Swamiji continued Anushthan of Four Vedas with aahutis and preach by Ved Mantras.

Morning Yajyen

Guru Virjanand once told Maharishi Dayanand the meaning of a sukt. Next day he asked Guruji for the meaning again. Guru Virajanand asked him to go and not come back till he learns it. He went for several days in meditation to learn. When he told the meaning to Guru Virjanand, he was delighted.

People don’t make an effort. It is a big sin. People keep focusing on eating, etc. We have come to make ekagrah vritti (concentrated form of mind) and realise. You have come here to realise. This is not the place to eat and rest. If you do this then you do sin.

Arati is someone who does not donate. The mantra says that destroy Aratis. These are wonderful process and rules. The donor realizes (God) and not others. Serving is essential. If you have pride in service then you will not get knowledge.

I have told many times that do not argue with a Rishi. What I have said it is firm (atal). Bad sanskaars don’t go away. So many people have said wrongly about me. I have patience and I do not get affected. People argue. I will share about people’s sins when the time comes.

You should sit for hours and pray that my buddhi may have knowledge. There are people who sadhna and havan for hours but even they don’t get knowledge. Who gets the power to argue with Rishi? It can only be those with pride. People don’t have knowledge. You need to do a lot of jaap so that you get the knowledge of true and false.

It is very difficult to understand. Jaap of Gayatri is essential for everyone. If people have knowledge then people would say what Rishi has said. People don’t understand the aagya (order) of a Rishi.

There are thousands of examples that you will get everywhere. No one has understood the basic that Rishi’s order should not be changed.

Dhaumya Rishi had given the order that stop the overflowing water. Aaruni followed. He didn’t say that it was so dark, there could be animals, etc. Jigyasu follow orders. Everyone staying here has not followed instructions. They start explaining.

I am explaining knowledge. I don’t have disciples who follows orders. People don’t follow since they don’t understand the order. One day when you will understand this then you will get knowledge. Every moment Rishi’s orders are circumvented.

Remember what I have been saying since 1978. They have shown to people that they are very close to Guruji. They have miscommunicated that it is his order. The only person close to Rishi and God is someone who has a pure heart. He leaves pride. It may take several years or births.

Bad sanskaars don’t go. Sometimes Rishi has to insult them. These sanskaars don’t go since they are of several births. Even now people don’t understand what the order of the Rishi is. People will not focus on the order.

People make mistakes and also ask for blessings. You have not understood that you have made a mistake. For so many years I have been saying that don’t make mistakes and be away from sins. People don’t understand their mistakes but just only selfishness.

God has a rule that if you do sin then God punishes him. He never forgives anyone. He destroys sinners. Even if you get saved from court, He will not forgive you. If I help a sinner then I will have to bear the sin. I should not help sinners.

People get destroyed by going against Vedas and then suffer for several births.

Those who get service should thank God. They should not show to the others. If I do not have vritti to meet anybody then I shouldn’t be forced. No one understands my vritti.

If a Rishi calls you then come, if he doesn’t then be happy that you are not disturbing a Rishi. It is Rishi’s nature. To do what a Rishi wants to do is seva. The rule is ‘Acharadhino’ – then he becomes happy and gives knowledge. One time comes when justice happens. If God is quiet for some time then it is fine. If someone has strength then you keep doing Yajyen to get your sins cancelled.

You should see what you have done in your life. This is not a place to rest. This is not a place for lazy people. You are not capable of understanding these priceless voice of Vedas. Even if you listen, you won’t understand. You should need to do service or you stay at home.

Even I consider living rest of the life in solitude (ekant). If you are not capable then why should I take your service? You should agree that you have done sin. There is no need for explanation.

Rishis like ekant (solitude), especially at the final stage. I am sharing knowledge with the order of my Guruji.

Kiya gaya karm mithya nahin hota. (The deed that you do does not go in vain) Aaahutiyon ka punya lo (take the benefit of aahutis).

God is just one. Still people have so many Gods. It is their wish. People who follow Vedas they worship just one God from which Vedas originate. Buddhi is made from rajo, tamo, satogun. Rishis have pure Buddhi. People don’t establish that who is God. This is the reason for destruction of the world.

God is saying in this mantra. God has given you this creation and the materials (food, water, etc.) in donation. These are unlimited materials. Alongside He says that the one who doesn’t listen Vedas cannot understand these products. We should make our buddhi get knowledge. The Jigayasu who listens again and again may get.

You will get destroyed by pride. You should try to become gunwann. At least you should do 1/1000 of tapasya what Rishi did. If you make Rishi uphappy then you will lose your dev yoni.

The one who gives can take it away also. Where did you get pride from? You should pay attention. What a Rishi saying cannot be wrong. I have given you knowledge but you cannot take advantage due to kubuddhi (bad buddhi).

God keeps his rules. One rule is that without Rishi you cannot achieve. Without them being happy God cannot be happy. I keep explaining Sangatikaran – keep Rishi happy. People’s pride does not let them come on the right path.

Trishu – karm, upasana and gyaan (The three – deeds, prayer and knowledge). We should always stay stable in them and worship God. We take knowledge from Rishi. We put aahutis from upasana (worship) mantras. We should be born in superior yonis (in yogi’s kuls).

You should go and sit near Vidvaan. You ask them about God. Seva (service), Sadhna, Yajyen, etc. People talk, chugli (backbiting), etc. One who comes from inside the gate of the ashram should not do worldly talks. You should ask your questions and clarify your doubts. These are the orders of God.

Those who think they are very good. They consider that they are rich. You should leave all pride and be in the shelter of God and Rishi. You should put things in the right use. Yajyen gives pleasure to people and destroys sins. It is devpooja, sangatikaran and daan. I have explained the meaning thousands of times that you do so much seva of a Rishi that he stays tript (satisfied) and he doesn’t get upset.

People develop such sanskaars that they make a Rishi upset by his kubuddhi. God and Rishi wants that everyone gets sukh. If everything is firm (devpooja, sangatikaran and daan).

Atheist may also say that the creation is wonderful and is not ordinary. For God, we live on the earth and are associated with it. We use water and air. God has given this earth for our sukh (pleasure). We should do upkaar (benefit) with daan (donation). It should be pakka (firm) so that we get unnati (progress).

The daan that we do and we do your worship (Arkinah) then for everyone’s pleasure praised – those who do gaan (sing) and Pooja (respect). The subject matter of Vedas is to realise God. The aim of human body is to realise God. If you do not understand the order of a Rishi then? We have to keep our focus on realising God.

In the earlier generations they did not waste a single second. Do not even waste even a nanosecond. People waste a lot of time and destroy their lives. You won’t be able to follow this path. This is a place for vairagyavaan (those who are detached). This is a different path. Rishi Munis used to stay in forests. Do you think they went there for amusement or jokes?

The one who understands will do tapasya in grahyastha (family life). It is a very difficult path. God’s order is that after 50 years vanprasth (proceed towards ashram). People have taken vanprasth but do not follow it. If you won’t follow then you get more sins. You better stay in grahasth (family).

If you want to stay in pitryaaan marg then stay there. You should leave vishya vikaari marg (path of bad deeds).

These are amazing vedvachan (Voice of Vedas).

You should listen to Vedas and implement in their life. If you find Rishis words bitter than you should stay at home only. You are allowed to stay in Grahastha as per the rules of God – control over sense organs, earn, etc. At least you should make the next birth successful.

God never forgives sins. There are unlimited yonis. He gives immense sorrows.

Evening Yajyen

In evening aahutis were offered from Vedas for the benefit of the whole world.

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