Yajyen is the best deed as the knowledge that you learn is adopted in real life. Otherwise it has no meaning. The base of Yajyen is Brahmcharya. You should leave your bad deeds. You should remember God, agnihotra, Yajyen, naam simran, etc. Those who are under 60 may pay attention on Grahasthya. After 70 at least you should adopt vairagya. We listen to preach – Abhyasen Vairagyan (by Sri Krishna), and we don’t imbibe it, then it has no meaning of reading.

Sandharam – Swahah (to put offering in Yajyen) is abhyas (practice) but if we are not joining it with Purusharth (hard work) – by leaving bad deeds, doing ashtang yog, or paying attention on Yajyen then it won’t have much effect. Human body will be gone soon. These days it doesn’t last beyond 100 years. Change the way we live. We will remain happy and will be able to spread happiness to others as well.

There is a prayer in the mantra that God our age should not become less. It should not be less than 100. Brahmcharya is the base of it. We should have good thoughts and control over sense organs.

129th sukt is about creation. Without knowing the creation, no one can be knowledgeable (of Vedas). It is extremely important to know the creation. Vyas Muni also says that someone who doesn’t know creation from Vedas, he cannot be called Sadhu-Sant (learned). Jigyasu may take 2-3 births to have vairagya. If someone has ‘ekagrah vritti’ then it his fortune and he also increases Guru’s reputation. But the vikar are so strong that they will not allow you to go towards God.

‘Abhyas Vairagyabhyam tam nirodh..’ – when you do not have Abhyas – just mere talk then it will not happen in any birth. We keep making effort – do havan and meditation at home and also come for Yajyen. It is extremely important to come for Yajyen.

God gives more sadness to rich people. It’s not that the poor people are sad. Once you get money, you should know what you should do with it. If you get money.. the one who doesn’t donate, he will never be happy. You should donate to a ‘supatra’ (the one who deserves to be given). Otherwise, the wealth has no use.

There is a mantra in which God says that you eat My food, see with My eyes, hear with My ears and breathe.. and doesn’t believe in Me? I will snatch your sense organs (of human beings). It means that God will not let you have human form. We need to worship the God who God says God in Vedas.

God says in another mantra that – I am saying that one who realises Me, I make him Brahma, Rishi and I give him Sumedha.  Nowadays, a lot of people call themselves with names like Rishi. God has not made them but they call themselves Brahman, Rishi, etc. This time is very bad. Kalyug is just a measure of time.

 ‘Aranyah’ – forest, literally means ‘vriskhon ki shobha hai’ – loveliness/decoration of trees. You should not get scared to go to the forest. With Yajyen, atmosphere was such earlier, even wild animals would not harm any human beings. This is the importance of nature. You should protect the forests. There shouldn’t be any atmosphere of fear.

People keep cutting forests and attack animals there. Now animals enter human villages and attack them. Now if they do agriculture and sadhna in these villages.. Sadhna is more important as you will be inspired to do agriculture too.

With Yajyen, protection will happen and also production in agriculture will increase. In the mantra, God has described forest in detail. Noises of ‘Jhungur’, small insects and animals, they give pleasure. They are such as if someone is playing raag in veena (a cordophone instrument). Forest department also cannot protect now but wherever there are dense forests, there are sounds like this. There is a sound of ‘chich chich’ of suksham jantu (small lifeform). There is also a sound of ‘quip quip’ like Sanskrit grammar. They also make ‘chik chik’ sound. They also make sound like singers and musicians, there is a pleasure of walking around there.

If you do sadhna then mosquitoes don’t bite you, snakes and animals don’t harm you. They are getting food there. If you are not doing sadhna then they will surely bite you.

People now stuck at homes. At least you should have one room where you can sit and meditate. There should be a separate ‘asan’ (mat) for each person.

You will see animals like cow who will be eating grass (like antelopes). Some places you will see a circle like a house. With the air blowing in the forest, you feel like cars are moving. People who would stay in the forests earlier would get these pleasures. Now the forests are not so dense due to human intervention. But here are places on the planet where the forests are still dense and you will hear all these sounds.

The mantras have such divine pleasure. Even if I am doing unwell, I don’t feel like leaving the mantras. You should become Adhikari and Vedon ki taraf jhukenge (lean towards Vedas). We can make a difference in the world by our good qualities. People look at us and get inspired. If you do meditation yourself then people will change after looking at you.

Yajyen makes everyone capable. During creation, the mantra says, there was no one else apart from God. If God wants, He may create the earth or won’t create but the process is such that God creates when the time comes. It is endless process. It will always keep happening.

These are very important mantras. If Jigyasu (someone who is really curious to know about God) hear them they will listen carefully and take notes. There is a shortage of Jigasyu. People take God, Guru and Vedas lightly, and they keep staying in their own thoughts.. Kuch nahin rehna  (nothing will remain) and you have to go bad yonis. There are unlimited yonis. There is so much dukh (grief) in other yonis (lifeforms). In this yoni only you can become Jigyasu and realise God.

The world has spread now that there is no need to listen Vedas. If you do not have shrutam tapah (that you have listend Vedas) to sit in Yajyen, you will not get anything. Dev (those who listen Vedas) stay away from violence. Those are not Dev, do violence.

In the earlier times there were more Dev so violence was minimal. Mahabharat war was fought for establishing dharam. You should try to become Dev. If you get angry then you are not Dev. Then you do not have akar shakar. You should stay from violence. If there is injustice then you should fight for justice otherwise you should stay away from krodh, moh, lobh, etc.

If someone takes sukh (pleasure) of indiryan (sense organs), it cannot be had without violence. If someone takes non-veg then it cannot be without violence. This is a deep study of soul, which no one likes to listen. Kaam, krodh, mad, lobh se door rehna (stay away from them), it seems impossible but you should take best effort. God says, if you keep continuing, then next birth will be of a human being. With sadhna violence gets destroyed.

Dharam Karam ko lok nahin hone dete. The karm that has been said in Vedas, those should be done. Vedah akhilah dharamam moola – the base of dharam is Vedas. People do not do it.  Those are sahayogi and those are children, etc. they stay in their kingdom and keep following their own deeds. Soul has been asked to follow this.

Yajyen is not a new form of prayer. It has been prevalent since unlimited times. The prayers that are popular today have been self-created some time back.

Yajyen, chanting of Ved mantras, ashtang yoga, listening Vedas, naam jaap is there from unlimited times. Jigyasu are very less. People just listen and go on with their lives. It gives just a little punya. We do that bhakti which our ancestors have been doing. It is there since the start of the creation.

Anadi kaal se jo Yajyen chal rahein hain voh poorna ho rahe hain (Yajyen those are being organized since ancient times, are getting completed). Our mata pita (parents), of this life, and of previous lives, we are doing the same Yajyen that have been there since unlimited times. Guru Vashisht, Pandavas, etc. in every yug, from unlimited times the same Yajyen are happening.

Mantradrishtra Rishi and ordinary people become Samarth because of this Yajyen. They get shelter, food, etc. Now Yajyen are hardly happening. Mann and aakhon se dekhta hua (you can see Yajyen happening).  

From unlimited time, Rishi Munis have been doing anushthan of the same Yajyen. Even if I explain the importance of Yajyen, you will hardly understand. It has been there since unlimited times. Rishi Muni are for their protection. You can see it by darshan (shakhaat – clearly in front of you) that it is happening.

We are also doing. If we do then we become capable. If we don’t do then we will be incapable. Yajyen should never be stopped. There are so many mantras, kis kis ka batauon mein (which all can I explain)?

From unlimited time, Yajyen are being performed. Yajyen is the biggest worship of God. When it happens and the aahutis happen, stuti makes God happy. These aahutis are so great.

You should do swahah, etc. and do kartavya karm. If listen Vedas and work accordingly then we can get salvation in this birth only. But it is almost impossible now as even if people take sanyas, they also get entangled. There is no respect for Vedas and Rishi Muni. It is very bad time now.

You can have long life and can go to Dev Yoni. There was a mantra a few days ago, people are not even scared of God and death. They are entangled in marriage, kids, etc. If you can chet sakte ho to cheto (if you can become conscious then be conscious). I (God) will not give you this human body again. He is vishya vikari, mayah, moh (entangled in worldly affairs) then God also does not care about him.

Shraddha means ‘shrat dha’ (concentration on truth). With Shraddha, you need to light fire (in havan or Yajyen). Shraddha here means that it has been there since unlimited times (Yajyen) and we putting havishas (aahutis).

These mantras are wonderful. When we do upasana from Yajyen, men and also Rishi, we get both bhautik (materialistic) and adhyatmik (spiritual) benefit. When he becomes vairagyavaan when becomes rahit (away) from kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, (desires, anger, pride, greed) etc. You need to bear the harsh words of a Rishi.

Kaam, Krodh and Lobh – become rahit (without) from all 3. How? By making an effort, do prarthana (prayer), aahutis and keep making an effort.

Vachanva – Ved Vanni amrit deti hai (Ved Vanni gives salvation). Jeevanmuktam – Jeevan se mukt kar deti hai (gets you free from getting born again and again) or stuti mein sthir kar de deti hai (makes you stable in God’s praise). Om Somaye Swaha, etc.

It is different that people do Guru bhakti but I don’t see it. It is little bit here but not as much as it is required.

Suksham darshi jo vidvaan voh paramatma ke anand aur gyaan ka darshan hota hai. (Knowledgeable of Vedas, one who sees subtle things/knowledge, knows God’s joy and knowledge) Vidvaan ko in sab ko, prakat roop se raksha karta hai. He protects from death and removes you from troubles but you should not do sins. Voh Ishwar ki upasana karta hai to sukh ke liye (Rishi) prarthana karta hai. (He does prayer to God for merriment)

This has to be understood that even if he has a little bit of sin then rishi does raksha (protection) but he doesn’t love him. He will do long practice like 2-3 hours and after doing such long abhyas (practice) then he will get a little bit of vairagya. Rishi does good kaamna (wishes) for him.

Jo Ishwar mein magna hai usko kya sasari baatein karein. Logon anya bhi baat karte hai. Is kaabil ho sakein ki burai chod ke apne dil ki baat keh rahein hai. Andar burai hai aur baton karne ka dil karta hai.

(The one who is immersed in God (Rishi), should you talk worldly things with him? People keep talking other things (materialistic things). You should become capable that you leave bad deeds and you can say what’s in your heart. You have vices inside you and you like talking, as talking to a Rishi gives you peace.)

Angi havte – Ishwar ko pukarta hai, Purohit kaamna karta hai (Rishi calls God and wishes..)

Shraddha – jab satya par dharna a jaati hai (when you have concentration over truth) Agni jo hai Shraddha se (Fire should be lit with Shraddha). Agni is very pure and gives sukh (pleasure). Like this tradition has been there since ancient times and this being heard since unlimited times. According to parampara voh hom karta hai, agni jalata hai voh Shraddha se havi hi huayte – jo ghee dala jaata hai (Shraddha se) (According to tradition he does havan/Yajyen and lights fire with Shradda, and puts offerings like ghee, etc. with Shraddha)

Tabhi voh hom kiya hua dravayah – aahuti (samagri,ghee, etc.) tab daane yogya hota hai to anandi kaal ki parampara aapko pata hai aur aapne sunn rakh rakhi hai. Ishwar ke liye hom ki jaati hai. (You become deserving to put offerings in fire like samagri, ghee, woods, etc. when you have heard and understood the tradition from unlimited times. Havan/Yajyen is done for God)

They would make agni pradipt (light fire) just like this. You get a lot of knowledge. With that Shraddha, you become emotional, then that aahuti becomes yukt hoti hai agni mein daalne ke liye.’ (then only that offering becomes appropriate to put in fire)

There shouldn’t be any noise. You should remember the tradition. We also will put like this. Tabhi yah kamyaab hai (then only it successful).  Then it is pure, svekrit hoti hai (it gets accepted). It requires a lot of effort even if you are in service or business. Your dharm is that you have to make God happy (by following his order). You should remember all this and then put aahutis.

If you do all this then only this.. aishwarya se utkrisht ang par stitth, vachan ke dvara is soch ko ghoshit karte hain. (They announce these glorious voices)

Sharaddha dvara ghoshit vachan hai – I am aware and I donate according to Shraddha. From unlimited time kings would give donation to Rishis. You can learn about donation and other topics that this is tradition since unlimited times. If you aware then it is safal daan (successful donation). This doesn’t have much benefit. It has benefit since you have given – kiya hua karm.. (a deed done doesn’t get wasted).

If you want dukhon ka nashh (destroy the miseries – we know that this is parampara (tradition) since ancient time that rishiyon ko tan, man dhan ki seva jaati hai (Rishis have to be served with physical effort, mind and money). This tradition of donation is from unlimited time. This is only given to Rishi, Muni and Tapasvi and not to others.

Do you think these saints of today would get donation in the past? This tradition has been made by some people. Now I know the meaning of Shraddha and with that Shraddha I am donating, please bless him that he is donating. Rishi ka bhi kalyaan and daan dene vale ka bhi kalyaan. (It is for welfare and well-being for both Rishi and the donor) Both should be deserving. Shraddha’s real meaning is what I am sharing you.

There are adhikari (deserving) and andharikari (undeserving) listening to the broadcast. What is happening now is not the tradition since ancient times. This is man-made tradition which has been made recently. This knowledge of Vedas is adbhud (amazing).

Yajyen is happening. Now someone comes and says I will also put aahutis. If someone says that I will put aahutis… if someone does havan with mantras other than Ved mantras then it is not Shraddha.  Before this anant prithvis (unlimited earths) have been made.

Those who have not – Dev Pooja Sangatitaran Daan – doesn’t know then aahutis won’t work. You need to listen the secrets like you are doing now.

Ishwar ki Pooja hai, nirakar hai, uski moorti nahin hoti hai, uska naam agni hai kyonki voh sab jagah hai. (It is worship of God. He is formless. He doesn’t have statue. His name is Agni because he is everywhere).

We should not break the tradition. If someone doesn’t do Yajyen and does yogabhyas, it is of no use. It always goes in vain. Yog Vidya is from Vedas and in order to earn money you are not listening Vedas. God sees everything.

These mantras have the knowledge of Sun. In the past mantras there is knowledge of Agni. If you imbibe even mantra in your life you can excel or you can lose your dev yoni.

These mantras have prayers to get rid of diseases but you need to take medicines regularly. God says that I will get rid of these diseases. If you have even reached death accordingly to prarabdh, I will pull you back, and I will increase your age by 100 years more.

Tomorrow Rigved will get over. 10th mandal will end. Yajurved will start then. Those who are at home can put aahutis from home.

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