We have to understand the meaning of words by our own wisdom. For example, the word aatma can be used for both soul and God. The meaning should be interpreted by qualities.

When we are born, we are foolish. God has done immense benevolence to us by giving us the knowledge of Vedas, apart from giving material things. It is a pity that people are not discussing on Vedas.

The world is unhappy. There are different paths that are made. The path of God is made for the benefit of souls. The paths that are set by human beings are for human body. Materialistic and spiritual progress should be according to dharm. If you listen Vedas then you will understand otherwise you won’t.

The books nowadays do not tally with each other. Books on yoga, etc. go against yoga. Mere translation based upon word meaning will not be accurate, in fact it may be 100% wrong. Those who read such books will get a lot of sins. People who read such books will become foolish. Perhaps it is their past deeds that people get into asur yoni where the knowledge of Vedas cannot be attained. Mantras of Vedas are first listened and then you can study.

Today mankind is going in a direction, which, if you listen Vedas, is going towards atheism. It is causing increase in terrorism, insult towards women, etc. You won’t know the truth. The reason for eradication of peace is that Vedas are not being followed.

No one can please Vedic Acharya. People do serve by money, physical, or mind. It is your duty. One day the acharya can get pleased if the serving doesn’t contain selfishness. People often have svarth (selfishness) that their desires will be fulfilled. If someone does serving just to please, then they should improve them. It is not a desire of Vedic Acharya to get service, it is your duty.

The king should do daily Yajyen and give donation. People should meet their responsibilities (kartvaya). There should not be greed or temptation. We should be jigyasu (aspirant) for Brahm (God) and you should focus on meditation, Yajyen, etc. and service.

Due to selfishness there is destruction in your life. It is not about money. You should give money according to your capability. People serve by physical labour or by mind (meditation or paying attention). A lot of people have got destroyed if they think they are too close to a Rishi.

You should strive to increase your dedication. Vedas (and order of Rishi from Vedas), should not be ignored. Rishi does not give his own order but he gives instructions as per Vedas. He has nothing else but Vedas. Rishi treats his disciples as his own children and does not give any wrong order. People do not understand and immediately go against the order of Rishi.

The names of God in Vedas are very pure. It is a sin that you are not trying to remove your vices. You can see the stars in the sky – we have had even more births. These are since countless times. We have borne sukh (pleasure) from all the births. Now you should follow dharm. If you have not made an effort to remove your vices, and instead you commit sins in the guise of dharma, then you will suffer. The Guru parampara was made by God and the first Guru was Brahma.

Today’s Guru parampara is against Vedas. To practice asan is not yog. To realise God is yog. This hypocrisy is prevalent now. There is not even a trace of yog in current yoga. The first thing if someone wants to do yog is Yajyen. This is their own pocket order to do yogabhyas without Yajyen and Vedas. If you find a Yogi (one who has realised God after many births of hard practice) then only serve him.

You have got this body to realise God. Somam Pahi – you should protect the experience (pleasure) of realising God. You should immerse in this divine pleasure. Upyam Grahito Asi – you are capable of doing ashtang yog. Pull your breath, soul, realise God. There should be a yogi that has experience of realising God. In order to realise, you need to become Adhikari.

People who just read and preach Sanskrit and Vedas, both them and their disciples will be destroyed if they don’t have experience of realising God. I find that most disciples are not able to remove their vices. Daily vices come in front of you and you should obliterate them. Swamiji said that he shares knowledge and he doesn’t know who accepts it. He is just following the order of his Guruji

Your biggest enemy is krodh (anger), lobh (greed) and third is moh (attachment). Anger is the biggest enemy. You should try to remove it and then you can control others.

You can destroy shipt, vikshipt, mudh by practice. Even if you come to anushthan for one hour you should concentrate. You should try to make your mann ekagrah. One day your mind will get stable. People who have time (above 50) should sit in meditation for 1:30 hours.

You can’t earn anything for yourself and family. You earn for body. After you turn 50-60 your kids should be well settled. After death, you will need to leave everything and it will be a sin. You should leave before death – it will help you realise God.

In Ashram Swamiji had given this order that sangat should be given good food. There should be fresh food. Daal, Chawal, Sabji, Roti, Raita, etc. Even breakfast should be good. Food should not be given with disrespect. However, the order was not followed completely.

If you are coming here for many years and have not lost your anger, etc. If you are lazy in meditation for several years then you should not come. There is no need for your service. My desire is that you leave your bad deeds. If you do sins in ashram then you will be a bigger sinner. It is better that you stay at home. The sins that you do in ashram you will have to bear in this birth. 

Shrutam tapah – Devpooja (serve the acharya) and Sangatikaran (Rishi should be happy with service. He should not get upset. People listen this but do not follow. They make Rishi upset). If you do this then your good deeds become null and void. You will get some punya by good deeds and you will have to bear grave paap due to other sins.

If people have excessive faith then they also go against the instructions of Rishi. It should not be done. When you listen, listen carefully. You should not make Rishi unhappy. If you get an instruction then you should follow. If you don’t follow then you should amend yourself.

There were several mantras that came about gambling. One mantra said that even the wife and mother of a gambler stay upset and express anger. They also leave their company. Sometimes gambler puts his wife on gamble. Whatever it may be, horse, race, cards, wager, sports betting, etc.  gambling is wrong.

Yajyen has unlimited sukhs (pleasure). One of them is Rayim Dha (dhan) – wealth.

God is telling about Himself in the mantras. God is the one who God calls Ishwar  (God) in Vedas. How can God be like what human says? If you remember the meanings of Vedas then you realise God soon.

It’s God’s order that we should see Devasya Kavyam (Vedas), it is there today, tomorrow, and stays forever. It never gets older.

Earlier kings did not know how to speak harsh words. They used to treat their citizens as their own children. At that times Vedas were in vogue and they used to follow.

We have been bearing the worldly sukh (pleasure) for many births. The sanskaars get created by listening and one day you will also get vairagya. This birth is to be dedicated for God by yogabhayas etc. but people are entangled just in worldly deeds.

Another mantra contains a prayer to God. It says: God who does unlimited deeds, I have been eaten by mental vasnaye (passion) – psychological problems, illness, nightmares, etc like a mouse eats his own tail. Give me moksh once. These mantras are full of knowledge and vairagya. God come and emerge inside us. God would remove your troubles and shows his grace. I may do Sadhna after seeing your inspiration again and again. We may keep getting grace of Rishi muni. With these yogis, we may get sukh like yogis and may all sins get obliterated. This mantra is terrific. You should make efforts to remove your bad deeds.

Another mantra says that as your mann (mind) goes away extremely fast, why don’t you quickly get it back?

During Yajyen, there was one word ‘nazaran’ that came in a Ved mantra. Swamiji explained that words in all languages come from Vedas. He explained the meaning of some Urdu words and how they were from Sanskrit.

Like the earth holds trees, you mind may become still like that and you may not get death. If you listen, it will remain with you and you will get dev yoni (good birth). One day you may realise God.

When you come for Yajyen then your life becomes ‘tapomay’ – with tapa. The condition is that you should try to remove vikaars (vices) from many births. You should focus on Brahmcharya etc.

Many mantras have ‘Aham’ (me) where God his sharing his own qualities. God does not have limited qualities. He has unlimited power. I, God, am the maalik (owner) of moksh (realisaton of God). The souls that realise God always stay with God and stay in merriment. I am everywhere and the free souls may roam around anywhere they want. God gives them merriment and does dharan (holds them in his care). People who just want worldly wealth, God keeps them independent (swadheen) for their realisation of money. God is everywhere. Humans call Me just like mother and father by aahutis (offerings in Yajyen).

Main aise atma samarpan karne vaalon ke liye donon de deta hoon (People who surrender like this, God gives them both – worldly wealth and realisation). For Yogi atarvah (chitt vritti has become niruddh), God destroys his ignorance and gives him the light of knowledge.

It is rare that people get in the shelter of Vedas now. Since Mahabharat people have made their own way and have forgotten Vedas.

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