God is the one who has protected every bit of the world (like sun is moving, earth is moving, men, seas, birds, etc.) that’s why it is said that He does creation and does its paalna. These don’t fall off. In whose shelter all three lokas, and the knowledge of these lokas, which is known by Rishi Munis. They see God in every bit of the world. They know Him. In whom true (Chetan jagat – souls) and non-true (Jad jagat – made by prakriti like bodies, sun, moon, etc.) are in whose ashray, He is should be called God. He is the base of everyone. If He is not there then everything will be over. Tam Skambam Bruhi – He should be called Parmeshwar.

Souls are getting body according to deeds. He has given shelter to the non-alive jagat. They stay intact.

I don’t know if you understand this definition.

In whose shelter (Vidvaan) bhakti karke tap karte hain. There is no other God under whose shelter tapah happens. In whom everyone is getting shelter (jad and Chetan). The one who has made both of them stable, He doesn’t let them break. His dhyaan is done by Rishi Muni.

In this God, Vedas, Shraddha, Every jeev gann, Knowledge, Prakriti, etc. have taken. The one who is giving shelter to everyone is called God. You won’t remember it but those who are taking notes may benefit.

God is shuksham. In Him only sun, moon, starts, etc. are there and He is in them. You had a chance of doing service but you got entangled in pride, etc. You should try to fix it. Dvilok has also taken protection by Him. In Him Agni, Sun, Air, etc. are there. He should be the base (aadhar) of everyone. He is called God. He is the base of all religions. God is everyone’s base (irrespective of religion).

The mantras are so many that I cannot explain them but with little only you get a lot. God is the one who creates everything from prakriti and He makes them stapit in Him.

There are 33 jad devta. All 33 devta are sammahit in God. They are also in God’s protection. He is the one who gives pleasure. Everything is stable inside Him.

The one who made Angira, etc. 4 Rishis get knowledge. He made it prakat. He is the called God. He should remember who is called God. He is doing His own explanation in Vedas. Humans cannot make God.

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