Today hardly anyone can be knowledgeable of Vedas. If someone is gaining knowledge of Vedas, he is going towards liberating himself and also his family.

You keep hearing about ancient times. Earlier a student will go till the age of 25 to the gurukul. He was told by his Acharya – satyam vad, dharamam char. Speak the truth as it is. Similarly, on God, speak how He is. Don’t speak like He isn’t – statue, going to a river, etc.

Vedas say that if you go to Yajyashala then your sins get destroyed. Acharya used to say that the education that has given to you till the age of 25, keep the same at home. Serve mother, father, learned of Vedas, and from your earning donate ‘priyadhanam’ – according to your capabilities, the money that will give you pleasure in donating. Do service. Keep control over your tongue. Speak sweet voice. Do not speak in anger. The knowledge that we have given you, keep the same behaviour in family and in society.

My idea of explaining is that you come here for few days and you are also given the same knowledge of Gurukul – Brahmcharya, removal of faults, to be away from sins, speak sweetly, control anger, break your pride.. Here you understand and you behave like you had behaved earlier. Then I am not your Guru and you are not my disciple because this relationship is of following. You should act accordingly. The small things that you learn, many things happen by that.

Our disciples, I won’t name him, has taken deeksha. In that I have prescribed stay away from bad deeds, control over sense organs, stay away from addiction, etc. But he didn’t leave alcohol and fought at home. Those who abuse, as per Vedas, get the same abuse back. But people would get the impression that if they are like this then their Acharya will also be like this. You should increase the fame of Gurukul, parents, etc. by your good behaviour. You should remember this.

Why did God give the knowledge of four Vedas in nonsexual creation? Why did humans get the knowledge of Vedas and not other jaati (species)? There are endless species and souls. The main subject of Vedas is to realise God. It is not to eat or drink or sleep. You should work hard and earn, and keep your body healthy. Soul does not do tapasya. When God gives him human body then only soul can do tapasya and get salvation.

It is very difficult to make a Rishi pacify if he is upset with you. Without Rishi you will not get knowledge, which is Vedas. You won’t have God’s knowledge without Vedas. Why have you come? We have come to gain knowledge and realise God. For that we work hard, keep our bodies healthy, learn knowledge, give proper knowledge to children, etc. It is also your duty to learn yourself and give to children. If they have Vedic knowledge then children will respect parents. Now this problem has come that we do not have Vedic knowledge in vogue.

You can’t understand even after listening a lot. You should understand. The good deeds of family life are also to realise God. You need to earn wealth. No one has taken notes and tried to understand, and implement in their lives. It is farce that they have taken naam from Guru. If they have taken then we do not know how much jaap they have done. I have said many times that doing jaap will make your buddhi sharp.

Hard work and tapah make you realise God. God’s tapah means knowledge. For humans it is to have control over sense organs so that it goes to the right path and not bad, yam niyam, etc. Yajyen, donation, etc.

These mantras contain stuti of Ved Mata. God doesn’t speak Himself but makes Vidvaan speak.

Other people take you away from Vedic Path. You need Gurukripa in this path. If someone gets Samadhi stage then he gets under the protection of Ved Mata and God. When people are just good aspirants then also Ved Mata protects him.

If someone does cheating, goes against the knowledgeable of Vedas and Ved Vanni then the mantra says – cheer do (cut them), phad do (tear them), etc. People would sweat in not following Vedas properly as they would know these mantras. If there is any shortage in our bhakti (devotion) and seva (service) then our family would get destroyed.

Doubtful things can go against you. I am sharing Vedas since the start.

There is a story in Mahabharat where a Rishi was asked to get queen’s earnings by his Acharya. He approached the king who immediately honoured him and asked him to proceed to queen’s room as he is entitled to go anywhere. They had unrestricted access. The queen washed his feet again and offered him refreshments. She immediately gave her earrings. On returning to the king, he confirmed whether the queen has served him well since he came back so early. Rishi confirmed that his work is done and he leaves back to his Acharya. Nowadays it is not possible. If a Rishi makes a similar request then people may doubt him and even assault him physically.

This is a very dangerous chapter of Vedas. It says that no one can look at a Rishi (wrongly). When the time comes, you will suffer.

If someone does disrespects or doubts a Rishi then his neighbours would say that happened to this house? Earlier Ved Mantras would be chanted here. How did it become a place of wolves? It means that there will be frequent and early deaths there.

Devpeeya: The one who is against the knowledgeable of Vedas.

God has said that I have given you Vedas (humans) so that you go to the right path and what have you done on the earth? You have done bad deeds and you have insulted Rishis. You have done cheating against them and their family. Then I will destroy you. I am their protector and I will destroy you in this life.

Yajyen and Seva se maan jaate hain to kalyaan hai (You will benefit a lot if your mind is focused on Yajyen and service).

13th kand is starting. In 12 kands there are punishments for those who are against Vedas and Vidvaan. People have left Vedas and there are sorrows everywhere on the earth. People are giving more importance to other works and not on Vedas. They are in the trap of moh mamta (attachment and affection). They don’t have vritti of tyaag (renunciation). If someone dies now then whatever they were thinking about will be over. What will happen of the deeds that were occupying your mind? You will have to leave them forcibly.

Vedas say that praman, viparya, vikalp, nidra and smriti are vrittis. Smriti is a vritti like when we sleep we forget everything. If while you are live and you forget everything then you are a liberated soul. You live in your own merriment. You deal with everyone and live in the world, but they have no entanglement with the world. Who will forget when you are awake? We know that we will die. We should devote our life for God and Rishi.

How will you know my stage? Perhaps after 100 crore years perhaps you can. If Rishi lives in the world, he still stays away. You cannot be similar to one at this stage. He is vairagyavaan (detached). He is away from the world. If someone has intense tapasya and it has an effect on, then you will be understand, otherwise you won’t.

Sinners have sinful eyes. They don’t even know a crore part of 1% of a Rishi. No one has knowledge of Vedas despite having an older age. This vairagya cannot come to an ordinary person. It comes after several births of tapasya. People understand that no one is ours except God and Rishi.

I thought these people will become knowledgeable of Vedas. That’s why I had accepted this. However, the people who were living here tried to destroy their lives. Now they have improved.

God is just one. He is not 5 or 6 or any plural number. He is just one. From God day originated, and from day God originated. There are many serious mysterious mantras.

14th kand starts
The wife has come to command over the house if she is Brahma. Our children should also be like this.

I have held your hand for pleasure. You are my wife and as per dharm, I am your grahpati (leader of the house). These mantras for marriage. Nowadays these are not being chanted.

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