A newly married couple is always thinking of each other. Even if the husband will go to the office, he will think of his wife. Even the wife is doing housework, she will remember her husband. The affection is on the basis of qualities. In this case these will be physical attributes. This affection is temporary and as they grow older, they even fight. Similarly, you should know and understand the qualities of Rishi and God.

If you have practice of meditation and deeksha then you will remember, or you will never remember. In the end you will remember only the worldly deeds of kaam, krodh, etc.  Practice makes a man perfect. You should take deeksha but it is important to know how to save ourselves from the trap of illusion. Rishi and God see everything. You need a lot of detachment. You become detached is not important but you should do deeds of detachment. We should do Vedic deeds. You should keep mind and buddhi in Rishi and God. When you will do good deeds family life and your mind and buddhi are in God and Rishi, then you will not bear the result of those deeds. This practice is not easy.

The base of Deeksha is Brahmcharya. You should have beautiful thoughts. Rishis accept you. We put in aahutis, we are your public. We follow your Vedic rules (to God) – we get up according to rules, do good deeds, etc. We strive to realise you in our heart and to get progress.

We do Yajyen. In some births we don’t get you and in some births, we can get you. When we are born in different yonis then we can’t get you. If we have got this birth (human) then we can get you. So in this birth, we may get you from all directions. This not kaam, krodh, etc. we may realise You. Rest of the things You are giving us. We may use them with tyaag (abatement).

But what is happening is that most people are entangled in worldly things and they just do formality with God. So God also wishes you farewell and also does formality with you. (God says) You don’t have any knowledge. I won’t let you become knowledgeable. You do formality with Me and I do formality with You.

So you should leave formality and try to get deep knowledge. From every direction, we should get You (God). The mantra before in Atharvaved said the main topic of Vedas is to realise God. Vedas have unlimited knowledge. You have to take that unlimited knowledge as without that knowledge you cannot realise God. It is not that you leave that knowledge and you will realise God. We have to take knowledge. It is important. You have to follow that.

For example, there is a knowhow of deeds, worship and also knowledge. What is God? What is Prakriti (basic form of nature) and what is creation? God has been lost (not been seen) in the creation – find that. You have been lost in the creation. Are you God? You are doing work as if you are lost in creation. Everyone is lost. Kam, Krodh, etc. is creation (rachna). To eat, drink, sleeping and being awake is creation. To take the pleasure of sense organs is creation. To give pleasure to sense organs is creation. You are lost in creation. Gold, silver, money, etc. is creation. You are lost in that. You had to use these things with abatement.

I keep explaining mantras with aahutis. This is such a good mantra.

“Brahmhota” – hota is the one who does Yajyen (people). They become Brahm (God). From me unlimited Yajyen happen. People say that do Yajyen from Ved mantras. People worship Sri Ram and Sri Krishna but they used to do Yajyen from Ved mantras. (We should also do the same).

Yajyen stambh (pillars) are setup in large Yajyen. People do not do. The leaf of banana, etc. are tied around those. It is not required now. We setup multiple havan-kund from Vedas. Aahutis (havi) are from Vedas.

The aahutis that are put become Brahmaye (with God). Those who do havan and Ritvij, they are made siddh (accomplished) in Yajyen. For Vedas, Swahah – the beautiful voice of Swaha is uttered, which you have been for many years.

The knowledge is one better than the other. The one who knows God like this, he who is Acharya/Rishi. When he, after being competent (Samarth hokar), goes towards disciples, Jigyasu of Vedas, he protects them with his knowledge. Rishi protects your life. He knows God. How will protect those who are not Jigyasu of Vedas?

He has storehouse of knowledge. He knows God. He has experience of realising (Samadhi). With his knowledge there is a protection of life. If after listening this again and again if someone understands that without Rishi there is no knowledge, he is a protector from death, he will do everything, he will give you merriment – these are qualities of a Rishi. Just like these there are unlimited qualities. If you listen and ignore then it is of no use.

When you listen and understand then you will be more serious, which is required. Then according to the qualities of Rishi you will start loving him. Your Gurubhakti (devotion towards Acharya) will increase. It will only make you realise.

When Rishi walks towards praja (people), then he becomes prajapati (protector of people). Wherever he goes, he gives knowledge and protects the life of people. With this knowledge you are protected day and night if you listen with ekgrah vritti (deep concentration). Before that you need to have devotion towards Rishi. If you defame Rishi and keep doubts, then it is your loss. This knowledge protects your life (knowledge of various topics and delivered in various forms). This is the root of projection of life, alongwith Deeksha.

Rishi has seven pranns and apaan, which are dosh nashak (destroy sins and faults).   It means that wherever a Rishi goes and breathes normally, he destroys sins and faults in the area. They remove kaam, krodh, etc. and remove obstacles. They are agni – light of knowledge. 2nd prann is like the light of sun. See how God praises yogi. No one else can do. This is serious and deep knowledge. He opens several secrets. The knowledge is in Vedas.

God has explained everything. These mantras cover dreams. Like arthritis causes pain, just like that dreams pain. So if you do sadhna and agnihotra then dreams won’t come. If you get a bad dream then you can share to a Rishi. The bad effect of the dream will be reduced. The mantra also says that the dream is the son of arthritis. There are dreams that you can really feel. If someone slaps you in a dream, sometimes you feel that in the morning. It is a small thing but some are quite bad. The reason for that is last births’ deeds and also some from this birth. Soul sees dreams on the basis of both combined. They shouldn’t come that’s why we should sadhna.

Many dreams can result in death. Some people get a heart attack. It takes time to repeat but I will share. There was a disciple who saw a dream that her mother will die. She told her mother and she said that I will not die since I do havan. Then the second day she died. She was not even 60. A dream can even become a reason of death. You should avoid them.

Paati means raksha (protection). Protection is shelter of a Rishi, havan, Yajyen, name jaap – then the age increases.

There are different karmas that come in prarabh in the form of dreams and death comes. With some karmas you get nightmares again and again. Some people also get scary daydreams when they are awake then they have to go to a psychologist. They should be sent to a yogi for treatment.

There was one labourer who used to work under me in Chandigarh. He said that his family members have taken me to so many different places for eradication of my ghosts. He said that he was beaten by iron chains. He said that he gets a pain in his back and he sees something. He said that I have no ghosts but they don’t believe. I blessed him. It was a result of past births’ deeds. With the blessings of God his karma was pardoned. He became fine immediately. These are diseases caused by karmas.

Similarly there was a respected person in Jammu. He said that there was a djinn who used to bother his mother. We cannot see him but my mother can see and even bleeds. This is yog vidya that one can see the deep meaning. There I performed Yajyen. After that her karma was pardoned. It was a result of her past deeds that she could see a djinn as a dream in day. It was not real.

If someone who doesn’t have knowledge is 100 year old and someone with Vedic knowledge is 10 year old, then 10 year old is the father and 100 year old is son.

Wherever a yogi moves around and breathes, as a result the sorrows get eradicated there with the condition that people know that Rishis have come and they should respect them. Rishis do not need respect. If someone talks ill about them they like it. People have talked bad about us and we have liked it. Rishi naturally gets shyness and modesty. It is my own personal experience. Fundamental is that we need to give a Rishi respect, honour and reverence. They give purity. They are truly sons of Ved Vanni.

The person who was suffering said that there are ghosts even though she was a part of Arya Samaj. She went to such a place that had ghost sound then she discussed and agreed that they had hidden loudspeakers to create an environment. There are no ghosts. As a result of past deeds someone may get result in the form of such dreams. To destroy these bad dreams put in aahutis.

Dreams come during being awake, or sleeping. It comes during day and also at night. These are bad. This mantra has a prayer that God may remove our arthritis and also dreams that cause pain like arthritis. These aahutis are being built, put and these may not come in our life. 

People are getting pleasure in worldly things. He is lost in pleasures of sense organs.

God repeats this several times. Everything will become yours if you focus on the main goal – realising God, while doing your duties with tyaag (detachment). If someone stays in Grahastya (family life) after 70 years then God gives him a very hard punishment.

Rishi Munis, Sri Ram, etc. have been Arya. Arya is the one that does havan or Yajyen everyday. He speaks with a sweet voice. He doesn’t abuse. He follows Vedic rules and does deeds accordingly. He speaks the truth. He is the form of Rishi Munis.

God, who is in every part of my body, may relieve me from my sorrows. While listening don’t be lazy. Don’t think about repeat listening the same again and again. You may need to listen for several births. We should not keep it away for even a second.

In this mantra God has said that Rishi will get you liberated. God has come in my heart and pleasure has come.

16th kand ends.

It is a blessing of God that someone can understand these mantras.


Aahutis from 17th kand of Atharvaved are being offered now. The meanings are very deep of the mantras. Let’s discuss the 1st mantra.

What are His qualities? One of His qualities is someone who suppresses the evil, Almighty, lord of the universe, no one can win over Him, every sukh is with Him, one who prays to Him gets all pleasures, owner of all wealth, eediyam – the one that we wish for/praise, etc. You should sit with ekagrah vritti and Shraddha.

I call Him with the name of Indra. When I call Him again and again and also do naam jaap then I may become favourite of Vidvaan. They are away from bad deeds. They follow good path. I have been saying since 1978. Try to improve if you can. If you are not priya (dear) of Vidvaan then you are not my favorite. Whatever you may do – havan, etc. The society may consider me priya (dear). In praniyon and gunwano (in both humans and the learned).

I may become of a large age. If we listen to this then our lifespan increases. There is no doubt in this. If you sit with ektak (concentration) and listen.

Havan, yajyen, remove bad deeds, not do ladai (quarrel), Danga Fasad (riot), Vishay vikaron se rahit (without vices) then they become priya of Rishis.

With peace keep be focused on Ved Vanni. I am sitting here can I can see that how wonderful He is. He keeps 24 hours in merriment.

Animals also start loving those who follow Vedas. Yogis do not have a habit like politicians to show and promote themselves. Ordinary people do not know and they can say anything. Love for animals is natural in tapasvis due to the effect of tapasya.

He, His creation and His Vedas are amazing. They are full of amrit. There is no other path. The one who is described in Vedas, knowing that God only, soul can experience joy, remove sorrows and also realise God. There is no any other way. Clearly it has been quoted by God in Yajurved that there is no other way except Vedas.

18th kand starts

If you are deserving then I will chant slowly so that this melodious voice may enter your ears.

The last mantra has made it clear – dhanvitam – every pleasure and wealth is with God. He will give you. He fills your chests. He protects you. He with knowledge and with light.

Yogis see this creation in Samadhi – whomsoever he is. Any yogi. No one else. Today also, and in future also. They will see that how from prakriti this creation was made. The first dawn came. God inspires you to become a yogi.

There are attributes of husband and wife in this mantra. God has given every knowledge. If this knowledge was not given then children will not be born. There is a knowledge of Yamah and Yami.

God has given knowledge from straw to Brahm. If the knowledge was not given then it won’t be there. Unless knowledge is given, it will not be known.

There are also mantras that say that brothers and sisters cannot get married. Vedas are not in vogue and we get to hear very bad things in newspapers.

The ancestors much earlier than our ancestors, those who have got the knowledge of Vedas, the worship that they have done, we may do the same.

This tapah becomes greater if you are an Adhikari (deserving) and Jigyasu. You should not be entangled in worldly subjects. Your main motto, which nowadays no one is understanding, is to realise God. The main motto of four Vedas is to help you realise God, nothing else. They give you the knowledge of worldly topics for body but also they say that we need spiritualism.

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