Swami Ram Swarupji continued his preach from Atharvaveda. Many mantra’s in today’s sukts were about who Ved Vanni and who is God.

Every child should try to learn Sanskrit. Parents should ask children to focus on Vedas. Children come with you. They also have freedom. It is not the means to learn knowledge. They know that their parents are there. Gurukul was like parents leaving in a hostel. Then the children could not do what they want. Rules were applicable of the ashram. Timely exercise, learning, etc. had to be done.

First God has talked about Gurubhakti. Vedas come later. People think that there are Gurubhakt but they are not. Those who aren’t then they should change them. If you put aahutis while remembering God and Ved mata. I also thank Ved mata thousands of times before starting.

If you have just a part of what is required then these aahutis will liberate your several generations. God has given such wonderful blessings – ending diseases, wealth and many others.

These mantras talk about eradication of diseases. Earlier when these aahutis were put then there was long life. Now people don’t follow Vedas. It is said that the house in which the walls are not dark with Havan then it is like a cremation place. God punished. Earlier the whole world used to accept Vedas now they don’t. Now a few Hindus are left that accept Vedas.

Put aahutis and God gives blessings. These mantras have the names of diseases. Keep putting their aahuti. God will take these out.

In these mantras God even gives blessings that even if you have poison, I will save you. God does not protect you. His very little power will protect us if we Yajyen and our vikar are getting destroyed. He becomes happy if you serve the Rishi. They can realise God even without Deeksha. But people do not know about Gurugyaan.

This mantra has a lot of knowledge. You should know brahmgyaan by both realisation and by words. Follow truth. You won’t have any problem. You should make Guru satisfied that he shouldn’t get upset.

You should know this – in this body there are two Chetan matters – God and soul. You should think this and live. You will keep getting knowledge if you do this firm decision.

The subject of this sukt is Ved Vani.

It’s important to listen Vedas. God gives out of the world knowledge to Rishi. The one who has come to know then it becomes theirs.

People you should say that you don’t know yourself. People don’t stay humble. They just know materialistic things about themselves. They should know that we are not bodies but soul. They have to live accordingly. You have to do vyavhaar the same way that you live in the world. Those who are intelligent and are following Vedas that we are soul and not bodies. With the others behave with love and don’t talk spiritualism.

If I know myself or I don’t know. I am ninyah (hidden). It is used for both soul and God. Soul is personal and God is omnipresent and endless.

I am very small (even more suksham than millions time than the tip of the hair). If join Vedic knowledge that comes at the time of the creation then.. without knowing Vedas you won’t know yourself, God or nature. Rishi explains but everyone’s buddhi is in kaam Krodh etc. you should know at least by words. Without knowing you cannot understand the real meaning of nature, soul and God.

Parmevyokan – he is in space also (every bit of space) no one knows Him. People talk about so many things – yogabhyas,

No one knows the omnipresent God. What will aahutis do for you? You can’t even identify shabdbrahm. You don’t know but you have mugged some words. They will destroy you. They won’t benefit you.

You should know the meaning but you should stay away from pride, etc. you should do Amavasya and Poornima Yajyen if possible to make your Yajyen complete. Aahuti online won’t benefit you.

Sangatikaran is very important. If Guru is unhappy then the disciple will go in many yonis. Tan man Dhan etc to keep him happy. Listen Vedas carefully.

There is one truth (God) and Rishi (viprah) bahuda vadanti – they describe various names and qualities of God.

Paap and punya is described by Vedas. He keeps doing sin and compiles it and gets sorrows. Without listening Vedas you don’t get knowledge.

You should understand questions and answers. You all should become Jigyasu. Without improving vrittis you can’t become one. Then you suffer.

Where there is death and where there isn’t, who knows?

By whom everything is happening? Like rains. Vedas tell us the answers. We don’t listen to Vedas. Avatar cannot happen.

God gives the power to hear. He does blessings that we can listen Vedas.

In these mantras also there is praise of Brahmin. It should be heard from a Rishi to understand. He again and again repeats. You give Samhita even with meaning then also it cannot be understood.

God is saying that who are you? There are eight chakras and nine dvars. There are eight chakras and not nine. When we do yogabhyas then these become jagrat. Ayodhya where there are no wars. Inside there is light.

These are known by the knowledgable of Vedas. If you are Jigyasu then first learn by words and then by realisation.

These mantras have explanation about Brahmcharya. Without that they will not get peace, eradication of diseases, etc.

(The above notes are from the morning session only)

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