Swamiji continued his preach from 9th mandal of Rigveda.

Vidvaan makes even foolish people Vidvaan. Even if a person is not educated, he can become Vidvaan. Jigyasu (aspirant) is needed but not disciples that are full of pride. In case Rishi and parents tell your faults then you should listen politely. In these times, this is not put in action. People who imbibe it are Jigyasu. Kaami, Krodhi, Lobhi, Lalchi cannot do worship.

Swamiji also shared the story of Parikshit. He was not so intelligent due to the effect of Brahmastra when he was in womb of his mother. He insulted a Rishi and was cursed by his son. On hearing this, the Rishi explained that he is my disciple. He does service of the ashram, and sends money and food. He gets benefits of my 1/4 tapasya.

People who do not listen to Vedas become greedy. If you find a Yogi then do service. People who listen now, do not listen as Jigyasu and listen without doing service. If they do like this then they will also become knowledgeable. One day they get all the knowledge. For someone who does service, one day they definitely will realise God. Service comes first and then knowledge comes.

You should keep doing sadhna and service and work towards Krinvanto Vishwamaryam.

We are born as a human being because we had sins and good deeds. We should take the true path of Vedas to realise God.

Yugas are just calculation of time. Even before, when Vedic knowledge was prevalent, many kalyugs have happened. It is a wrong notion that is being spread by people who do not know Vedas that kalyug one just needs to do jaap of naam. God does not do favour on anyone.

Oh God! You have ‘mad’ (pleasure). Hence, give us pleasure too. If you meditate then you start getting divine pleasure.

God is saying that you are capable of hearing and you should listen to Vedas.

To realise God, pure Ved Vanni (Vedas), Shraddha (concentration on truth), Satya (truth) and Tapah are needed.

You should go where to Rishi’s place of adobe for Yajyen and learn yogabhyas. With his blessings we get away from bad things and get the benefit of getting our vritti in God and realise Him.

God does not accept anyone as Guru who does not follow Vedas. You should do concentration on truth – God, Ved Vanni and also on Rishi. One should listen to Ved Vanni and imbibe in your life. People say that you should have a Guru but if you see Sri Ram, Sri Krishna followed Gurus which were Rishi or Muni only.

Take out your bad qualities and reduce your desires. You should only have good wishes. You should remove shipt, vikshipt and mudh vritti. You should move to ekagrah vritti. Where there is a pleasure of ‘mad’ (divine pleasure), where there is no anger, where there is a superior path of realising God.

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