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Notes from Evening Yajyen

No one really has as a desire to realise Almighty God. They do not do their deeds accordingly. Even my disciples. If it was being distributed for free then everyone would say – mujhe bhe de do (give to me please), main bhin hoon (I am also there).

God has said that the pleasure of salvation (moksh) is for the one who controls his sense organs, does sadhna and service. Very intense adhyan (study), intense tapasya – shurtam tapah, sham tapah, dam tapah, etc.

(This sukt is mostly about age)

The mantra says that you will get knowledge and you will get a long life. Ladies with scattered hair should not cry for you. If you have age of more than 100 years and more, and you are without diseases. Your family members should not cry for your untimely death. If you live long then people don’t cry and say that you had a long life. If someone dies early then people cry. Why do you leave the body early? Follow Vedas. Do sadhna and win over death.

Teri murcha door ho – you are lost in kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, etc. You think you do sadhna, etc. It is your unconsciousness. You should have stuti, power, extremely hard work, hard practice of timely sadhna, everyday, before death you should be engrossed in doing family duties and also sadhna. Your unconsciousness should get over then you will light.

Upnishad is saying from here only that uthisthat jagyat prapyat. You should rise from this unconsciousness. Rishis say that it is a very difficult path. You should not make it a den for eating, drinking and sleeping. You should do hard work and tapasya.

There was a mantra that said Barihi Grah – people who keep talking. You also keep doing this. You should do service quietly and do sadhna. Even before you eat, you should do naam simran for one minute. You should maintain peace. You should stop this chatting and laughter. It is death. We are going towards death. We are not going towards life. Your misconception should get over and your kaam krodh etc. get curtailed then you have enlightenment (Prakash hi Prakash hai).  You have knowledge and realization of God. Your darkness will get over.

One who gets up from unconsciousness – he is above the wasteful things. Do not think that you do you do any sadhna. You do sharp bickering. He is wrong, she is wrong. You should live with love. I don’t see a semblance of sadhna. You should think that his path is different from the others. Why do you wish that you laugh, sing, roam around, etc. That path is of death. Devhitam Yadayu – After 50 years you should increase sadhna and move towards vairagya. Even now you talk about the world. I have to do this, I am going here and there. Everyday your one day in life is getting less by one day. You are going towards death.

One who wakes up makes death away. He will get over diseases with sadhna, medical treatment and blessings. If you get away then you have won. If you get caught then you are a victim of death. That’s why we should get away from durachar (bad behaviour), diseases, etc. timely medicine, focus on meditation..

Earlier there used to be long satsang and I would roam around preaching. But I have not seen anyone become vairagyavaan. Few disciples have taken sanyas but I don’t see vairagya. You should remove the omission. Those who have taken sanyas, they need the right vairagya. They should be immersed in sadhna and service, and should try to forget the world. When you die then also the world forgets you. God says, no, you should show that you can forget the world when you are alive.

In family life you should do sadhna when you are alive and also manage your home. Then you are going towards Devyoni. There is Gurukripa. Remove the unconsciousness of Vishay, vikaar (विषय-विकार – lust, perversion, etc.).

These mantras are of age as well. Put aahutis and you will get special blessings. God says I will give you a long life after taking you away from the mouth of death. I will give you a long life. People have forgotten God that’s why there is untimely death. There are so many diseases that have come up now. We should not forget God. The reason is that you get punished. God means that the one described by Vedas (gunn, karm, swabhav), that is God. His Pooja is to follow the orders of God in Vedas. He says do Yajyen, agnihotra, naam japo, use sweet voice, serve parents and Guru, eliminate kaam krodh mad lobh, etc. Otherwise how will you get over death? God says that I give you a long life.

Put very good aahutis of these mantras. They give you a long life and help you get over death.

Our age may increase. Our diseases may get destroyed.

Pran, Apan, etc. should get stable. You should stay away from death. Old age shouldn’t bother you. You may have a long life and you remain happy.

Maan aayu pamoshi: My age (lifespan) shouldn’t get less. Give me lifespan of more than 100 years without diseases. These are great blessings. For this, you need to make an effort. You need to pay attention towards Brahmcharya. You need to do hard sadhna in this life. You need to leave the topics of sense organs like laughter, meeting friends, roaming around, etc. Otherwise you keep going but you will need to do sadhna. If you do for lesser time then at least you will go in dev yoni. You will get a good life in the next birth. You need to do enough practice that you get. If you do less sadhna, you won’t get. The basic principles never break. My lifespan may be long.

Today, tomorrow and in future, your food will not contain poison and disease causing microbes if you are doing Yajyen. You will have a long lifespan.

This entire sukt is given by God to give us a long life to get away from diseases. So we may put its aahutis, and do havan everyday (even by Gayatri), and do large Yajyen then your lifespan will not decrease. God is saying that I will increase his age.

In hot weather, rainy season, cold weather, etc. your age will increase in a similar manner in all season, when the death comes, then I send it away. If we keep putting aahutis with these mantras, we do good deeds, follow Brahmcharya and try to remove kaam krodh madh lobh etc. like I keep saying. Then God says that I will increase your age and will eradicate your diseases.

You will not die and you will not have fear. Your darkness and lack of knowledge will get removed. He will not die and will get amar. These are aahutis from great mantras. They have immense blessings. You will keep having long life.

Kam dhatu is for God. It is for pleasure. The God that gives pleasure. His Pooja – angihotra, naam simran, etc. Pooja for God that gives pleasure. Like agnihotra, yajyen, naam jaap, etc. then everyone stays alive – horses, cows, male and females, etc. There are unlimited benefits from Yajyen. One of the benefits is that pure rain happens, which makes everything abundant and pure. There was mantra that said that He does not let microbes infect plants. If we eat pure food then our children also will eat nutritious food and will have a long life. They can use that life for both for both spiritual and materialistic progress as per Vedas.

Sri Ram performed his duties as both grasthi and also towards God. He is worshippable. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Rishi Munis etc. were of the same status – they all samadhist and were leen in God. We should take knowledge (little or more) from Rishi and destroy your diseases. When it is beyond human beings then it is God and Rishi’s blessings that destroy these sins.

In the next mantra, God says that I protect you from all sides. I take you away from death and get you amrit. For protection of body – medicine, both materialistic and spiritual. People that follow Vedas get a long life and cross over death. If people don’t follow the rules then by being against the Vedas..

You should be away from diseases, have strong life strength, your prann won’t leave your body, you don’t have untimely death and you have a long life – these are blessings under the protection of God. When he protects you then what to fear about?

The reasons for death are hundreds of types of diseases, which cause death. Then we cannot live for 100 years because of them. People have avidya – jad ko Chetan, dukh mein sukh (How do you do? I am fine) – he is unhappy inside, regards impure as pure, anitya ko nitya (like considering body as something that stays forever), in these bhaav (feeling) they live.

Those who live in these lakshan, as per Vedas, they are following avidya. We should understand from Acharya and destroy it. Then you will be able to cross over death.

From these diseases, and root of avidya, knowledgeable of Vedas may remove you. You can see that from diseases, the cause of diseases and avidya Rishi Munis may leave you. They all humans (Vidvaan) should be regarded as representative of God. This secret you know that God does delegation of power and calls them ‘Roopen Indrah’ in Atharvaved. There is a mantra in Samved that God gives him all the power – entire creation is for you yogi. God is formless but He has given a lot of knowledge that He is ‘prakat’ inside a yogi. From there only there is you can cross over death and you get over sorrows and diseases. God is not visible but He says that these are my representatives. They will save you from death. These mantras are for giving a long life.

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