These mantras give us blessings everyday. Morning and evening and everyday. At home Agnihotra and in ashram Yajyen. It is like breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should also have a desire like after you eat breakfast, you will get hungry at lunch. The shiksha is both times daily. God says that you have more time then you can do even more. Sanyasi should do even more.

You should donate to people who are Adhikari. People have made undeserving people capable and they can do sins with free hands. You listen Vedas but still some may get doubts. It is your own wish.

You should donate only to knowledgable of Vedas. Those who does not donate food then food eats him. You should be free from pride, greed, etc while donating.

If you donate to undeserving then you get sin. Ved Vanni ke putra – Rishi Muni. He is Pitamah – father of your father. When the soul gets another body then the relationship with parents go. Whatever body that a soul gets, then the Acharya of this birth will be with them. He keeps giving knowledge and one day the person will become vairagyavaan. If you manage your responsibilities properly then it also helps you get attachment with Gurubhakti. The knowledge will never get over. If someone does a daily worship properly then one day he will realise. God sees everything and knows how everyone is. We should remove our vices. You should work hard to get the blessings of human life or dev in the next birth.

You can improve your next birth by Gurukripa. He has a lot of mercy.

Sangatikaran is that Acharya should not get upset. You should be happy with your seva.

God is pure and is away from sins. He wants you to listen with focus and away from vices. These mantras are enough for you to even do uddhar for several generations.

These are serious and mysterious names.

Without Vyakhya there is nothing. We should always remember the name of God in morning and evening. It is continuously inside you. You have forgotten in in worldly deeds but people don’t believe. Slowly you get knowledge. If God helps you then.. God is saying that I protect you day and night. You should do jaap of his name. You will get good vrittis and destroy sorrows.

The subject of these mantras is aayu. Priya of everyone is God. If someone loves Him or no, He loves Him. Even He gives food to those who don’t believe in Him. However the results are given accordingly.

He who is beloved of all. He should be praised from Ved mantras. the worldly prayers are man made. When the earth is created then Vedic knowledge comes. No one except Him can share the qualities of God. He is Omnipresent. He doesn’t have body. He is sharing His qualities in Vedas. You need to consider whether you should follow what is shared by God or by humans. Na abhavo.. you should follow what His immortal qualities and not what are given by humans.

If we follow Vedic path, listen or sing, then He removes your vices. Jigyasu’s vices get removed. People who like anger, pride, etc then why should he leave them? If you know that these are your enemies then only you will leave them. Only two leave – those who want to come to Vedic path and also who start hating them.

Who can you be in love with? The love happens because of qualities. In 99% cases the qualities of girl and boy are shared before marriage. On the basis of qualities matches are made. Ram and Sita had not met before marriage but had just known their qualities.

If you love body then it is physical charm only and it will vanish away. The body gets old. If the love is with the soul then it remains the same.

If God had body then He would get old and die. You cannot make a hole in the air. God is even inside the air. Why is He inside? In case of electricity, wire is sthool and current is suksham.

If He wasn’t omnipresent then how will the world run? Stuti is done by Rishis and Munis. Ajanma, Ekras, for unlimited time you are giving the knowledge of Vedas. These are very deep Vanni.

It you put aahuti in the house of the Rishi then you are close to God. If you do Manan from Vedmantras then God increases your age. If you keep hearing qualities of God then you will start loving Him.

You should have love with family etc but you should just do good deeds and love God.

We should our aahutis, do Naman, etc. then He will increase your age. God may spread the knowledge of Vedas to various people in the world so that there age may also increase.

God has given a lot of knowledge. Brakuti kasi ho – these are all sins. God is explaining how should be your house. It should have money, ras, food, etc. It should have happy mudra, sweet voice.. you should not remain hungry and thirsty. We should not be scared. We should stay happily in family life. People are scared that what may happen next. It is the fault of administration that we are not implementing Vedic rules. Otherwise no administration wants crime.

Hey Acharya! (Agni is used for acharya) with tapah (control sense organs by Bramcharya, Yajyen, etc) with concentration and we tolerate hot and cold weather happily. Yajurveda is saying that we should keep doing tapah. Whose Asan is getting siddh then he doesn’t get bothered by hot and cold. Don’t get caught in this kaam, Krodh, etc.

We are coming to you with tapah. I have seen some disciples with a shant swabhav – with these disciples acharya is pleased. They come near his heart. Guru should accept you with joy (for what you are and do in and outside ashram). Then your age will increase. Sadhna, Asan pranayama, Havan, sometimes Yajyen, do family duties, keep acharya happy, etc with that we come close to you and we, after we keep listening to Vedas, we become priya for Vedas. You need to take out dirt from inside you (greed, etc). When Ved mata loves you then you have a long life and your medha becomes out of the world.

Oh Acharya! We may be close to you and keep doing Tapasya. You don’t need to come close for at least 50 years in current time. Now keep listening to the broadcast. If you can’t keep doing then your life is useless.

No one can stay with Rishi. Those who stay permanently and do service, they have control over their sense organs then they surely realise.

Oh Acharya! We keep listening to the knowledge of Vedas and we may have a long life and our medha May become superior. You should remember this mantra. The explanation shared is extremely important.

Yajyen isn’t happening. People don’t understand. People are dying of hunger and there is a shortage of water. God has made a rule that there shouldn’t be a shortage of food and water. We should do Yajyen and be thankful to God. When British and Vasco de Gama came they saw that the country was prosperous.

The reason for the downfall was the kings of that time. We shouldn’t blame BJP or Congress. There will be timely rain.

Rishis compiled knowledge if someone understands and follows that then there won’t be a shortage of water, ghee, honey, etc.

People don’t do Yajyen, don’t listen and don’t understand. In the past yuga bees never attacked.

You should follow the right path of Vedas. If sanyasi keeps following the rules then his sanyas will not go in vain.

Namkaran is done from Vedas. The one who says the name gets punya and the one whose name it is also gets punya. You have seen many words in Vedas that famous personalities have been named from.

We may become Bhagwan – the Ved Vani that gives pleasure (Bhagwati) and we get all pleasures.

The voice that removes us from sins and sorrows (Ved Vani).

On Amavasya whomsover who sits with Vidvaan then this amavasya makes our Yajyen purn, gives money and gives good children. You should sit with Rishi and do Yajyen. Those who do Yajyen in amavasya then they get sukh.

Alankar – Yogis do Yajyen

With lack of knowledge
God has said to listen Vedas from ears. It’s not difficult to hear.

Amavasya please fulfil our desires and we may become owner of wealth.

Poornmasi if someone Yajyen at nivas sthan then the person realises God. Our past karmas that give us sorrows, will get destroyed.

Vedas have shower of amrit for Jigyasu.

Doshon ka nash, etc. we should try to become Adhikari. We should leave our faults.

The wealth increases with the public with Yajyen. Now people have forgotten God then they get sorrows and not happiness. God is one which God calls God.

Sukritas lokam- we may get a good birth next. You should pay attention to your deeds.

Indramhuve – I call upon God then one is full of Aishwarya.. again and again. We call Him everyday – give us knowledge and realisation. Sit near Acharya and call Him.

To take time, to control your vices, etc is difficult it’s not difficult to realise Him. The God who destroys enemies, please destroy my faults. A lot of people have called you and they have realised You. Please appear in us as well and give us pleasure. Make an attempt to get over your vices and God and acharya is pleased with you. What to do with people who don’t try?

Those who are putting Aahutis (near and far) and those listening are fortunate.

God you have tej, give this tej to me. Please appear in us. God will protect you.

Go towards God, He accepts that you are doing Yajyen then you get His blessings.

You will become powerful by putting aahutis of a lot of mantras. You get away from yonis.

When you eat in dreams, you will be just like what you were when you sleep. These are false but they give you pain, like pain in joints. If you keep doing Yajyen then your bad dreams will get destroyed. If you get a bad dream then you can share with acharya then the effect is destroyed.

God has left no subject in Vedas. He has even covered the topic of dreams. People go to tantriks etc and they use the opportunity to cheat you. Only a knowledgeable of Vedas can guide you appropriately.

You should have a long life. You keep calling God here or at homes.

Vastu word has been taken by Vedas but people have misused it to cheat. God has advised to create a parapet wall and also ensure proper ventilation. God is everywhere and it doesn’t matter in which direction you keep one room or another.

Rain oh God! Let it be everywhere.

Those who are waiting for Yajyen to start may meditate on Gayatri Mantra while waiting. They will get a lot of benefit. Those who are doing service before Yajyen may continue to do so.

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