Nachiketa reached Yamraj (Yam – death, raj – controls) – someone who has realised God. He took the knowledge of Vedas, agnihotra, yogabhas, etc. by which you can get over death. Most people even after listening Vedas are keep entangled in worldly things – family, relatives, etc. There are so many relatives that if you keep them in one place then you can even make a village! To win over death, you will need to follow Vedas. You should go to Sajjan – who are away from sinful laughter, who are away from taunting, do havan, yogabhayas, etc.

(Swamiji explained that he doesn’t speak by himself but from the mantras of Ved mantra. All the brief texts in this articles are a summary of explanations of individual mantras that were explained by him.)

Do you think it’s easy to realise God? Pandavs, Sri Ram, etc. left their family. Do you think they kept their relatives? This world is eligible for being renounced.

If you don’t have inclination to realise God then you can keep doing worldly things. Then next birth will not be of human. We have come to the earth to see that we get human birth in next life.

It is first understood by Shabd Brahm (Vedas) after that Tapasya starts. You need to leave the entanglement from the world. Then sadhna starts where you see inside and outside. You can see the entire universe. You will also see in meditation whether you are headed. Your duty is to realise God. There are many forms (yonis). You will learn all this by listening to Vedas.

If you just focus on worldly pleasures then it is asur vritti (evil).

Who has seen the first day of the earth? Those who have realised God can see the 1st day of creation in samadhi. First you should know about how God has created the earth by words only. After you realise, you can see everything practically.

You should listen carefully so that you have the sanskaar. We are all under the Ved Mantras.

Meaning of 1st mantra of 10th mandal:
During Usha kaal, redness comes in the sky. It is very pure. Even if someone is sick, he goes out and he will feel better. You should read the meaning of at least one mantra every morning in Usha Kaal after chanting Gayatri mantra. Ved mantra give you kaamna (blessings) that I may release my knowledge (for those who wake up in the morning). Usha Kaal is before the sun rises. When the sun rises, it swallows darkness. It gives life, destroys illness, gives crops, brings joys, etc. Similarly, when the light of knowledge (of Vedas) comes, it removes darkness. You will hear many more benefits of sun in the next mantras.

Unless the knowledge is given, you cannot get it. A lot of knowledge has originated from Vedas, including all worldly knowledge prevalant today.

‘Ath’ word is used at the start, which is used for benefit. It also means, afterwards. ‘Ath Yoganushasanam’ from Yog Shashtra means means that after I listened Vedas, practiced yogabhas, etc. and realised. Later on I did ‘shashan’ (ruled) over yog and now I am preaching. The words of Rishis are understood by Rishi. There are many mistakes in the books written by authors who are doing it for money or fame. Maharishi Dayanand has said that if the books have such mistakes then those are eligible to be left (you shouldn’t read them), just like water that has a drop of poison in it.

Sukrit Lokah – Lokah means Body. God give me body that does good deeds. Earlier people were learned of Vedas. So before they leave the body, they used to make the soul capable that after leaving this body, they attain a body where people are already knowledgeable of Vedas, Rishis visit and have abundance of wealth. As soon as the baby becomes capable, he may do Yajyen, does worldly deeds also. We should do enough good deeds, seva, etc. and due to our dharmyukt karm (good deeds), we get a good birth. It is wrong being preached nowadays by so-called saints that wealth is not required.

Voice of Vedas makes you join intelligence and vairagya. Do such deeds that you live to 100 years. You won’t bear the results of your deeds. If you work against Vedas then you get involved in punishment. Someone who has realised that there is God in every bit of the world, and one he realises that the whole world is in God, such yogi is rare. You should be patient till the next birth. If someone says that we want salvation now then he is foolish. We should do enough sadhna that Guru and God is so happy that we get the next birth of a human being. The next birth should be good.

Death you may go away from us. The meaning is that if we do sadhna, etc. then we will be away from death. We will not be in Pitr Yoni but in Dev Yoni. Pitr Yoni is entangled in worldly affairs. The same continuous in the family. Those who are in Dev Yoni they continue meditating in next births. Death may go away from us like a mountain comes in between.

People should not lose faith and keep continuing their efforts. You should learn in this life and then next lives will be good.

We should meet others with love (joy), and coming and going should be love (joy) as well. When people come for Yajyen, they should be away from jealousy and hate. We should pray with a lot of love as well. God is pure and is away from sin. We should strive that we do no have any vices or ills.

If you listen to Vedas then it is tapah. In case you listen to the meaning then it will be even better. Yajyen includes Dev Pooja, Sangatikaran and Daan. This knowledge gets appeared in the heart of Rishis from Rishis only this is passed on to the others.

God gives yash (glory) to Rishis, and maan (great respect). God becomes like our friend (when we do Yajyen) and gets us dhan (wealth), ann (food), etc. God gets attracted by Ved Vanni. He becomes prakat (manifest) in the place of residence of Rishis.

You listen to many divine names of God in Yajyen.

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