People like taking walks. I have not seen anyone who is as fit and has digestive system like a Rishi. I can’t be like your and you can’t be like me. Anyone who does asan pranayama does not need walk. Since 1978 I have been told that no one should step out. If you do it then you bear kast (discomfort). You should step out with permission.

Last year also this happened that one particular person caused obstruction in Yajyen. If the order has come out of love then you should be accepted. Order is even more pleasure giving them Yajyen. This Ved Mandir is for peace. To get up for natural call is fine.

For Acharya bring priyadhan (you should have pleasure in giving the money, food, etc.) Remember the word priya (in which you have happiness). There is no compulsion. You should do according to your capability.

People are giving trouble to their parents. We should consider who has the instruction to take care of older people – his son and daughter-in-law. It is their own personal problem. If they do not meet their responsibilities then they will face problem when they grow up. If someone doesn’t know then it’s wrong. If someone doesn’t listen and still doesn’t follow then God punishes them more. Like how parents took care of children at a young age – washed their excreta and gave them nourishment, now it is your duty to take care of them. A little child cannot even speak. If he was not given milk when he needed then he won’t be capable of getting it himself.

It is irrespective of the condition that they are in. Even if they are a bed patient and you need to take special care of them, you should do that. You will be able to repay your rinn (debt) owed to your parents. If you do not meet that debt then you will be go with a high debt.

If some parents bother them then you can leave them in vriddhashram (old age home). This is not vriddhashram. If someone comes here who bothers everyone then it’s not good. You have made this a place to rest. These faults are so big that God will punish you in many births. Now you should all be careful. In Ved Mandir you need to do sadhna. These Yajyashalas, they should be beautified like a mother beautifies a young child. It was your problem to manage your own affairs. How can you ignore the order?

It is difficult for a Yogi to get his mind off one topic. These orders are from Vedas. You should remember. Sanskaars like Garbadhan Sanskaar can happen later. Those who can from far away then they can be accommodated. Those who come from close like Delhi or Mumbai, and those who can come multiple times, they should ask for time for Deeksha or Sanskaar 5 days after poornaahuti. There are some Sanskaars for which the dates are fixed, those cannot be postponed. For example, if Anngrahan Sanskaar is not done for a child then he won’t get enough nourishment.

Those Sanskaars that can happen later, they should not be done during Annual Yajyen. This time many requests had come earlier, which I accommodated but these have been given in a difficult situation. You should follow the instructions.

Prann is also name of God. We are saying that these are yours. This body, money, etc. is not given to prann. This is ‘kirtan’ (chant) of the name of God. You should do it with affection. We do Namaste to God by Ved mantras.

If you do agnihotra twice then your life will become successful. You have got the education of Yajyen, angihotra, naam, etc. This path is different from the worldly path. It has got nothing to do with worldly things. The name of God and Vedas are written from Rishi. During Yajyen no one should ask for Deeksha (Keeping at least 4-5 days gap from the start and the end).

You should all cooperate so that Poornaahuti can happen. Yajyen is Brahm. You should not create any trouble in it. Don’t bring people that cause any interruption.

There are worldly dirty brains. Rishi will always do justice. You all should be careful. If I notice any fault then I will just send you away. You should keep one path. If you follow worldly path, follow according to Vedas.

Today no one understands the order of Vedas. Now God has given this consciousness. If I see any fault and I see that it is not worth pardoning then I will just say that you stay at home.

You should not be scared. Scared should be the one who is not following the truth. This path of Vedas is for knowledge, tapasya, sukh (pleasure), peace and us to follow the path of our ancestors. This Ved Mandir was formed for this purpose. We should be careful and follow the truth. We should do good deeds of family. Your generations will progress or you will ‘gaye kaam se’ (done for). Today the world is following a vikaari (declining) marg. It is asur marg (demonic path).

Asuryanaam te loka: Most people are following the path, it has instant pleasure. This is a serious path. It is as serious as sea. Are you explaining your children the Vedic path? If not he will go to asur vritti (demonic path). He will get into bad society, etc. Till you give him knowledge, he will not be able to come on this path. In materialistic path there is hard work – service, business or agriculture. If you follow Vedic path then everything is punya (good deed), or it is all sin.

Why? You are doing everything to please the sense organs and you are getting destroyed. This is a different path. If you leave the world then you are fortunate.

Sham tapah – Tapah is from which peace is maintained. Even in houses. You should do deeds like that. To maintain peace is tapah. How can you maintain peace?

5 gyan indirya (5 sense organs), 5 karmindiryan (5 organs that do deeds) and mann (mind) if you keep in control then you will maintain peace. You should do sadhna then you will be able to keep control. If you get kaam, krodh, etc. you should take it out. God says that if you do true sadhna and if Guru is happy is with you. If you do sadhna and Guru is not happy with you then your sadhna goes to mud. If he gets angry then you should make him calm. You should try that krodh, kaam, lobh, moh, doesn’t come in your mind. If you try to take them out then God will help you. Then you will be control quickly. Tapah is done so that peace is maintained. Otherwise, my attachment goes quickly with such a person.

Ati na kar – Don’t do atyachar (atrocity) and injustice. To do things according to Vedas is justice. Body should also not have atrocity – if you are getting fire from inside you, keep it peaceful. Rest is not tapah.  You should have physical strength. In Yajyen don’t talk worldly things. Even that you should do with justice. Your tej (radiance) – glory will spread across the earth.

People say that what will do with glory. In 16 kala (16 arts) one of them is glory. If you do not have all 16 kalas then you will not realise God.

If someone gets such a knowledge and has got 16 kalas, then it becomes mine (of God) and I become his. Such people who have become mine, they sit here and do service. I give them wealth. He says these words – knowledgeable, brahmcharya, etc. He becomes mine. I give him wealth and he may do my service. There are many mantras like this.

Man had come for a purpose. He has forgotten. Anyone who can become alert may become alert now. Rest of the life they should dedicate for God and Rishi. Everyone, while doing their duties. Don’t waste your life. It is not certain that they will live for 100 years. The one who doesn’t bramcharya and tapasya may not live for 100 years. Do sadhna.

Oh God! Our age shouldn’t get less. You should do more tapah.

Vedas have just knowledge. It has no historical incident. There is Bhardwaj, etc. mentioned is mantra, it does not mean the name of the Rishi. Here it means that our ears may hear good things.

Vedas are the voice that comes from Rishis. To listen Vedas has now become almost impossible. Vedas are forever. They are true and are there since unlimited times. They are from inside God. God is true and He stays forever. When a Yogi realizes, Vedas and God originate inside him. Earlier they recitied from Rishi Munis. They are called Vedas.

Kapil Muni says that God is formless. He doesn’t have a mouth. He cannot speak and give knowledge. It is important for Vedas to be recited. That’s why what Rishi Munis are speaking as God is making them speak. God does not need any support. There will not be any break (stoppage). They are always coming from inside God. Every mouth belongs to God.

Our target is to realise God while doing good deeds. If you can understand then think. Sri Ram also went to jungle at the age of 81. Sri Krishna also left his body. So many unlimited kings like Jatayu, etc. left. You have to leave the family, etc. One day you will get vairagya. Main motto is to realise God. When you have effect of sadhna, you will leave.

Our deeds maybe good, please give us knowledge like father gives to his children, you should explain your children (you should first have knowledge), then the soul may realise. God doesn’t say not to earn but keep the focus on spiritualism. You are earning so that you can meet your motto. This is not your aim.

This is tirath where Yajyen never ends (Ved Mandir). From here you can realise God. Where Devah Deeksha Tapsah sah (where Dev imbibe Brahmcharya, tapah, etc. those who get over death, the one who desires to).

When your age increases then if you get stuck in worldly things then they will have to take several births. They may get dev yoni or other births. If someone has a bigger age, like 70 years then he can stay at his room alone. Then he has to do sadhna several times a day. You should follow ‘Devhitam Yadayu’.

You may have to listen several things with the world like you do not spend time with us. I did not know anyone my neighbourhood. Even when I would go to the office and people would greet me, I sometimes won’t even respond back since I was occupied in my own focus.

One day everyone in the locality came jointly and asked me to become President of the society. With folded hands I declined that my motto is different. Either follow this path or keep getting entangled in this world.

Evening Yajyen

With the blessings of God evening Yajyen is starting. Take the benefit of tapah and punya of Anushthan aahutis by being Jigyasu and Adhikari.

To wife God is giving knowledge that you concentrate on God and do the deeds of home with energy and care. You increase your age and also of your family. You should focus on the age of your family as well. This is Vedic knowledge that God is giving. It is great and deep knowledge.. if we can see and remember this.

Vratayah – hitkari (benefactor) of everyone, which is God. Before the creation was formed He was everywhere and was one only. His quality is to be everywhere. He did creation and then entered it. In Pralay there was no one else apart from Him – souls or sun, moon, etc. I have explained this from Rigved in detail. Ikshan (ईक्षण – automatic activity) happened in Him at the right time and the creation was made.

God is the one who is there in pralay (end of the world) and there is no one else. Today God people say that God is the one that takes avtar, but that is wrong.

He immersed everywhere in the creation. If you keep listening and then you will become knowledgeable. Today our article got completed and was sent for publication. These are the qualities of what is called God.

The one who lives in Pralay. During creation He enters everywhere. We keep sharing His qualities. He does not need support from anyone. There is no air, water, etc. in pralay. It doesn’t mean that He won’t stay alive. He lives without any support. Bhagwan Ram, etc. have eaten, studied Vedas, did havan, etc. They became equivalent to God but not God.

God saw the creation and He made it appear. With His power, there was no thought but it was Ikshaan. I have potential and I can do the creation. The creation starts. He is explaining us that He has potential and He made this appear. There is no one else like Him. He is one and He is the greatest. There is no one greater than Him. Without any support, He is alive. His knowledge appeared. His true form happened. He made His knowledge appear.

With His qualities from Vedas, Rishis came to know that He is one.

That knowledge (Vedas) originated and it was spread in every bit. He appeared in everything. Those who were knowledgeable of Vedas came to know.

This is a great description of the qualities of God. If people won’t know Vedas then they cannot knowledge of Vedas. God has made his form and knowledge appear in Vedas. Today we have left Vedas and are believing what is written in books. This is our defect, fault and sin. We are not able to come to know what is God.

Dream is the son of arthritis. In arthritis there is pain in every joint. Similarly, dreams give us pain. It becomes a reason for death. It know you dream. In bad dreams, bad thoughts come. God may protect us from these dreams. You hear this deep knowledge. I don’t know if you can understand it. It has endless knowledge.

‘Jittasamakam’  – victory is ours. If we have worked hard, then that money is ours. It is given by God. Vedas are giving the knowledge of wealth. It has been given by God. It is given so that you can use it for the right cause.

For those who follow the good path then Vedas are also for us (Ritt) with Sadhna and Bhakti. Tej is also ours. We should follow Brahmcharya and other good qualities. We should have glory on our face. Devpooja, etc. should be done by us. Not by animals. In the end, I (God) gives you these blessings. Those who follow the wrong path, I punish them. I give them hard punishment. If someone knows these rules and understands deeply then one day he will worship God and will do good deeds.

If someone does not hear then how can it happen? Like I was sharing that do sham tapah, etc. When you come here do not have any thought apart from God. Then God will also help you and also Guru.

This knowledge, pleasure, rest, wealth, etc. I give to that person (male or female) who comes in human life and becomes Mine (of God). This tapah, etc. is understood by one who understand that I am of God, and He is mine. Till you understand this then God doesn’t give pleasure.

For wealth come here and do service – God who likes justice is telling everyone. We have not come here to rest. We have come here for tapah. God will give us all pleasures. This knowledge of Vedas (maryada – dignity) we observe and accept. Listen and grasp. Come again and again for Yajyen. We have to go one day. Our age is quite less and there are many interruptions.

So do as much as service you can do, aahutis you put, etc. you can get pleasure of this lok and also devlok. Service is superior. We should stay in the order of God. If in this world someone doesn’t follow the order of God then also he has to go by it.

If someone doesn’t believe in God, he still will get results of his deeds. The sin for not believing in God, he will need to bear. Even unbelievers stay in his rules. They also have to eat food and breathe oxygen.  

Yajyen has all kinds of punya. This is the path of pleasure. You do not need to especially study to follow Vedas. The children should get degrees. Even those who do not get degrees can realise God and those who have degrees then they also can realise. They should strengthen their devyaan marg and leave their bad deeds.

These mantras are such that give a lot of knowledge. Why is Yajyen done? Those who do Yajyen, they nakaasya prishta (merriment of realization of God).

They have the desire of going towards God. They have made the chosen agni (fire of havan kund) that I have to go towards God by Yajyen. Those who do Vedic good deeds in open space with the buddhi that has knowledge, they get the pleasure. They are capable of going with Vidvaan (knowledgeable of Vedas – Rishi). By going with Vidvaan, they shine. They become famous.

If you do sadhna and service with a clean heart then his fame spreads on its own. We don’t stay here like a cave. Due to, writing articles, books, etc. fame spreads that Swamiji stays there. If not now then perhaps it will take time. You have to leave your sins and do true sadhna.

For you Yajmaan there is a Brahma (Vidvaan Purush), Brahaspati (God), Advaryon (The one who gets Yajyen done), Indrah (a great Vidvaan, who knows all Vedas). His asan is in the right side. Yajmaan is in front of havan kund. He gets aahutis put and he does Vyakhyaa.

God appears where aahutis are put. This is said about Yajmaan. This is wonderful knowledge.

You get the punya of listening. Those who understand will become Vidvaan.

Do good deeds that have been suggested. Leave bad deeds, leave bad company. Spend the remaining age for Devhitam (benefit of Dev – God, Rishi).

We do naman and respect of all knowledgeable of Vedas. If we are in great problem and distress then you should go to them. The Gurubhakti has ended. It used to be bhakti of Rishis earlier which has spread everywhere in other things. People have become away from Vedas.

The mantra says that Oh learned of Vedas, Come in our house and become stable!

19th kand starts

God has created endless creation like sun, moon, etc. You can discover if you can. He has also created the body of human beings. We may know Him from Vedas. We keep doing sadhna. One day we will get Him. Our target is that we may get Him. Be away from sins. A lot of time is left for this earth. Very bad time is going to come. If we are in the shelter of Vidvaan and God then we may stay protected. Know his qualities, keep listening his praise and keep putting aahutis.

Rivers may flow. When the floods come it creates such a devastation. It comes in every country in the world. Yajyen is not happening and hence they are not flowing in an anukul (favourable) way and giving pleasure. Every product of the creation may give us pleasure. Earlier in each house Yajyen would happen and they would do search for God. He gives pleasure everytime.

The air may also give us pleasure. Now it is not giving pleasure and so many cyclones, etc. happen.

God says that I have created this world to realise and you create buildings, do litigation, fights, etc. I will destroy you.

The next mantra says the animals may also give us pleasure.

Oh stuti karne yogya vidvaanon (knowledgeable of Vedas which deserve praise), increase Yajyen and they keep happening. Keep putting in increasing number of favourable aahutis. God accepts your ghee and samagri.

Those who do Yajyen become of a gentle nature. If they keep happening then there is protection.

You should not have anger, etc.

Keep putting aahutis. Stay away from bad deeds. If you get a bad thought then remove it after fighting with it. Then the soul goes to devyoni. It is full of pleasure.

Vidvaano, we do your stuti, please increase Yajyen. God accepts your aahutis. We pray to Vidvaan that they increase Yajyen.

Everything is made by God. God has made our bodies then these are His. This is the deep meaning of these mantras. Where do you hear this eternal voice of Vedas?

The one what was made earlier, what is now and what will be created later is the creation of God. This process is endless. This will never end. It has no start. If buddhi, mind everything is given for God and the Rishis are in deep meditation then they get the meaning of these mantras. You will get the punya of listening but it is difficult to understand.

God has done creation. This is such an amazing creation but God is much greater than this. He can do a lot more. His little power has made this world. His endless power is in dvilok.

You should ask the learned of Vedas what are his mouth? Brahmin – the one who knows Vedas and realization, he is worshippable like mouth. He is the mouth of this earth. He is worshippable in the entire world. The one who has power in his arms is kshatriya. He can protect the poor, and others. The one who has power in his thighs, and can run around to do business, he is Vaishya. The last shudhra can serve others and cross over.

God has created Rig Ved, Samved, Yajurved and Atharvaved. No one talks about them. If we talk about Vedas then the path made by the false saints will be gone. They don’t want that. That’s why a lot of havoc on this earth (as Vedas are not followed).

The creation of God includes forests, villages, etc. People destroy them as they don’t listen to Vedas, and keep doing sins. That’s why illness and problems are everywhere.

Search for God. Without Him there is no pleasure. With good deeds, also do the search for God. Keep a stronger focus on spiritualism.

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