Swami Ram Swarupji continued preaching and aahutis from Rigveda in the Yajyen of Four Vedas. A brief summary of his preach, is as follows:

Arya are those who have controlled their sense organs. They do havan twice a day daily. They do anushthan of Yajyen. They do daily yogabhayas and meditation. They listen Vedas and are in touch with Rishis. They do their family duty by earning money and spend on their families, and also for Yajyen. They never do violence. They speak in sweet voice. They never lie. God has made this earth and it is His order that we should become Arya. He becomes happy that we listen to Ved mantras, understand it and imbibe in your life. And also do Anushthan of Yajyen.

You should follow the order of God and spread Vedic literature across the world. Our many disciples organise Yajyen and try to spread it. You should increase it. It is not my order but of Almighty God that you should make ‘Vishwa Arya’. It will make everyone’s life long and they will keep getting Dev Yoni. It will destroy evil.

You should increase the knowledge and importance of God. Such knowledge should not stop. You should strive to make everyone ‘Arya’. There are various qualities of God that he is never born. He is giving the knowledge of Vedas for unlimited time.

In this time it is almost impossible. There are not many Rishi Munis left and the ones that are left are unknown. Earlier people will always pray to them and would serve them. They would make them do Anushthan from Vedas and listen Vedas. They would keep doing ‘tap’. How can they happen without Vidvaan? There are many mantras which say that you should keep them happy. Now no one knows who are Rishi Munis? What you do now is enough to be in Dev Yoni. You need to do very hard worship whole day. This is what is left after 50-60. People don’t understand that you have to go one day.

You should not have pride, anger, wishes, etc. While you are spreading the knowledge, you should tolerate anything negative. You should spread to those who are slightly deserving.

We should become Arya. After Mahabharat, un-Arya system has come. You can keep working hard till the end of life.

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