Swami Ram Swarupji continued preaching and aahutis from Rigveda in the Yajyen of Four Vedas. A brief summary of his preach, is as follows:

If you want to be prosperous then you need to follow Brahmcharya. He gave example of Pandavs. When they were going to a forest, they found Gandharv (those who do tapasya and sing from Vedas). After he got disturbed, he attacked Pandavs with his bow and arrow. Arjun attacked him back and defeated him. Gandharv was delighted and said that only a Brahmchari can defeat me. He asked Arjun who he was and after knowing that they were Pandavs, he fecilitated them.

Sri Ram also followed Brahmcharya in jungle for 14 years.

Without Bramcharya, the age does not become long and also people get diseases since childhood. He also gave example of Gargi as well. He said that unless they followed Brahmcharya, no one would have heard about them. Everyone wants sukh (happiness). The sukh that Bhishm Pitahmah got is not in bad touch. Sukh is in following Vedas.

Knowledge is in Vedas and no where else. In earlier times, it was ordered by kings that every child should go to ashram. People would prepare for going in every ashram. Geeta by Sri Krishna would have been read by crores of people. Even one shlok is not practically followed by anyone. People get sad whenever there is death and remain said for months or lifetime, and die early.

There are many problems in life – kaam, krodh, etc. interruptions are in life. To remove these Yajyen (where Brahma is present), havan, yogabhayas, naam jaap and there is whole day to do work of grahasthya.

He described his life where he would sleep at 12:00am and will wake up at 2:00am while being at home and whereever he was posted in military service. If your Brahmcharya is strong then you can do it or you cannot. For Yogis the time to wake up is 3:00am. Nidra is a chitt vritti as per Yog shastra. Soul does not sleep. Body does not sleep too as it is non-alive. Soul gets the effect of chitt vritti. After meditation, you will get control over sleep.

For those in family life, they should wake-up at 4:00am. They should wash their hands and face and sit in meditation. After that agnihotra. You can do work as per grashstya or student duties. If your Bramcharya is firm then you can get up early in the morning. The base of Brahm Vidya is Brahmcharya and Vedas.

It used to start at the age of 6 but for the last 5,000 years, it is lost. Maharishi Dayanand has described that the last king was Parikshit. His mind was weak and he was not able to follow Vedas. It was due to the effect of Brahmastra.

His son Janmejay was even weaker since he had not followed Vedas. Dharm Sabha was the base of kingdom. The base of Dharm (kartavya) is Vedas and by following Tap, Dam and Karm.

Without knowing God, you cannot win over death. There is no other path. Earlier manushya would not do pravachan only Rishi Muni could. By following their preaching, the public would follow Vedas in their life. As per God, there is no other way.

God has made Manushya free to do new deeds. The others are in bhog yoni cannot do new deeds. It is an ashtonishment that these humans have made statues of God. So much darkness is created. How can one trap God in a particular place of worship? People make a lot of money by this. Gunn, Karm and Swabhav of God are described in Vedas. How can people tell about his qualities? The buddhi of people is made by Rajogunn, Tamogunn and Satogunn. Rishi/Muni/Yogis are only allowed to preach since they have special buddhi.

Deep insights of each mantra are shared and discussed at Ved Mandir. It is your duty to share these with the others. There is no other God like him. He called ‘advitiye’. There is no one born or will be born like him. People have made several paths of worship, which will not lead anywhere. If Sun stops today, there will darkness. Vedas are much brighter than the sun and after they have hidden, there is darkness. Knowledge of Vedas needs to enter buddhi. You should remember the qualities of God. If people present another God in front of you then your buddhi will not accept it.

Knowledge is Vedas. They contain all knowledge. They contain unlimited knowledge. How will you prove that this knowledge originated from Vedas? When the earth originates, unless the knowledge is imparted, the knowledge will not be gained. Today also if a child is born and not spoken to, he will not learn to speak. Every granth mentions Vedas.

Those who do not know Vedas, they claim that the knowledge is theirs. If you follow Vedas, you will learn to control over your sense organs. You will be more down to earth. Without Vedas, information is like load over a donkey.

God knows everyone personally – every soul (from ants to humans). Dev realise God. Dev is someone who is knowledgeable of Vedas. Vedas are made of ‘Vid’ dhatu, which means ‘to know’. Rishis first realised God and then their shared Vedic knowledge in their books.

You should sing from Vedas from pure mantras of Saamved. God is pure and mantras originate from Him. God is immortal and Vedas are immortal. These mantras will be with you for future births as well. This voice is immortal, doesn’t get old and doesn’t get destroyed. Even though Rishis write true books with Vedic knowledge, the books will get destroyed when the earth ends. The knowledge that you will gain will stay with you for future births. The learned of Vedas only realise God. Atharvaved says to go near the knowledgeable of Vedas.

There are three categories of births – Dev, Manusya and Asur. God has no desires. As an analogy it is said that it’s God’s wish that I am giving the birth of man’s body to bear the sins and good deeds of past births. And the deeds that you are doing in the current birth may join your Sanchit Karm and the result will be borne in future births. This is the stage of ordinary people.

Those who sit in the boat of the learned of Vedas and follows the preaching of Vedas, he can cross and realise God. They are not ordinary men. They can become Dev and Devi. Do stuti of God using these pure Ved mantras. You cannot do stuti of God using shlokas made by man.

God gives the title of Rishi to someone who has realised God. Rishi does not talk to the world. He does not print pamphlets, etc. There is a saying that empty vessels make more noise. People who have not realised God make so much noise and call themselves Brahmrishi.

Those who leave Yajyen, God says that I will leave him to get sorrows. If you see the history of Satyug, Treta and Dvapar, you will realise that people were happy. There was no one poor. There was no hunger or poverty. How can we change the rules of God? He says that without me one can be happy. No one thinks of this that without Vedas and Yajyen, no one can be happy. Even if you get billions, you can’t get sukh.

God has given us the body and sense organs so that you can realise God. If you do not have spiritual progress then materialistic progress will destroy you. Both are simulatenously needed. It is not kripa of Rishi that you can attend Yajyen. It is the blessing of God that you can come of Yajyen. God inspires you. After you come for Yajyen, the blessings of Rishi starts. As per Vedas, Vishwakarma is also the name of God.

Gayatri mantra has been praised by the learned. Buddhi is the base for all deeds. Buddhi gets pure by knowledge of Vedas. With pure Buddhi, you will do pure deeds. Gayatri mantra has this prayer that there be a light of knowledge (Vedas) in our Buddhi. Prarthana has no effect unless you make efforts for the same. The whole world is chanting the mantra. Even people who don’t know the meaning chant the same. People think that it is a good deed but it isn’t unless you sit in Dhyan, listen Vedas and imbibe the knowledge in your life. If you make an effort then God with help. If you don’t make an effort then mere prayer has no result. How will you get the knowledge of Vedas by chanting Gayatri mantra if you don’t listen Vedas?

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