When the sinner leaves sins and then puts aahutis, and tries to leave bad deeds. Then God says I will get rid of all your diseases. God mentions each and every disease. Nothing is greater than Yajyen. It is everything. Nothing compares to it – name jaap, yogabhyas, etc.

People get affected by diseases a lot more nowadays. Till Mahabharat time, these diseases were very less. Now people get troubled even at a younger age.

Yogshen – It is in Vedas and also in Geeta. If someone gets knowledge, he cannot digest it. In pride he expresses it to the others. God has given unlimited knowledge. God has said that you should protect it. Knowledge is what when your bad deeds go.

Sri Krishna says (to Arjuna) that if you give me your mind I will help you achieve and also do yogshen (protect your knowledge).

God has given unlimited knowledge in Vedas. He has given preaching of getting good children as well. This is Anushthan. Put aahutis with Shraddha. In Yajyen, there were mantras used in Garbhadhan Sanskaar if someone is interested in getting children. Put aahutis with Shraddha.

Rigved has knowledge of God and also padarth (substance). In the time before Mahabharata, life would be spiritualism, Brahmcharya, etc. People would start at a very young age and will follow till the end.

Yajyen will happen if you make the Rishi happy. We are dependent upon you for good, wealth, energy, etc his shelter. The first condition is that Acharya should be there. Without him you won’t be able to know. More than Himself God has mentioned about Rishi Muni etc. in Vedas. From Rishi Muni only Vedas will come.

When you are in his shelter and will do Yajyen then you will progress in every area – there are unlimited areas like wealth, knowledge, etc.

We pray that Indraye (God) that you may become Prapt (attained). The knowledge is applicable for the whole world. People have left it and God had left you too. This is now to go to bad yonis.

The first mantra of Yajurved says, Anmeevya – the population that has no diseases, without miseries, there should not be any violence (from animals, etc) Yajyen should be without violence. Now even Cow, bull or Ox hits. Now they have become violent.

We pray with this wish that we may join with everyone. If there is anyone with bad thoughts or those who steal, they may not even be born. Protect the family and animals of Yajmaan. These thieves and violent people – God you punish them first and destroy them.

May this earth have permanent happiness! This is possible only when your body is in Yajyen, seva, etc.

Guru stays happy. Even if you have give prann (प्राण), but prann doesn’t go in Yajyen. Aaruni risked his life to serve Dhaumya Rishi. He laid down to protect Rishi’s field from flooding. When Dhaumya Rishi saw him, he embraced him. Aaruni later on became Udalak Rishi and became famous, and will be known till the end of the earth.

You should take notes during Yajyen and try to implement it in your life. ‘Shurtam Tapah’ – listening Vedas is tapah. You should listen with Shraddha and love. This tradition is alive. There are aahutis somewhere in the world but the difference is realisation of God.

Rishi get joy by Yajyen and it fulfils others as well. You should not do worldly talks during Yajyen.

Yajyen only gets purity. Environmental problems get fixed by Yajyen. If we keep doing Yajyen then air will get pure. For life, air and water are essential. With Yajyen, air and water get pure and also timely rain happens.

This is God’s path.

There is a mantra that says that I will leave lies and will follow the truth. The whole world is not following and hence they lie. You listen Vedas and hence you should speak the truth.

Increase Yajyen and don’t leave it. Don’t make Rishi angry. If you are unhappy with Dev then it is a great sin. Don’t leave Rishi, and (there is a request to Rishi) Rishi don’t leave too.

When Yajman, Rishi and Rithvik join, Yajyen happens. If you get pride then all punya get over. Increase punya and not decrease it.

Rishi, I take you and bring you to God. God sees everything. He knows everything about you. If you are on the right path only (then there is any impact). Guru helps later.

I have seen, a Yogi that belongs to jungle, got robbed here. After June 16, Yajyen will keep continuing with 5 mantras and 1 explanation daily. You give rest of your life to Vedas – those who live here. Don’t wish for anything else.

Slowly you see Vedas – there is a lot of joy in them. Keep doing tapah- the ones prescribed by God. Nisvarth seva (without desires). Keep good wishes for home. Knowledge says that there shouldn’t be a single wish.

You have done a lot of sins in the last birth. Now tap ke dvara tap Jao (do a lot of tapah). Difference between vanprasthi and sanyasi is that vanprasthi can go home.

Jungle is jungle only for Rishi. There he could meditate alone for longer.  These mantras appear inside. They are Chetan brahm. Those who are Arati. Most books are copied from Vedas, some are written by men. You shouldn’t do Raag Dvesh (intense attachment or hatred) to the learned of Vedas.

Protect Yajmaan- he does benefit of many others. We should become Yajmaan. Protect Yajyen. His family too.

Avtaam- protection

There are mantras of Guru bhakti. In this mantra Pitarah is Vedajya Acharya (learned of Vedas) – if you need ras (divine merriment), if your soshan is happening (you are getting exploited), if you need long life, etc. – go to him.

Make them satisfied with service.

You can’t accept the meaning. This is the blessing of God but pride is such that how can he can tell me like this? People think that Rishi should love them only and not say about the mistakes.

Oh Rishi please come to our place and we may serve them! It’s their right and there shouldn’t be anything else! May get joy! Like how Bull stays happy and moves around without interruption. They may live at our place happily!

In Ashram Yajyen lasts day and night. There is no pleasure personally to Rishi. The manner isn’t there. There is no rest. Everyone inside has anger, etc and Rishi tang sa ho jaata hai (gets similar to annoyed).

Rishi, keep us happy too. Happiness comes by following Vedas. You should pay attention towards Vedas and Rishi.

You should stay down to earth. You shouldn’t have any pride.

May Rishi stay happy and keep sharing knowledge. People keep sharing taunts. Don’t keep pressure on anyone. Keep your hands, feet, etc. in control in Ashram. God is prakat. Keep giving us knowledge and follow it. Some pride comes, etc. destroy it and make us joyous.

It is not dharma of yogi or sanyasi to stay in grahastha. Here if Acharya speaks nicely to one person, the other person gets angry. This sinful vritti won’t end but try to destroy it.

Rishi keeps controlling himself which is harmful for the society. He should be free.

This knowledge which gives pleasure, to get it, we do namratapoorav namaskar karte hain (we bow down and pray respectfully)

These are the rules of almighty God in this chapter (2nd Adhyaye of Yajurveda). Rishi you destroy sadness. We do namaste politely to you to destroy our enemies.

To do dharan of prann (keep our vigour to breathe intact), to shiksha knowledge), food, to rule over the earth then we do Naman susheeltapoorvak (we bow down and pray respectfully). Ghorai-  a condition where pleasure get destroyed and miseries come. All such power is by Acharya.

Raagedvesh (intense attachment and hatred) is everywhere Ahankaar abhimaam (pride) doesn’t go- personal experience of Rishi. You should find some other Acharya. In Vedic path you have to tolerate the harsh words and anger of Acharya.

To destroy anger we do Namaste, and we will destroy our anger.

One yogi can do palan (give patronage) to the whole earth. God has given such power. To attain knowledge we do your satkaar (we honour you).

The mantra also requests Rishi to accept the offerings such as clothes, etc. (Yogi doesn’t like)

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