Morning Yajyen

Got gets pleased by Shraddha. The way said by God is to keep Guru happy. God says that you cannot know me. Only Guru will tell you, the one who is knowledgeable of Vedas. It means the one who understands the meaning of Ved mantras. This knowledge is only of words. It is not enough. If you are not understanding the meaning then you need to start understanding.

The Guru talked about God (in the mantra) is the one who has realised God in Samadhi with closed eyes. You cannot see God with your eyes. When you keep listening Vedas, you will know what Vedas say, the Guru that has both knowledge of Shabdbrahm and also given him realization. God has described his out of the world mahima (importance) in Vedas. It was shared around four days ago. His leela (glory) is aprampar (cannot be described).

Ya evam vedah – What was told in these mantras? If you do Yajyen then your hands, feet, etc. will remain healthy. If you will leave Vedas and Rishi, then you will start getting death from the top and to younger people. Yajyen increases your lifespan.

First thing is that Acharya has eaten Brahmodanan. Did you eat Brahmodanam? Or it has eaten you? Did you take the knowledge of God or you have taken materialistic knowledge? If you have just taken worldly knowledge then your prann will leave you early.

You don’t remember and hence you are not capable of becoming Vidhushi and Vidvaan.

If you just focus on spiritual and do not focus on your duties, children and society then your prann will leave you early. If you just focus on earning money and do not follow spiritual then the power to decide right or wrong will leave you.

You are inviting death (by your deeds). Earlier everyone had clean eyes because of Vedas. Character is not pure now. The character, eyes, etc are kept clean by Ved Vanni. Then they become pure and they become not less than Sri Ram, Sita, etc. People would not take the pleasure of touching the person of opposite gender since they had the pleasure of realization of God. Compared to that pleasure materialistic touch is tucch (trivial).

You are souls. Why do you listen to the talk of mind? You should keep the main motto of realization of God when you go to Guru. We should listen and imbibe them in your life. You should be away from moh, mamta, etc.

If beyond 60 if you are stuck in moh, mamta then you are violating Vedas. Beyond 50 people should take vanprasth. You should go to ashram, roam and also go to home.

In order to respect your feelings I am wearing what you have given. Guru reminds you of God. No one else. God is the body of alive Rishi. The mantras in the last few days were great. For the last two days I have left aahutis (less have been put) and have been sharing the deep meanings of Vedmantras.

God doesn’t accept anyone as Guru except Rishi. You listen to Vedas. He was not an avatar. Why is he saying that you cannot see God with these eyes? His indication is clear. In my body, God is prakat. With these eyes you are just seeing my body. Service should be true and not to just show. You also realise God. With kaam, krodh, etc. eyes you have always have been doing doubt and allegations against Rishi. Then the progress has stopped.

Earlier even I won’t understand all this. Even I won’t like these songs (with the glory of Guru). After I met my Rishi then I started understanding. Without God’s bhakti you cannot get pleasure. Without Vedas, you cannot know the qualities of a Rishi. Without Guru you won’t know Vedas. If not you don’t follow the Vedic pth, you will be following the wrong path.

Without Vedas, you will not be able to know God. There is no other path. We have started making our own paths. When you listen to this Vedic knowledge then you will not get (early) death in family. To let death and troubles creep in you don’t follow the order of Rishi, etc.

You should try to understand who is God and who is a Rishi. There are unlimited yonis to face sorrows. You will get sorrows for unlimited births.

Since 1978 there is a repository for Vedic knowledge. No hans (swan) has come who can take the moti (pearl). You need seriousness. There is a secret in everything. You have done such great sin by wasting childhood and youth in indulgence. If you just realise today and improve, and dedicate the remaining life for God and Rishi. Those who are under 60, while doing family duty. After 60, only works of Rishi and God.

You need intense practice (kathor abhiyas). You should have started this from the age of 6. Such souls are hard to find. God will not forgive you. Even now if you dedicate your life now.. Guru follow his order, sadhna, blessings, etc. At home do tapasya. You should tell at home that you will do tapasya. We do not want to get lost in bad yonis. We will leave this body and go to the other. To stop this is just Ved Vanni.

Devyaan marg will open if you mend your ways now and follow ‘devhitam aayu.’

You should bear your own deeds. You should try to improve that in this life Rishi and God may forgive you.

There are many sins that have happened in Ved Mandir. I have been seeing since 1978.

People who are coming here have Brahmodanam in your deeds. If you eat (Brahmodanam) at your own home then you do not get enough amrit.

The food is for your benefit. People have not treated the sangat well. The food should be the one that gives pleasure. I have told so many times that everyone should be given fresh and good food. However, even that order was not followed. Guru adds amrit to everything (including food). Rishi speaks Ved mantras. Others speak sanhita. It is not listening Vedas.

If someone has the prakat knowledge of God, and God is inspiring him to speak. That is called Vedas.

If someone is eating food at your place, he is eating with his own deeds. You should not treat them inappropriately – anger, disgust, etc.

Each bhajan has a lot of knowledge. If you are proud in giving food, etc. to someone then it is beda gark (in a soup).

He prevents you from going to death. If you have doubt then the soul gets destroyed. You get early death. Either you leave Guru or immense yourself in Guru Bhakti (like Sri Ram, etc.).  If you cannot then you should leave. Leaving just will be one sin. (You will not be doing many sins)

In the world you will get everything but you will not get someone who has realised God. Acharya adhino vedam ashnushat – you should be aadhin (dependent) under Acharya. You want to make Acharya adheen (dependent) under you. No one understands a Rishi. The glory of Rishi, as said by God, I cannot speak.

First you need to take world meaning, and then understand the explanation. From Indra, Indra is born. The meaning is God originates from God. The real meaning is that when someone starts worshipping God under his Acharya. When he does Gurubhakti, and Rishi is happy with him. One day he realizes God. Indra is born from Indra. Rishi is moving vehicle of Vedas. God says that he is Roopen Indrah. He is my form.

There is no seriousness. Where Gurubhakti has gone? You should speak to me with joy and seriously. You cannot see a Rishi with your eyes.

You should not say Guru, you can say Vedic Guru. The one who has realised God. Harishchandra gave his kingdom to Vishwamitra. Later on Rishi gave him back everything and a lot more. There is no Rishi takes exams. They are immerse in their merriment and give their knowledge.

I wonder why I am born now. You have done my durgati (catastrophic situation). Rishi and Yogi have a nature. If you make a fool of them, use the relationship inappropriately, etc. then you will suffer. Yogi has a vritti that he is immersed in joy. People should follow bramcharya and serve Rishi. It helps both (disciples and Rishi) of them to do their tapasya.

You should be clear with same inside and outside.

To use mala for meditation is not in Vedas and is not proven. Those who do may do at their own accord. It is not as per Vedas.

You have to stay dependent (अधीन) under a Rishi. The tirath that you see outside are inside you. Do not do man-made bhakti. The path has been made by man and not God.

Tirath, as per Vedas, is Yajyashala. God please take us there where Devah (Vidvaan), where deeksha is given as per Brahmcharya where people get moksh (Brahmlok ko jaate hain). God is in open there. God sees everything and punishes accordingly. You should keep the earth pure. It is one place that God is present as prakat. You have regarded this place very inappropriately. You should try to eradicate the sins. He is prakat in Rishis homes and their heart.

Without listening Vedas your age shouldn’t pass. Ears have been given for that. God will not let your power of hearing get damaged, otherwise He will cause diseases.

Teen odane mrityum mati tarani – The same Vedas that originated in the heart of Rishis during creation, with the same Vedic knowledge, I will cross over death. Mankind is getting destroyed with false prayers. We need to join back Vedas. We should do our emancipation (उद्धार). God is one only. The knowledge comes from God only. We should do namaskar to the God who was there earlier, is there now and will always remain.

The knowledge has come first from Vedas and then it is in many books. Your buddhi gets drained. Any famous person also be analysed by Vedas.

Like a famous person said that patriotism and spiritualism are two different things. If you see Sri Ram, he was a true patriot and followed Vedas. Do you he would use nuclear weapons against people? People explaining you should consider Vedas and you should share knowledge of patriotism from Vedas. There are many famous people who did not have the knowledge of Vedas. If they had knowledge of Vedas, they could not say like this.

Vedas are more superior to anything. If anything is according to Vedas then it is true otherwise no.

We are unfortunate that we have some unworthy children (disciples) who are against us. You should get their sins obliterated using Yajyen. You do not have Shraddha for God and Rishi. You won’t be able to understand.

Everything that has been given to me by Rishi has been the blessings of Ved Mata. God and Ved Mata have given me blessings due to Guru Kripa. There are many free souls that have final liberation.

God says that all three lokas are for Rishi. If someone protects you from death and sorrows that is Rishi. People directly do desire for God. God does kripa (benevolence) through knowledgeable of Vedas.

The Yajyen gives protection (varm) and pleasure.  

This is not agnihotra but is a Yajyen. It is bigger than Yajyen, it is anushthan of four Vedas. Take punya of Yajyen. Desires get fulfilled by Yajyen and not agnihotra. To fulfil your desires do Yajyen. God has said this about him – Brahmah Yajyen Kalpantam – You will meet Bramah (knowledgeable of Vedas) only in Yajyen. People’s behaviour used to very dangerous and would try to command over Rishi. You should try to get these sins forgiven in Yajyen. Listen Vedas. It doesn’t become Yajyen if you do havan at home. The learned of four Vedas is seated there. Brahmah has come jyoti babhuv – he has light of God. You can’t see that with your eyes.

If you have Shraddha and you start knowing him then even by seeing a Rishi your sorrows get destroyed. If in Yajyen Dev have come, then you get God (your Bramah prati – realisation has become sure) (as per Shatpath Brahman Granth). Those who get this Shraddha, they one day may become adhikari of realising of God.

If the children keep roaming around how can Yajyen happen? You should keep them in the designated areas. They shouldn’t create interruption in Vedas. I shouldn’t have come downstairs.

There is a hota (administrator), ritvij (public), yajmaan (host) and Bramah (Rishi) then Yajyen happens. Earlier children used to ashram to learn. You shouldn’t bring children near Yajyen. I have shared this several times. Today’s 6-7-8 year old kids have no idea of Yajyen. It creates interruption in Yajyen and everyone gets sin. There should be a hota in Yajyen who should take care of interruptions. There should be just one vritti in God. There shouldn’t be any disturbance.

This agni (fire of Yajyen) is aahavaniya agni (invoking fire). I have explained crores of times but you will not understand. You should have Shraddha – whatever I may explain, you won’t understand. It will take a long time for you to understand. Who to tell about? There is no Shraddalu here. You definitely try to do seva. That’s why you don’t understand the knowledge shared by Rishi.

Once you have Shraddha on the knowledgeable of Vedas, who has attained Samadhi, then you started gaining knowledge. If you don’t have then what can I do? Shabri had Shraddha and she didn’t have money. Some people have the kala of money, some have of massage, etc. How will you get the Shraddha of Shabri? You need the Shradhha of Shabri first.

Shrutavapi na Ved – even after listening Vedas, you won’t understand.

This is your Yajyen happening. You are not understanding Vedas. The one who can tolerate his hard words, he can realise. Maharishi Dayanand was beaten up by his guru Virajanandji without his fault. Even after he got beaten up he spoke to him softly and requested to press his arms as they would be hurting. You do not have qualities of maryadaa (sanctity) of Vedas. The deed of Yajyen that you do will not go in vain. Your service will not go in vain even if you have listened to scolding.

The kirtan of God in front of Acharya will help even your several generations realise.

Tulsidas has written wrongly about Shabri. She was not mandmati (with less knowledge). God has given a lady the status of Brahma to give education to her family, etc. of Vedas. Government should have a rule that the knowledge of Vedas should be given in schools and colleges (at least they will know Shabdbrahm).

She was a disciple of Kadambi Rishi. When he was leaving the body, she also wanted to leave. He said my friend is Ram’s father Dashrath. I came to know that Ram has been given banwas (banishment). He will definitely come to your kuti (hut). Give him blessings. If one doesn’t follow the order of a Rishi then he will get into problems. She greeted Ram, gave him refreshments and also by yogbal (power of realization) informed about the location of Sita. When they were leaving then using the yogbal she burnt her body. Lakshmann got really scared. Sri Ram had experience of realising God and he explained Lakshmann that she had to live till this long. Our ladies have been insulted now.

I had shared several mantras. One of them is that if someone gives even one bite of food to a Rishi then his Devyajyen gets complete. On this basis only, Acharya is sitting and you put one aahuti, then each aahuti is worth one Yajyen. If you are putting aahutis with concentration and Shraddha. As much as aahutis you can put, you bput.

When you put aahutis at home, you get punya but Yajyen and aanushthan is much bigger. While coming here, even the things that you leave also get done. Right now you are sitting in the lap of Yajyen. Even when they hear they don’t understand. How and as much as they put, accordingly they get benefit.

Swahah tapah is separate. Daanam tapah. If you maintain peace then this would have been counted as tapah. Keep children away and also those with chanchal buddhi (fickle mind). To tolerate heat, etc. is another tapah. Your service is also tapah. Yajyam tapah, vidya tapah, etc. Whenever someone enters a tapasvi’s ashram and stays in saiyam niyam (restraint and rules), does not talk other things, keeps doing jaap, keeps doing service, then he becomes tapasvi one day. This facility has been given only in Yajshala. You should put aahutis with a lot of Shraddha.

Evening Yajyen

There were aahutis offered in evening Yajyen from Atharvaveda in the evening. No pravachan was done.

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