Swamiji continued Anusthan today with aahutis from Vedas. A brief summary of his preach in the morning is, as follows:

God has given this birth to realise God and to do upsana (follow), stuti (praise), prarthana (pray), etc. Even after that if someone doesn’t even listen and doesn’t understand then it means that their previous sanskaars are bad. God has immersed music in Samved. We should wish that God may bring us there (to Yajyashala). You don’t get the support of God if you don’t have support of a Rishi. God doesn’t forgive your sins unless Rishi does.

Rishi word is puratan (ancient) and sanatan (traditional). If someone gets entangled in this world then he will be destroyed. There are just two supports that people have – Rishi and God. Rishi and God are your support for future births also. They are your true friends. It has been mentioned in four Vedas.

If you do Vedic deeds with the world then you will benefit. You deal with others with detachment.

If we see the darshan of a Rishi then it is like the darshan of God. Arjun who was learned of Vedas, who was warrior, brahmchari and with all the good qualities, Sri Krishna said that you cannot see it with your eyes. He did not have the experience of realization and he could not see. You can get some punya by attending Yajyen but you cannot understand a Rishi. It may take few more births.

Why did your support (relative, friends, etc.) leave early? God has said that they should live for 100 years. If the Yajyen is happening then people had long life. If they don’t then Yajyen is not being done properly.

Kunti knew that her support is Rishi and God. When Pandu died she didn’t say that her support has ended. She raised her family on her own.

It is rare that someone will know that knowledge of Vedas and know about God, and Rishi. God has mentioned this again and again.

There is a prayer in Atharvaved that take me where there are Rishis. Gurukripa is there if you do Yajyen. Otherwise how will Gurukripa happen? If you do Yajyen, yogabhyas, service and make an effort then there is Gurukripa. This is not God’s wish but of humans in which people get entangled in worldly things.

First kripa is of God that He sends you to a Rishi. Second kripa is that Rishi gives you directions. Third kripa is when the disciple does service, Yajyen, yogabhayas, etc.

Donation is to be given to someone who deserves. If it is given elsewhere then it is a sin. You should know which is deserving and who is not deserving.

Atharvaved is full of Brahm knowledge. It proves that all four Vedas talk about God.

Humans have been lost in Moh Mayaa (attachment and illusion) – houses, etc. He gets entangled and comes back here in many yonis to get sorrows. God is ‘ninya’ – He is hidden in creation.  We have got human body to realise God. He is everywhere.

These days it has become even more difficult to realise. You have to leave the illusion. Humans say that I won’t leave as this is my life. He will be gone towards destruction.

Unless you understand the creation you will not get pleasure and peace. You won’t realise God.

God says that when unsexual creation was formed without mother and father. It is essential to understand the creation. If someone understand even by meanings he goes in dev yoni. They need to leave vices and cheating.

We have poisons in us – kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, etc. Wherever we go, we leave them there. The one who does not simran (does not remember God), etc. He, like snake, will keep spreading poison.

Those who are kings of the world (like Dhritrashtra) were unhappy and people who worship God (like Shabri, etc.) were happy. Rishis like staying in forests and pray. Even Sri Ram, and his ancestors would go to the forest to pray and would leave their breath there.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to earn. Till you realise, you will need to earn in every birth. When you will become true vairagyavaan (detached), you will leave everything and will immerse yourself in joy.

Gurubaani says that there is no one stable here. This world is like a dream.

People these days die with vritti in money, property, etc. If someone practices for the whole life they will remember God or Rishi when they die.

God sends you to Rishis. A Rishi will share the qualities of God. Then humans put in aahutis from Ved Mantras.

God punishes so much but people have such bad deeds even then people don’t change. We don’t control our sense organs. If we do then one day we may become equivalent to God and realise.

You should serve the Rishi as a servant. People who worship idols, can they realise that they are not behaving like a servant? They can move and use idol the way they want. That is not the way a servant will deal with a master. Today all the pleasures have been taken from the world.

You should do meditation then what is in your heart will reach Rishi and vice versa. What is life without God? It is nothing without his bhakti. It is very unfortunate if you don’t get inclination to do yogabhyas or havan every morning and evening. If you get an inclination then it is your good fortune otherwise people are living without God.

In Yajyen, you ask God daily for his blessings. The qualities of God and Yajyen are endless. They cannot be counted. Since 1978 I have been sharing the qualities but they are not even as much as a straw compared to their greatness. Sri Krishna says that God’s pratishta (standing) is in Yajyen. It has His complete maan samman (respect).

While doing havan at home, don’t be lazy. You should be conscious. You shouldn’t be in a hurry. You get blessings of God by calmness and not running.

You should be a sadhak (aspirant). You should control your sense organs. Outside people have to talk worldly things. You should not integrate kaam krodh etc in it. You won’t have to bear the results of the deeds if you do deeds as per Vedas. If you do against the Vedas then you have to bear. There are billions of humans in the world and there are so many animals. We can destroy our bad deeds in human life only.

Right now anushtan is going on of four Vedas. Earlier our Rishi Munis used to do it. After Mahabharat this knowledge starting going. God is one who is vriddh – who is bigger than anyone. There is no one equivalent to Him or will be in future. He is Omnipresent. He gives the knowledge of Vedas. The unlimited qualities that are shared about God. We should worship Him and no one else.

The first mantra of Rigved is ‘Agnimeedi purohitam’ – it says to do Yajyen. Without Vedas and Yajyen, there is no yogabhyas. A lot of people claiming to teach yoga have been arrested. The meaning of yog is Samadhi. Meaning of yog guru is Samadhi guru. What is this language? We are destroying our culture in our country.

Then when it comes to asan, pranayama etc. people have gone to caves and those in family life have done in their homes. Now people are insulting by saying they are doing in water, air, etc. Has it been said in any Shastra?

You try to make it attractive. It should be other way round. Yoga is a part of worship. Yajyen is the first start of worship. You can realise God with that. If you do yogabhyas then it helps and God also helps you. First Rishi munis will follow Vedas, Yajyen, and then yogabhyas.

Today people who think are doing yoga, are not following Vedas and hence they do not understand.

We should understand yog clearly. It is understood by yogis. Yajyen takes you to yogi kul. You should remove burai (badness) in you.

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