From tomorrow we will try that the Yajyen starts at 1000 since there is Vedarambh Sanskaar.

There are people with hard heart, you should be humble and leave pride,  leave anger and do satkaar of pitrah. Without this everything is just selfishness and you get results accordingly.  You should invite them (Rishi) for not just seva but also vidvyadaan.  If people don’t do their own work properly (like cleaning utensils, etc.) then it is not good.  Selfishness is a sin.

Don’t eat food that shouldn’t be eaten.  At home there should be satkaar. There shouldn’t be laziness or lack of service. The real service is that Guru should be happy.  You should be careful.  It is not a joke. Serving the Rishi is a very serious matter. The world isn’t good.  You should try to understand. 

The mantra talks about Uttam khadya padaarth (superior food) and Clothes.  You shouldn’t have selfishness and chaplusi (flattery). 

Why should you do service?  They give you dev yoni, protect you, unlimited give sukhs. You can’t even get it even if you sell three lokas. Seva and shraddha have unlimited benefits.

Guru gives everything. God says that I can’t give anything unless Guru is happy.

What does Sadhu need? Seva and rest so that he can give Ved Vidya. However, I have seen that everyone has their own mood.

There are many secrets of Gurubhakti in 4th chapter of Yajurveda. Like how father and mother take care of children – like how mother takes care of children in her womb similarly acharya keeps those whom gives Diksha in his womb and takes care of them.

It was never our mission to get service. It is God’s order in Vedas. If you don’t do dakshina then you won’t get any benefit of Yajyen and Diksha. If I didn’t take donation then Ved Mandir won’t have been there, and then I would be at peace.

I haven’t done gossip so how do you think I will like those who gossip? Acharya gives daan (Vidya) and disciples also get wealth by doing Yajyen.

Here God is saying that man, his family and his kids, etc  – he (leader of the house) should order that you should lovingly do service of my acharya. I have observed that most disciples, their children respect Acharya. If in your home if your children cannot take care of your Acharya then you shouldn’t call him. He shouldn’t even step in.

Example of Duryodhan and Dhrishtrashra – Dhritrashtra used to respect Rishi minis and Duryodhan would disrespect. Shakuni used to take him away and tell him that you will be destroyed if they come to know.

Respect should be given to Rishi Muni Yogi. If you can’t then you shouldn’t go.

The mantra says that you should give them juicy sweet items, mishtan, kheer, fruits, etc. you should make them tript. It is problematic to prepare. It needs joint effort to make. Some people hire a cook.

Swamii gave example of when he had gone to a disciple. They would prepare food at home and sometime order from outside. He won’t say anything even if the food won’t suit him.

Service is not for everybody. Whose potential it is to call him? You shouldn’t call.

God is saying that we should serve them. Those with potential only should do special service (like good food etc.) There are times when Swamiji has gone to a disciple where he shared just sauce and roti.

Seva se vidvya prapt hoti hai (with service you get knowledge). You increase your knowledge. You reduce the fault of thanklessness. Only Rishi can give. These are the orders of God, whosoever agrees.

1st mantra of 4th adhahye of Yajurveda. Jigyasu gets knowledge.

On this land, do Devyajanam (dev pooja sangatikaran daan) where Rigved, Saamved, Yajurveda, etc. (where there is knowledge of Vedas) – palan poshan ka gyaan, dukhon se par hote hain. (you get knowledge of nurturing, get over sadness, etc.)

Unhe tript karke.. (after we satisfy them) we give pleasure to every Rishi and we also get pleasure. If we don’t have Devyajanam then we will not have knowledge of Vedas. If this knowledge is not imbibed then no one can stay happy.

If someone has it in his practice then their nature becomes extremely serious. You should live like brothers and sisters. If you don’t have Brahmcharya then you can’t get this knowledge. (After you get knowledge) then live with madh (divine pleasure).

We should take care of our health. We should drink clean water. If the body isn’t there then we cannot do Sadhna. If you get disease then you should take medicine. If you get three then fourth comes.

Yajmaans’ hinsa (violence) doesn’t happen. No one can save you except Rishi and God as their powers are everywhere. If you are drowning then even if Prime Minister is your friend, he cannot save you. Both powers of Rishi and God are everywhere.

Swamiji gave example of shepherds that he saw while he was posted in Kashmir. They work hard everyday and drink milk & milk products. Their women would do delivery in the fields (with no doctor) and next day they start working. If we do work hard with our body, eat good food and stay away from vices then diseases don’t come near.

Kand – part. Like part of a vehicle. There is a part of Karm, Upasana and Jyaan in Vedas. Manusmriti says ‘Triyam Brahm Sanatanam Dudoh’ – three knowledge from Vedas deeds, prayer and knowledge. Shabdbrahm ka adhyan kar ke Parbrahm ko jaane ho. (After studying Vedas, you can know God)

Now you have started to know about soul, God and prakriti. Soul is amar (immortal), ajar (doesn’t get old) and avinashi (doesn’t get destroyed) matter. Like we leave one house and go into another house. (rental accommodation or a hotel). Soul keeps changing its house.

Why should we be worried if we will have death? If you have avidya (opposite of knowledge) then you will stay in darkness and will be scared of death. Jad (non-alive) or Chetan (alive) in Avidya – when you believe what’s alive is non-alive. We are immortal matter. We never die.

God is saying that if you are in avidya.. avidyam mrityum tirthva. If you have understood it properly the mrityu (death is that soul leaves body and according to deeds, takes another body. If we think that soul is Chetan – they say about body. No one talks about soul. I have been saying for many years but people don’t understand.

Panchbhautik sharir (human body made of four elements is already dead. We never die. It is our form that we never die. It is our divine quality that we never die. But Jad, Chetan ka chakkar hai avidya – when Acharya will explain Vedas but man won’t understand. Rarest of rare people will understand. Vyas Muni took it and wrote it in Mahabharat from Sri Krishna, “Ashcharyavit.. Shrutvah Api Na Vedah”. You should consider this as a surprise that someone looks at Vedas.

People are busy with kaam, krodh, nindya, chugli – who has the time to listen? If you are not even understanding then keep listening. If you don’t understand then you can continue in the next birth. You should make an effort that we get a human body in the next birth. If you are stuck in materialistic things only then I (God) won’t give you this body.

With prarthana (prayer) do pursharth (hard effort). You should do Vedic deeds. You should try to know it in Shabdbrahma (Vedas). Maybe in next or next to next birth you may realise. You should make an effort that you do not lose human form. You should take benefit from Acharya (of Vedic knowledge).

You should consider it as a surprise that someone is saying Shabdbrahman. You can make difficult things easy by effort. There are difficulties in this life and if we keep doing sins then even more dukh (grief) will come. It’s rare that someone listens with ekagrah vritti. You get a little sanskaar but it gets wasted with shipt, vikshit and mudh vritti.

This knowledge works only with those who have ekagrah vritti or do service. There was a mantra in the morning that you should serve the Acharya.

Sri Krishna said very hard words – Shrutva Api Na Ved – even after listening you won’t understand. You should take notes and ask questions to remove your doubts. You can keep asking your questions again and again.

You should always keep this knowledge in your mind. Soul doesn’t die, body is non-aive. It doesn’t get pierced, doesn’t burn by fire, water cannot touch it.. no one can kill it.  When the soul leaves the body, it goes to the sun, which cannot burn it. You can keep washing the body after death, it is dead, and the soul has left.

You should have this firm knowledge that we are ajar, amar, avinashi. We should make so much effort that the next birth will be in human body. You keep making an effort (yogabhyas, etc.) Voice of Vedas give prerna (inspiration). When archarya shares the meanings, it gives inspiration for us to do service to parents, Acharya, etc.

Acharya stays with you for 5 births. He tries that his children get realization for 5 births. People cry at death due to body. The body is not yours. God has given it during pregnancy. The true love should be with a soul that is inside. Then you will not have grief during death.

Not everyone in knowledgeable. For Vidvaan, there is no death. You are in one room and you go to another. Then knowledge starts from where you left.

God, please give me the human body again. When I am born again (punarjanm – next birth), all dukh (griefs end), body is disease free and the soul is there in the disease free body. What have we done in unlimited births? We have done just kaam, krodh, ninda, dvesh, etc. That’s why we have been born otherwise we would have been Brahmleen (would have realized God).

Nodnavachan – The deeds done by the inspiration of Vedas. When we do deeds according to dharma, then when we are born again – I continue my mediation, and I may be born again in human form same age, same prann, same eyes, same ears and other sense organs (I may have the same sense organs).  When we put offerings of such mantras and continue yogabhyas, etc. then we protect ourselves from burai, then you have made our purnarjanm certain.

For Gyaani there is no death. He will leave and go to another. It depends upon tapasya. If it is khathor (hard practice) then jaldi (soon). You should do practice accordingly. Otherwise prayer has no meaning.

In the end, the mantra says, God please take me away from bad deeds and sinful acharan (demeanour), please save us. If there is any sinful thing that comes in our heart, it may be taken away. If you make an effort then God says then I will do the rest. I will make sure it gets out of out.

When jeev (soul) leaves the body then these sense organs of sthool sharir (human body) get destroyed and of suksham sharir stay with us. God makes us away from sin and gives us pleasure in this birth and gives pleasure in the next birth.

These mantras are great. You are making an effort. But if you see the world that they are completely entangled in kaam, krodh, etc. They do not know Vedas. They don’t know that we need to realise God. They don’t even know what is God.

In the article today, Swamiji wrote that when Sri Ram heard that he was going to be crowned the king, he and Sita performed Yajyen for 9 hours. They wanted to be very pure as they had to take care of praja (public), which is like their children. At 4:00am they sat in meditation and then sat in jaap of Gayatri mantra. Now one does like this. Now everyone is sad including the kings and the public.

When Sri Ram heard about the banwas, he was joyous and he happily told his mother that I am going now. Fakir (Yogi) are happy both ways – jaameen ho ya raj (whether they are sitting on the earth or throne). Fakir always stay happy.

It is such a blessing of God that you make me say such great mantras and public hears.

Oh God! May my life not be short! Yajyen karo, Ved suno, Ekagrah Vritti Lao, Guru ko prasann rakho ki voh naraz na ho jaaye kisi bhi baat par. (Do Yajyen, listen Vedas, bring ekagrah vritti, keep Acharya happy that he doesn’t get angry at anything).  If he is angry then you make him happy. Jas Raja Tas Praja (Public will be like their kings) – Public would earlier sweet voice (not like current politicians). They would have character. Now politicians stay in Z grade protection and they will walk with pride that we are a leader. Earlier no one took protection even though they would be accompanied by soldiers. They would be with public and would roam around at night while changing appearance to see if nothing untoward is happening.

God may let these Yajyen happen like this. Shraddhalu is the one that knows that Vedic knowledge has been there since unlimited time and has concentration on it.

From tomorrow Vedarambh Sanskaar will start. Those children and parents who want to listen, can join in.

We should not say ugra vachan (harsh words). You should work with hand and feet, but you should join your mind with God. Every part of the body should be shuddh (pure).

The mantra talks about making a ship and going to the sea. Also, the mantra also says to make planes and go in antariksha (space). All this knowledge has come from Vedas. With Yajyen, make eyes (and other sense organs), mind, etc. pure. Without Vedas, his mind cannot be pure. He is doing something else.

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