dev yoni too. This is a small life and it has a lot of problems.

Do the activities that you cannot do without like business, etc. Soul needs nothing – rest, food, shelter, etc. Yogi gets rest sitting on stones. Soul doesn’t need rest. Yogi controls his vritti.

These are sanskaars. It’s with you to give nutritious food. Morning breakfast should be light but nutritious. Then he can study better.

You get knowledge after being adheen (amenable) under acharya. Mantra says, child I accept you for giving knowledge.

The birth is successful when a child gets Deeksha otherwise.. (Pitr yoni – dukh ke sagar) – the birth from parents is the ocean of sadness. You should listen knowledge from time to time.

This broadcast system is good. Even after annual Yajyen gets over again Yajyen will start with Rigveda. At least one mantra daily, when possible more. Shrutam Tapah.

Prayer to God – He is my Brahmchari, protect him. What has happened to the world? So much terrorism, insult to the women, stealing, etc.

These are very serious blessings. Now no one is a Brahmchari. He may never die – he remain chiranjeev (very long life). Death cannot come near. There is no end of Acharya’s knowledge.

Wear good clothes and not dirty. Clean clothes 2-3 days as per situation. Night clothes should be different. Wear janeyu below clothes.

This is your new birth. From today Vedas is your mother and Acharya is your father. This is your best birth. I hand you over to God so that you have a long life and God may protect you. It is applicable for all.

Sanskaar gets everything. Protection in this birth and future births. God and Rishi will be with you for future births. God also does through Rishi.

These are alokik aashirvaad (out of the world blessings) that a child gets.

It’s God’s earth and His things. With your permission, we take.

When you have crossed 60-70 then leave everything else. Even after that age, if you stay at home, you will suffer. You should pay attention just towards God. You have to go.

Even if you want to stay at home after 60-70 years, you can. Those with lesser age should focus on earning money as well. Once your children are settled, may that time comes soon, then you need to pay attention – there is one to focus on – God. We have to leave this body and go to another body. Your sadhna, service, etc. will decide which body you will get. Main motto is that we get human body and in that too Dev yoni.

Those who take Sanyas should do a lot of Sadhna and teach others also.

Every Yajyen is for God. God is everywhere. If people leave their bad deeds and do it with concerntration. If there is any knowledgeable of Vedas then God is prakat at his place of residence.

Yajyam gach – if you have ekagrah vritti with no burai if you do Yajyen in that atmosphere – if you are putting aahutis, service, dev pooja sangatikaran daan – you get the blessings of God. You will serve parents and Rishi, then God will receive it.

Yajmaan gets immense benefit. It is not of this world but out of the world. It is a serious matter.

It is a great blessings of God that anushthan is happening since 1978. Without his blessings, it won’t be possible. It does kalyan (immense benefit) to everyone. Yajyen is the best karm. Anushthaan is even bigger.

It is also duty of parents to get Deeksha to children. Giving them at home also. Keep doing Yajyen for the whole over. Till Mahabharata Havan used to happen twice daily and Yajyen regularly in every home.

Kings would get Rishi munis to this palace for their seva. Bring it to your Acharan. Where will burai remain? If you don’t know what is God even by words then what will mantras do for you?

Anushthan Continues

Yashya chhaya- whose shelter there is amrit. Yyati Raja was the king of the world but he did very hard practice (tapasya).

No one is doing his own effort on Vedas. If you read collection of Ved mantras (sanhita, book of Vedas), you won’t understand. The tradition started of Guru parampara from Bramah (Rishi who took knowledge from 4 Rishis). Now people say that we don’t need Guru. We can straightaway talk to God.

We worship the same God as was there earlier. The one who is under the shelter of Vedas is the one who is under the shelter of Rishi.

Soul doesn’t get born. He is immortal. After being caught in the karmas, it gets birth.

God wants that soul get body on the basis of deeds. Without body the soul cannot bear. Soul gets body in the womb of his mother. Body dies, soul doesn’t die. When soul is in body, it gets attached to sense organs, mind and buddhi. The system is such that the soul bears pain coming through the body. Bhog yoni too.

Shelter is Acharya is shelter of God. People don’t know. They get amrit. Sharan is vairagya, politeness, service, etc. you should take an effort. It’s rare that someone gets salvation while doing family duties.

Where Deva Amritmaanshaanah tritiye (mantra from daily havan) fundamental law is almighty God. Dev are knowledgeable of Vedas. Vedmantras remove all doubts. Only Dev realise God. If we roam around and see people with tall claims.

You are becoming Dev. You may get entitled to realise. You may get in next births. It doesn’t matter to you if you take another body.

There is an example of Sutikshan in Ramayan. He left his body in fire when he wanted. A Rishi doesn’t need to take birth and he can leave his body whenever he wants. Those who have not yet realized need to take birth again and again.

The saddest person will be the one who is rich. Why? You cannot change the principle. Money has no joy. Yajyen increases wealth. We do hard work and also Yajyen. Then you see improvement. God is the giver. He will give you pure money. There are so many fights, murder, etc.

People are just after money and spoil their next birth. King Dashrath, there was no one in the kingdom who had less money. Everyone was rich. Everyone was satisfied. There is no satisfaction now. Wealth comes from Yajyen. It gives joy.

The world has gone to atheism. Bring someone who is happy. One who is billionaire and doesn’t follow Vedas then how can he be happy?

You have to do progress jointly.

In the last sutras is Yog shashtra. God has told prakriti that keep giving them money and destroy them. Bhogiyon ka bhog siddh and yogiyon ka Yog siddh (Nature fulfils material needs of materialistic people and yog for Yogis). If you have Brahm Vidya and you will earn money, it is amrit for you. If you leave Havan, etc. and earning money then the money will destroy you. It will not let you be alive.

Oh the son of Ved Vanni! Come near us and bring us pleasure.

It’s your good fortune that he accepts. He has no desires.

If yogi eats then it’s like giving aahutis. God and Guru give you complete punya. If it’s selfless service. Follow Vedic rules and take care of seva bhakti.

This mantra gives amazing knowledge in the 9th adhhaye. If you do Yajyen then eyes, ears, below part of the body, etc. will remain fine. Now they cannot be fine. The rule is that they are fine with Yajyen. Rishis have come, we have got moksh. If we get them then we get everything. They should be happy. God has kept this condition that they should be happy – I have not kept any rules.

If you are loving or frowning, I don’t have a problem. When your bhakti is good, I am happy and I will share my blessings. If someone doesn’t have knowledge then it is his deeds, I still bless him. God gives him the result of his deeds. If someone goes against a tapasvi then God punishes him.

If by sustained effort someone finds a Rishi then ‘amritabhuman’ then definitely he will realise God. He should do Devpooja, Sangatikaran – he should not make Rishi unhappy.

There is knowledge of God and also Akshar.

There are 40 adhaye. You are listening to meanings of mantra from each adhayaye. You are getting sanskaar in your chitt vritti. If you remember or you don’t remember. Shrutam Tapah. If you remember then you will become Vidvaan. It is my blessing that my children will become devi and devta.

This 12th adhaye has a lot of knowledge of Vedas. It won’t be possible to share the meaning of all mantras but I will share the meaning of 1st two mantras.

If you do uccharan (recitation) with Rishi during Anushtan then you will destroy the punya. Shurtam tapah. The aagya is to hear.

I get tired but God gives strength.

Tatvdarshina – realised God in samadhi. For realising God first get mind, buddhi.. with yogabhyas join towards God and bhogarbh Vidya. Learn to join from Rishi. He will tell you about it. You should request him and he will tell when he wants.

Now people are doing yoga yoga yoga. There are plants, seas, rivers, etc. on the earth. Pay attention towards them. Those who have learnt can start learning yogabhayas.

This is the aagya from Rishi or Vedas. No one has learnt about Vedas. There is so much damage that is happening. So many people are getting arrested. Know about Agni, Vidyut, light of sun, etc. like his who has given this? Like that God is everywhere. God doesn’t say like this.

Do dharan from all directions. Know about materials. There are so many materials. First learn padarth Vidya (physical science) and then learn about yogabhayas.

The one who want to learn about Yog Vidya and geology then focus on Yam.

The one who does yogabhyas he should learn how to join his mind toward God. Do every day what Guruji has said.

Those who are Jigyasu of Yog, (men) with yogabhyas with your Brahmcharya for getting pleasure we do dharan of his Jyoti. We make it appear inside us.

We yogi with yogabhayas make this light appear, oh people do like this. You do like this how yogis have been doing since unlimited time. Hence you all do the same. Yog means that you learn about bhugarb Vidya, learn Vedas, then why won’t you realise God?


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