Swami Ram Swarupji continued his preach from Atharvaveda. Many mantra’s in today’s sukt were about Rishi and serving him.

You should do jaap of Gayatri with meaning. It takes a long time for you to remember. I have to repeat the same thing again and again. You should do jaap thrice in morning and evening at homes. Here do everytime. Decision is taken by buddhi. Buddhi becomes pure by knowledge. Knowledge is Vedas. Buddhi progresses when soul starts gathering the knowledge heard.

Some people say that yes, I know. He is sinner and pride. The one who takes knowledge in practice (acharan), he becomes intelligent.

Coming here and not doing service is a sin. You should do your deeds without selfishness and do not expect anything in return.

You have a right to do deeds – punya or paap. The results are with God. Punya to do deeds according to Vedas (not to memorise meaning). If you do things then its punya. To remember and not to do is a sin. Rishis have given importance to Gayatri mantra to pray and to deeds accordingly. You will get knowledge.

Those who are listening have come with prarabdh. Your sanskaar pull you sometimes here and there. This is not worldly place but is of Vedas. It has description of your duties but not the way that you want. Hence there is उधेड़बुन (wrangling). That’s why it is said to control mind.

Small things you don’t understand. You should accept your misdeeds and leave your pride. You have not done any service. You have encashed it. If you say anything about service then it’s destroyed. Here people try to show to the world that they are such big sevak. But aren’t. It is not service that there is durgati (catastrophe).

Gurus aagya is aagya (order is order). It cannot be broken. It is not personal. It is from Vedas. To say anything related doesn’t matter. From 1978 we are suffering with you.

You should see what is worth talking to a Rishi. Everyone service has returned. Servant should do service. You should be a sevak and not stand on head.

People change the order given. The orders cannot be changed. You make your future bright by following the order. To not follow the order then it cannot be circumvented. People do not have good buddhi.

You should keep Rishi and his family happy. It is your duty. If his family gives you a wrong order then don’t follow. If they are not following Vedas then you can report. Rishi doesn’t do favour to anyone. Everyone’s duty here is to do Tapasya.

When you speak in Havan you should speak in a Chetan voice and not too slow in laziness. These should be sung in sur. You should not go up or down in speed.

Samved has knowledge of music. You are not Jigyasu. If you don’t understand the order of Rishi then it your burai (evil or vice). If your buddhi is sansaari (wordly) then you won’t understand. You not doing tapah and are doing formality.

You should try to get over the shraap (curse) of Sri Krishna – Shrutvah Api Na Ved. I keep getting surprised that my things don’t get understood. If I give guidance then people don’t understand.

This is kirtan of God’s name. Only yogis know but no one understands. I don’t know when you will understand. If someone sits in the kirtan for some time then his sins get destroyed and his buddhi also gets shuddh.

There is a mantra whose meaning is that I don’t understand preach of Vedas but I do naam jaap then my buddhi gets sharp and I understand. It seems that your practice isn’t good.

Don’t lie or don’t say. I don’t like useless talks. This is not service if you impose things on others.

Service has love, sacrifice, politeness, etc. people should be happy with your service.

You come to this great kirtan. If your buddhi is not getting sharp then it shows that your attention is diverted. Whatever I explain people do not understand. You don’t do practice. You don’t get detached. Your rang dhang (manner) should be different from the world.

Tapasvi is different from the world. Devhitam yadayu. He doesn’t have anger. He talks spiritual.

Yogi knows each word of Vedas and jaan jhidate hain (they are ready to stake their life for Vedas). You enjoy the worldly pleasures.

Annaprashan Sanskaar
You listen to Vedas. The food and the child belongs to God. If God doesn’t give you, then for the whole life the food won’t give pleasure. Without listening Vedas people don’t get Annprashan sanskaar, they get anything done that they want.

In 6 months the intestine becomes strong and is capable of having solid food. He also gets the blessings of God and Guru. The sanskaar with the instruction of God with the mantras given by Him.

Girls are great. They can become Devi and Brahman. Earlier the kings were knowledge and would arrange for education in ashram. As per Vedas, she only is Brahmah in family. She never stays idle. She is not lazy.

If you do asan pranayama then you will remain healthy. This is the path made by God. Right now a child is listening to the voice of God and as she keeps listening, she will start speaking.

Yajyen continues
What I explain does not enter your head. What joke have you made of Vedmantras? You have left so many knowledge behind. Vidvaan will speak the voice of God and by listening (Again and again) you also become knowledgeable.

This voice is like a cow. It gives you immese benefits. This path is serious like sea. No one has understood this. No laughter or jokes. Only the laughter that has a reflection of Brahm.

You should stay carefully here. Being a member here you should know that this serious matter. You can go outside and laugh but not here. You have not done Sadhna and your worldly laughter hasn’t stopped. Only God can eradicate it. What can be done?

You should know that spiritualism is a different path. What God is saying in Vedas, we need to do that. This is your duty. This is Devyaan Marg. It is important to control your sense organs. This is not Pitriyaan Marg.

You should be careful. You shouldn’t do friendship with every kind of person. I have regretted giving knowledge to underserving people. Habits don’t change. Rishi has the nature of forgiveness.

You have a small life and there are a lot of interruptions. As much as time you can devote, better it is.

The deep knowledge of Vedas is easy when Acharya explains. You should be immersed in divine pleasure continuously. You should take one path. This is the Marg of joy and control over sense organs.

We had put aahutis of several mantras of Amavasya in Atharvaved (apart from those that are prevalent). After Annual Yajyen, we will compile them for your benefit. 15 yonis get spoiled if you don’t follow. Now you should have Jigyasa towards God. Nowadays people don’t understand. If you do Sadhna and control sense organs then you will understand without effort.

Listen Vedas and stay away from pride. Sri Ram was as serious as a sea. Let Rishi stay in his thoughts. You should not disturb him. No one understand dhyaan Yog.

Piprihi: completes our Yajyen. It depends if your vritti gets fine. You are capable of realising God in one day. It will complete if you become Adhikari.

I know that you don’t believe in me. You understand me by materialistic buddhi and not spiritual. It is a matter of bad buddhi. Where is the pleasure? There is just sadness.

When you do Yajyen then it makes your good fortune, wealth, good children and completes your Yajyen.

You should become Adhikari. Seva doesn’t happen that you get pleasure but also give pleasure. We need intense practice (Kathor Sadhna).

All siddh purush do Yajyen on this day of Amavasya. If you are attentive then they bless you otherwise they meet Yogi and go.

Panchodanam- for body whatever is done – house, earning money, etc. Brahmodanan is for the soul. Do Yogabhayas, Naam Simran, etc. do Sadhna in family, etc.

जानन हारा (Janan Hara) – the one who has realised God. He knows that without Him there is nothing. Without God the pleasures of the world are sorrows. Ten tyakten bhunjita – tyaag purvak bhog bhogo. Those who say that they are not entangled are even more entangled.

I keep explaining but even then people don’t understand.

To get tapasvi is difficult. If you have faith. If you keep doing Yajyen, Sadhna, etc. and come here even after I go. A Rishi can be with for 5 births and even afterwards. He will get you in Dev yoni and also help you in getting vairagya.

Nakash Prishte – final liberation.

You will bear the sins for many births. No one can tell yogi anything. If you get a yogi then do his seva, you will get salvation. Yogis have this voice (of Vedas) prakat. They have both God and Ved Vanni.

This amar voice should go to your ears. That’s why your body is made.This is all Amrit Vanni. This is eternal and everlasting.

God is saying that become samadhist. All these richas get prakat inside. It is a sin to share it with someone who doesn’t deserve. These asans are not to show. They are taught to an Adhikari.

If a Rishi Muni comes to someone’s house. Athithipati – the one who serves a Rishi. If he does Darshan of a Rishi then his Dev Yajyen happens. There is Brahm prakat inside them. It is a superior body of turyateet stage. It is not sthool, suksham and Karann sharir.

If Rishi eats food at your home then each bite is equivalent to a aahuti.

If he tells to do Yajyen then do. If he doesn’t then doesn’t. His Darshan is equivalent to doing one.

Your heart is not clear. You will think I have let go the aahutis of today. God is saying that in Vedas. You should faith on Rishi.

You don’t have enough Aastha. You are not a sevak. You need a lot of Sadhna, seva and Yajyen. Then it will be without sin and Kalank.

If you just make his bed then you have achieved swarg. Right now it is the start. It can take several births or can happen in this birth only. If you do service with faith and wisdom.

God is preaching service to Rishis. You can’t do something that a Rishi can live peacefully. You all have doubts then how will you get salvation?

Once you accept your sins and try to improve then you still have a chance. I am still alive. I won’t come back.

Some people cannot come but if they listen with Shraddha via broadcast then they get the benefit. If not, it goes waste.

People with worldly feelings will not know what is a Rishi.

The mantras also cover how to feed a Rishi. Without become Adhikari people won’t understand. This voice (of Vedas) is going far away does the benefit of the world. There are many souls in brahmand that will have the benefit.

Serve to the Rishi like the service to earlier Rishis (Purvebhi Rishi).

You should see what God has said about gurubhakti that no one else can say. First mantra of this sukt explains which guru to serve. One who is a saiyami purush and he has realised God. He has siddhi over ashtang Yog after thousands of births of practice. The one who sees Brahm in everything. These are rare personalities. If someone knows then they benefit. If someone who does sins with them they spend their several births in dukh.

First you should understand who to serve. This mantra destribes a Rishi. Samagri is his jod (joint) – that means that he is doing Yajyen for thousands of years, his joints are like Samagri. Ved mantras are his backbone. He is Swaroop of Brahm.

His Lom lom has Samved coming out and in heart Yajurveda, Asan is havi of God and Rishi. He is like sakshat brahm. You treat him accordingly – see God in him and give proper respect.

The owner of a house (head of family) if he and his family see Rishi (do Darshan) certainly his Devyajyen is happening. To understand a Rishi is extremely difficult just like God. Both are beyond calculation and beyond imagination.

Earlier people won’t make such a mistake. They were very careful as they had studied in ashram. If he does Rishi’s abhivadan (seva) then it is like he has got deeksha in Yajyen.

Apimanyu by following his Rishis orders, he realised God. He did not get the benefit of darshan or Yajyen but he just followed Rishi’s order and served his cows.

If he comes to his home then he washes Rishis feet then it is like achaman, etc. his Yajyen is complete. The water used is like being used in a Yajyen. Your Yajyen is complete.

Their adar mann samman is Dev Yajyen.

Rishi is like sakshat four Vedas. Sri Ram was like four Vedas standing. You are seeing God and four Vedas. You should get Dev yoni.

If you do his tarpann (Tripti) food, madhupark, etc. it is like you are getting Som, Vidya, etc.

If you make his house, you do seva there, then it is like vanshgrah- then it’s like creating a meeting hall (house) for your ancient family.

You make his bed, or give his Asan in Yajyen, or make him sleep in high bed then you safeguard svarg lok for him.

If you do like this then you will get all happiness and improve your next birth.

If you fix his bed then it’s like sticks of a palash, Samidha, etc. for Yajyen.

If you bring ubtan, massage oil, etc. then it’s like bringing ghee for Yajyen.

If you bring food for Rishi before others, then you also get the benefit of mishtaan aahuti.

If you bring good cook who create saatvik, nutritious and tasty food then there is immense benefit.

If rice or jau is spread on Rishi then you get the benefit of putting Samagri in Yajyen.

If you bring utensils and bring his food then you will never have a shortage of clothes.

If you are cooking using kadchi then it’s like putting aahutis.

If you bring utensils it is like you are compiling somras.

His feet, etc are of turiyateet stage.

If you offer him to have more food then you strengthens your pran power.

These are very long preach by God. This is very difficult path. It is someone rare in this stage. People don’t understand him even after getting him is that people are not able to understand him. People find faults in their Guru. Keep doing Yajyen and remove your faults. Gurubhakti is explained by God. People serve Gurus that don’t come in this stage. Service is for those who come in this category. You should be careful.

Take us there where Rishi is there. Who is your Sahara (support) without Rishi? He is your Sahara (support) now and also in future births.

God has said Guru Mahima in all Vedas. You should see prataksh brahm in a Rishi. Make yourself pure. Make your Brahmcharya firm.

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