Swamiji continued Yajyen from 10th mandal of Rigveda.

Swamiji started with Yajyen by explaining that ‘Bina Karan ke koi Karya nahi’ that means that without reason no act happens. He asked people to focus on ‘Shrutam’ (listen Vedas), Swaha (put Aahutis) and Seva (service).

‘Aj Ek paad’ – God remains the same. People say wrong qualities of God, which is an insult to him, and if it were true the world will come to an end. (such as God coming to Avtar or needing bow and arrow).

Swamiji gave example by a story of two friends taking bath in a river. One of them sees what looks like a blanket floating by. He catches it and starts moving away with it. His friend asks him to let go but he says, the blanket is a bear and it has caught me. Swamiji explained that Ved Vanni is stronger than many bears – if you reach for it, it will stay with you.

One mantra said that Rishis utter Richaye (Ved Vanni).

Keep putting aahutis they are priceless. God says in Vedas, as per my rules you leave my Ved Vanni, Yajyen, Vidvan, Mata Pita, I leave everyone to get sorrows.

Naamkaran is done from Vedas. There is mantra that mentions Gange, Yamune, Saraswate.. Earlier people would do Yajyen near river. They would come there to get water. Rishikesh (Rishi Hair) is named as such, as Rishis would come down here after tapasya to get a haircut. Rishis named the rivers Ganga and Yamuna, etc. A river that originates from mountains and reaches the sea without interruption then was per Vedas that river is called Ganga (even if it is France, USA, etc.). Yamuna is a river that originates from mountains and joins another river. Saraswati is the river that flows after two rivers meet.

‘Ag dhatu’ (Ag base word) se ‘Agrini’. God is first. That’s why God is called Agni. Before the world was formed, there is God. So before doing anything, remember God. The one who does his stuti and upasana. You will be surprised that even small things are so great in Vedas. If you do stuti, with Ekagrah mann (havan, Yajyen, etc.) those who listen to his stuti, he protects those ears.

Swamiji added – I am scared of God. I hope God doesn’t destroy me. I am not boasting. I am sharing for your knowledge. I will turn 79 on June 04, 2019 and my ears have not needed any treatment.

There are some amazing rules and regulations in Vedas which are beyond you can think. God says, I keep him still in my stuti (to say truth about someone). I keep the ears intact so that you may listen to my stuti. You keep listening to stuti. Even not much meditation is required if you do Yajyen but you should surely do meditation. He gives amrit.. keeps increasing their age. Put aahutis in Yajyen and at home. Yes, the stuti in Yajyen is a lot more. You should do Yajyen whenever you get time. The ‘mahatvya’ (importance) is much more when you go to Rishi to listen. You should remember both.

Niradhat – God says, I don’t let them burn in fire. Earlier these fires won’t happen. The world must be thinking many things but the real reason is that they occur because people don’t follow Vedas. That’s why fire keeps happening. You keep making any arrangements but if God wants fire to happen, they will happen. (God actually has no wants, it is said for explanation)

‘Atmayaj mein rakshit karta hai’ – yogabhyas, simran and dhyaan – everything is useless without stuti. God protects them in atmayajyen (explained later). The mantra goes on to say that ‘jo sankalp karte hain – voh unko de deta hai’ – it means that God fulfils their good desires (those who do stuti).

‘’Rishim Dakshinam Dash’:  He gives moksh to Rishi

Instead of stuti people nowadays use harsh words, abuse, spite, steal, rob and do hooliganism.

Swamiji gave the example of Sri Ram where he won’t leave one single day without Yajyen. In 14 years of Banwas, Sri Ram did countless Yajyen. When he returned, he did daily Yajyen. Tulsi did not see the life of Sri Ram. He saw it from Valmiki Ramayan. He could not write it completely well. Tulsi wrote in his Ramayan, Kotin Vajmedh Prabhu Keene, Daan Anek Dvijan Keh Dee Dene. For the benefit of Rashtra (nation), Sri Ram did over a crore Yajyen. Ashwa in Ashwamedh means Rashtra (nation), it doesn’t horse. Because of lack of knowledge of Vedas, people say that horse should be killed in Yajyen.  

If we will spoil this life in materialistic things, as per 114 sukt 10th mandal of Rigveda there are countless yonis (births). Next births will be very bad.

The mantra to offer ‘Prasad’ in Yajyen is for prayaschit (atonement). He can see that God is seeing him everywhere. We promise that we will not do any sin. If we do it then we will be able to get benefit. We need to listen Vedas – ‘Shrutam Tapah.’

You should put what you hear in acharan. There is a mantra which says that ‘Suna Hua Jyaan Mera Ho Jaye’ – whatever I listen, it may belong to me. Yajyen is sarvshresh karma (best deed). The aadhar (base) of every progress is Yajyen.

Whosoever puts seva, offerings, etc. in Yajyen, it goes to God. Every seva, aahuti, etc. is going to God. Like mother cleans her child, similarly you should keep Yajyenshala perfectly clean. God shows sukh on everything. There is no sukh without Yajyen.

People are living nowadays but they can’t sleep in peace. Give us inspiration to do Yajyen that’s why you come from near and far. ‘Parmeshwar prakat hai’ (God is prakat and he sees everything. You should stay prem, prasannata poorvak, etc. (with love and happiness), he showers blessings

After doing Yajyen, yogabhyas, naam, etc. you should clean your mind. It gets bad things also. Let my mind be with kalyaankari vichar (beneficial thoughts). There may not be bad vichar (thought) in me. It is a struggle to perform stuti, agnihotra or Yajyen. Yajyen is the best deed.

In the explanation of the mantra containing ‘Samit bhadrastu’, Swamiji explained that the offering to God is ‘stuti’. Everything is given by Him. He doesn’t take anything, He just gives.

Hotaram Ratnadhatanam ‘- sabse badon se bada parmeshwar hai (He is bigger than the biggest). You can’t give him anything. Man has put up his statues to earn money. Do stuti, upasana and prarthana – trishu (combination of all three)- then he becomes happy.

How can be happy with money? Why do you say his name and take money? You should donate to tapasvi as they do sadhna and give knowledge to the others. It reaches God. He gives the result by sukh (pleasures).

Yogabhayas becomes upasana if you do Yajyen. Indiriyan (sense organs) want worldly pleasure. Destroy three types of dukh (sadness/problems) – aadhidevik, aadibhautik and adhyatmik (mental). Shastra is saying that strive for that and not worldly things.

God is everywhere – he is in every bit of three lokas (worlds). He alone gives the inspiration to follow Vedas and gives you strength. Only his bit of strength controls the entire world. He can destroy sins. He protects you from enemies.

During Yajyen all these aahutis were put and Swamiji has explained the mantras.

God covers even small things – like protecting your ears if you listen Vedas. Their ears may work fine so that they can listen to Ved Vanni till their final time. You are saying just as God is saying (asking you to say). If you say how God is as per Vedas that is stuti. He keeps the pran intact.

He is everywhere and protects us everywhere. People don’t know that God has described Himself in Vedas. Earlier everyone was happy. He doesn’t let the person burn in fire. He protects him everytime.

He protects you during aatmayajyen – when you do yogabhayas, naam simran, etc. He gives us both dhan and moksh. 80th sukt is wonderful. It describes some results of doing Yajyen and stuti.

If someone does a lot of stuti then he gives him moksh. He destroys every sin. He gives detailed result of these stutis – sukh (pleasure). Rishi and upasakjan (those who perform Yajyen), stuti mantraon se, Ishwar ko amantrit karte hain (invite God by singing his qualities from stuti mantras). Wherever Rishi goes, (in India or outside), God gets present. Havamahe – we call him. We need Ved mantras to invite him. You should be shaavdhaan (careful). You should sit with love. God is prakat.

Like birds fly in the city, we may do unnati (progress) by doing Yajyen – bhautik (materialistic) and a lot of adhyatmik (spiritual). Smast icchaon ko (shubh) Ishwar poorna karta hai (God fulfils all your good desires). Ham sab adhikari bane (we should also become qualified). Nobody does stuti and that’s why they are unhappy. In Valmiki Ramayan it is described that there was no one poor, kami, krodhi, lobhi-laalchi, (lustful, short-tempered, greedy) etc. wasn’t there. Indriya sanyam mein thi (they had control over sense organs). Praja Parmeshwar par aashrit rahe (People were dependent upon God).

Nowadays, they are dependent upon each other. They think that they have a big approach and a lot of money. Like someone drowning in a river cannot be saved by Prime Minister even if he knows him. God will protect you everywhere as He is everywhere.

Shabd brahmn se mahaan stuti karte hain and aur stuti ko bolte hai (We do great stuti from Vedas and we utter that stuti). This entire sukt is of stuti. One who does stuti, God gives moksh. Phal batate hain, aapki daali hui ek bhi aaahuti bekar nahin hai. (The results are shared in Vedas. Not even one single offering in fire gets wasted). Yajyen is your tapah.

I have given you birth so that you can use your organs for Yajyen.

Can anyone describe God without Vedas? People who describe Sri Krishna in terms of his physical appearance, etc. then it is prakati ke pradarth ki stuti hai (It is praise of natural things). Learned of Vedas will say that it is not the stuti of God.

You don’t know the qualities of God – na tam vidaat. He is everywhere and is inside you as well but is it is separated from you. He is always pure and is away from sin. He is in everything but nothing can touch Him. Like He is blood too but it cannot touch Him. If you don’t listen to Vedas then you won’t know what is God.

His worship is name chant, yogabhayas, Uajyen, etc. and it is when you know from Vedas that Who is He?

God who does anger on bad, may we also do the same. Don’t be in bad company. Be away from bad people. God has given you the blessings of mantras. put aahutis. It is a great good deed. Do a lot of agnihotra at home.

These are vachans of God in Vedas. You leave Vedas and you go to other so-called satsang. They keep saying thatKabir says this, and will share that. You will get liberated only by Vedas. In Vedas there is no name. It will just be God has said in Vedas. We need to know what God is saying about us. We need to know what God is saying. This is to understand. Read Rishis book where they share that they have learnt from Vedas.

Wherever there is lie in any book, it’s written by men.

Wife should rule over the house. Prem, Palan, Poshan, Wali, Saman Vyavhaar Valli. (She should take care of family members, shower love and have similar behaviour towards everyone. She should follow Vedas

Bad bacteria destroyed by the blessings of Rishi and God.

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