Constitution of the world was Vedas. Now people have made their own constitutions and now they should be respected. The arrangement for everything like safety, security, respect for women, etc. is with God.

He has made for varnns (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudhra). You should first have knowledge – like knowledge to drive a car and then only you can drive. Similarly, He has given the knowledge of how to run the world in Vedas. It has deeds of everyone including father, mother, brother, etc. From straw to Brahm. In the past, there was no grashti (in family life) who didn’t have control over sense organs, who lied, etc. There are so many such knowledge which is prescribed in Vedas.

The earth is very large. Like Chief Minister, Mandalik Raja were appointed in various regions. Earlier there used to be one King of the world. As per the order of God, from the start of the earth, the King had to be a learned of four Vedas. From Manu (the first king) to Pandus, there was no king who did not have the knowledge of four Vedas. The tradition broke and the earth broke.

Mandalik Raja could perhaps go astray. There was a knowledge of weapons and war in Vedas to maintain peace.

The sanchalan (management) of earth is in the hands of God. People who think highly of themselves on their own, without the knowledge of Vedas, ‘Mooh miyan mittu’ have destroyed the world.

Brahmin: learned of four Vedas (who knows Shabd Brahm – listening Vedas and Par Brahm – after listening he has practiced and has realised God in samadhi). Brahmin (like Vyas Muni, Jaimini Rishi, Manu Rishi, etc.) share the knowledge of politics. People have made their own rules from their own benefit.

Last king Janmejai was not knowledgeable of Vedas. He took over the kingdom and started dictating his own orders. Earlier the kings would rule as per Vedas with the knowledge from Rishi Muni. All vargs are required – Brahmin, etc.

Vaishya/Mahajan are responsible for distribution of goods. They would do daily worship and meditation. They won’t take too much margin. They will live according to Vedas. Nowadays people live their lives with cinema, bad language, etc. Look at the politicians of today. They inspire others to use bad language like them.

Shudhra – the meaning is the one who works very hard. As per the deeds, Brahmin can be shudra or shudra can be Brahmin. Any Kshatriya can become Brahmin. It depends upon deeds. It is not as per birth.

If you see Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc. there was no constitution made by any king. As per the principle of Vedas, as per eternal Vedic knowledge, no one can even think about making constitution of any country. There are strong punishments prescribed in Vedas. If there is someone promiscuous, as per Vedas, even man or woman – the punishment would be to give them capital punishment by burning. There is also harsh punishment for those who steal, such as amputation.

Now there are many countries. There was united world when the Vedas were on vogue. Now the earth will break even more – believe it or not. Even if there is constitution, the power remains with one person President or Prime Minister. Earlier king would enact law or perform actions in consultation with Dharm Sabha (which would comprise of Rishis). Now we regret that politics has reached such dirty stage to grab power. They do worst deeds. Our Vedic culture has got destroyed.

In order to save ourselves, we need to follow the path of Vedas. Politicians keep claiming that we will save the country. Our country has progressed in the past 70 years. People have progressed in their lives. It is incorrect for one party to say that the other party has not done anything.

Where the progress has not reached, people have remained poor. There are many places where the politicians have not reached and the areas of remained poor. So many governments have come and have failed. The reason is that knowledge isn’t there – knowledge is just one – Vedas. Now the Vedic knowledge isn’t there.

If the sun shines the darkness won’t be there. Similarly, the law by God is that knowledge is Vedas. There is unlimited knowledge in Vedas. Sri Ram has called Bali by mentioning that this punishment is as per Vedas. Hanuman was saved by Vibhishan by saying that as per Vedas, ambassador cannot be killed after Ravann asked him to be killed.

Artificial things are artificial. Like even the best artist creates a fake banana, which looks real, t cannot be eaten. In desert, a deer sees a mirage in sand, which looks like water. It cannot be drank like water. The man-made rules will destroy the world. The days ahead will be very bad for the world.

Many crores came for Yajyen by Yudhishter. All Mandlik Rajas also called. Yajyen lasted for a month. You can image how will be the arrangement (including for bathroom/stay/etc.) When we do Yajyen, the entire punya goes to Yajmaan and those who do seva. If someone doesn’t do seva (Yajyen, yogabhayas, etc.) no one can sleep in peace. He will live in fear and will remain sad. Death bring a lot of pain. Those who are diseased get a lot of pain as well, they may go mad and hit their head. God says that I won’t let this stage come.

People do man-made worship. God makes man, how can man make God?

There are three kinds of shishyas – Uttam, Madhyam and Nishkrisht. Nishkrisht are those who have been given an aagya and they get upset, and sometimes they don’t even perform. It is our fortune that there are many shishyas that are uttam, madhyam and very few are nishkrisht.

15 generations get benefit by this (Vedic) path. You can do Yajyen anytime. You get complete benefit. It will only give benefit.

As per the Vedic culture, there was no need to find a husband for a lady earlier. Like you open a box containing perfume, the smell will spread everywhere. Similarly, the gunns of the girl would be spread all over and Mandlik Raja, etc. would look for her. It was swayanvar – the girl could choose anyone. If she won’t choose then she could say no. Without Vedas, there is no protection for girls. Now it is reverse, boys, even if they have no qualities (could be drunkard, smoker, etc.), can say no.

The girls earlier would get a very good match on the basis of their qualities.

You should not make your orders. You should follow what you have been told. You should not give your own pocket orders. When someone has a doubt, you send a message, and then I am glad to address doubts. You should not stop this or discourage those who ask questions. At that time I don’t even like eating or drinking. There have been times when shastrath has happened till 10:00pm or even 3:00am in the morning. I have not rested in my life. Even if I am unwell, with the grace of God, I completed pravachan and Yajyen.

You keep listening that these are divine names of God. Till the time these divine names were being chanted and aahutis were being put (till Mahabharata).. Aahutis should be put with Ved mantras (not by any other book) then God will be happy will give you sukh, children, etc. If you don’t have faith then keep listening. The same voice (of Vedas) was accepted by everyone earlier. There was no one poor then. There was complete respect for every woman due to this voice.

You say that ‘idamnamama’, there is nothing of mine here. Body is also not mine. People used to take sanyas. Get good studies for children, etc. With prayers to God which children would not stay fine? 6 generations used to stay alive at one time.

Your mind is also changing. You are also getting convinced that there is nothing mine. But think that those who do not put aahutis, they even commit murder for the fights over property. They think that it is mine. People keep thinking that it is my child and the other child belongs to someone else. After Mahabharat, without these aahutis, sins have spread.

You should have the effect of this mantra on you –“ vayavashtya shreshtamaye karmanah prapartu” – our organs may follow the shreshtamaye karmanah (best deed – Yajyen). Saptrishi (including 5 gyaan indriye) – control that they don’t go to burai (sin). I am explaining for a long time. If you understand that you may get salvation.

These organs have not been given you for worldly things – laughing, bad deeds, getting married, job, study, etc. God has given you these organs for Yajyen. Seva towards God, Rishi, Mata, Pita.. You can’t press God’s feet, give him food, clothes, money, etc. He doesn’t need anything. He gives everything. He has unlimited power. He doesn’t need anyone’s assistance. If you understand then you will be scared.

Have are you been listening, are you understanding and are you imbibing it in your life? Order of God is not to be angry – are you getting angry? Are you following what is mentioned in Vedas? This is Pooja. Pooja means aadar maan samman. The other way is unaadar.

God has said that you should have materialistic progress as well because without it you will not be able to stay in this body. God has asked you to study, work, business, etc. so that you can protect both your and your family’s bodies. You can’t protect the soul inside the body. In order to liberate it, you can put your children to the right path.

After 50-60 working is not as per the order of Vedas. After 70 if someone works then God destroys him. God says I will destroy you and I will not give you this body again. If someone doesn’t listen to Vedas then he keeps getting worldly pleasures and then keeps staying alive (by medical treatment) and after doing sins, gets bad births.  

For 1.75 billion years Vedas were followed and today’s books and religions weren’t here. No one used to write books except some rishis and people were happy. Were they mad? We worship who your and my ancestors used to worship. For that period people were happy. This has to be discussed deeply and you should be clear with the truth.

As per Nyas Shastra, ‘satya stapit’ – you should be firm on truth after doing tark vitark (deep deliberation/discussion).

Money cannot give pleasure to the soul. Money is needed for the body. Body will eventually burn on pyre. You should not stay poor. Don’t think that rich people are happy. Money does not fulfil soul. You need both ‘brahmodanam’ – food for soul and ‘panchodanam’ – food for body. Soul should know its ‘swaroop’ (original form) Shudh chetan tatva (pure and alive). Sun, fire, etc. has no effect on soul. Soul is upset that it is not getting ‘brahmodanam’. You get a strange peace when you come for Yajyen since the soul gets ‘brahmodanam’. It experiences ‘sukh’ (pleasure). If body gets food only then soul feels sadness.

You need both panchodaman and brahmodanam.

People can increase their age to 400 years by following the path of Vedas. Some people go early, some die even in the birth. You know the meaning of these mantra. Kashyap Rishi had an age of 300 years, Vyas Muni was over 275 years, Sri Krishna left his body when he was 120 on his own accord but he could live for longer, etc. Earlier people would live on Ved marg. People would follow Brahmcharya that’s one rule to follow path. Without Brahmcharya people have problems. People keep giving advice – eat this, get up like this, etc. but Ved says just one thing – Brahmcharya

99.99999% of people do not know Vedas. Vedas give protection to everyone.

Mother may give birth to good children and she may not have to cry ever in her life. Now you see even the small children die and mothers need to cry. Medical authorities may keep searching the reason but Vedas say something else. These are wonderful blessings in Vedas.

If we follow the right path then these are blessings by God that child will live for 100 years and without any diseases. Perform Yajyen, work hard and stay away from bad deeds. You start getting joy when you follow the right path. If you experience pleasure (madh) like a billionth portion of God’s pleasure, one day, you will realise God. You will be inspired to keep doing tapasya if you get divine pleasure. The motto of human body is to realise God. This is God’s aagya that our child may progress to become high-ranking officer.  If after becoming a high-ranking officer, we go to a bad birth (like an animal) in the next births then it is not intelligent. You should do both – materialistic and spiritual progress. You will achieve your main motto and also have worldly progress.

These are just talks but it has nowadays become impossible as people are entangled in money. In Rigveda soul says that I am come in the saharan of God after getting scared of death. Without knowing God, you can’t get over death. To know you (God) is the path then only we will win over death. You need to have both progresses.

If in mere materialistic progress, we stay for billion years in the form of animal, birds, etc. – this knowledge will only be in Vedas. God says take Vedic knowledge. Shrutam Tapah – to listen Vedas is Tapah, Dam – control sense organs, Yajyam tapah – to perform Yajyen is tapah.

Devaah Yajyen Yajyam Ayajaantah – Dev worship God by Yajyen. Dev – the one who follows Vedas. The principle should be remembered. In Yajyen you get all knowledge – security, agriculture, etc. from Vedas, yogabhyas, etc. Aahutis should be given while leaving everything – thoughts of everything like grahasyata, bazaar, etc. There have been many Rishis like Kashyap Rishi who lived for 300 years who never watched cinema, etc. After 100 years, he requested God that his life may be extended by 100 as I am not satisfied. After 100 he requested again. After that he said that Vedas are endless.

People who have spent their life for Vedas, they have understood that they may not get birth of a human beings. In this life to spend youth for Vedas and Rishi is impossible.

Your yash kirti (reputation and glory) is spread on the basis of the tapasya that you do. Rare is someone will come in the shelter of Vedas now since the indriyan (sense organs) are so weak. In today’s world what have you got to do with God? You are away from Vedas that’s why Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar (Nanak, the whole world is sad).

You have borne these pleasures in many lives, even in human forms. This yoni is not for vishay vikaar (sensual pleasures). This is to go towards vairagya. People have made it adda  (den) of vishay vikaar (sensual pleasures) and paaps (sins).

God repeats that you keep putting aahutis (offerings). Karnn did not have physical kavach and kundal (armour) but had protection due to aahutis put.

We are souls and not body. We don’t die. Do Sadhna (meditation). If you live in the chakkar (maze) of the world, then you will return here as a dog, animal, etc. This is a very pavitra (pure) body. You should destroy sadness and sins. For this you need to listen Vedas and do Seva bhakti (service and worship).

‘Avsa’ means protection. May I get protected by these mantras! All human beings that do archana (prayer) like this, give them darshan (experience of realizing God).

Anyone who does stuti from these mantras and, discusses with rishis if they don’t understand, put aahutis, etc. On the basis of these tapasyas, give them darshan. Ishwar gives darshan to someone who does tapasya.

Our great Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had protection but she didn’t have from God. When you have some trouble, then no one can stop. Mann (mind) is very strong – it is as strong as air (as per Sri Krishna) Yogi is yogi. He said vairagya and abhyas should happen and then it can be controlled.

People are entangled in kaam krodh lobh moh ninda dveesh chugli (desires, anger, greed, attachment, defamation, hatred, gossip). They are stuck in the materialistic world. You give less attention on these two things (vairagya and tapasya). If you want sukh (pleasure) by indriyan (sense organs) then baar baar janm and baar baar mrityu (you will be born again and again, and will die again and again). Manushya (human being) has been made svatantra (free) to do any deed.

Put aahutis while being ekagrah (vritti), and make an effort to leave bad deeds then you may realise God.

There shouldn’t be any interruption in Yajyne. Keep small kids below. I have ordered this since 1978. There will be an interruption in Yajyen. If you cough, etc. in Yajyen then it is also your sin that you haven’t kept Brahmcharya.

One disciple came up with her kid. When he made noise, she took him below. This is good as it prevented interruption in Anushthan. It is dangerous to be greedy to come up to be near Acharya. A child won’t be able to interrupt if he is downstairs. The parents will benefit.

Everyday ‘indiryasaniyam’ (control over sense organs) then ‘Ishwar mila hi mila’ (you will realise God). ‘Itna saral marg hai’ (it is such an easy path). You are putting in the stuti mantra. God is giving a guarantee that one day He will become prakt (You will realise Him). This body is for realising God and not for worldly pleasures. You need to do this tapasya.

‘Sukh chahiye toh’ (if you want pleasure) call God. We call Him. He will give you wealth and will fulfill your desires. He will give everything and will give you moksh. He will one day meet you.

Who is God? God is describing in Vedas. He has unlimited heads, eyes, feet.. He does ullanghan of the earth. He is in every bit of the universe, and is also away from the universe. If you won’t listen Vedas then where will you go. Beyond universe, there are divilok (divine worlds that are never destroyed), He is there and He is beyond too. He is unlimited.

Dasangluam: 5 bhoot + 5 tamatrayen

Like your room is your room. These bodies, head, etc. are made by God and hence belong to him. The mantra is not saying that He is saakar. He is in every bit of the universe and also is beyond. You will get dukh (sadness) by spreading your orders.

Soul is like leaf on the tree. When it leaves the tree, we don’t know where it goes. We don’t know where it goes after it leaves the body. If our deeds are good then only we will get a human form.

There were several mantras on agriculture in Rigveda. There are many in Yajurveda that we will listen to in future.

We have been given human body to become Dev. Aahuti gives you makes your ‘Ras’ (divine pleasure) stronger. It increases your life span. For those who donate, they get praise. His asan (seat) is also in front. He does patronage (palan) of other human beings since he causes a lot benefits like rain, etc. by Yajyen.

He donates to Adharikaari. You should donate to someone who deserves. Those who are not Rishi Muni, etc they take money and spend it on bad deeds.

The main donor who donates, he does kaamna of Rishi Muni so that he can donate. The one who takes is called Rishi. Rishi is the main person (Bramah). He sings Ved mantras and he does explain of Vedas. By donating to Rishi Yajyen gets expanded. Aa u ma- rishi knows Om (name of God).

Hence to give donation to other people, who are not learned of Vedas, don’t sing Vedas and cannot explain Vedas, is a sin. Vedas are not difficult. The reason that you find difficult is that you don’t get Rishi. The donation that comes here expands Yajyen.

God has explained so nicely. If we don’t listen Vedas then we won’t know who to give and who not to give.

Those who have potential may give horse, cow, silver or gold, food etc. to a Rishi. The donation that is accepted you should know that is Raksha kavach.

You should consider that it is God’s voice in Vedas. Men have opened their own shops with orange, white clothes to collect money.

I am not saying that you donate. Not at all. Donation is always according to Samarth (potential). It is given to a Rishi

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