Swamiji performed the weekly Yajyen conducted on every Sunday. In his divine preach from Vedas, he said:

Food, money, etc. do not matter as much. Without Yajyen, you cannot live. These days the world does not do Yajyen. So, Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar (Sage Nanak says that the whole world is unhappy). You will not find anyone in European countries, China, USA, etc. who is truly happy. Even if the person is very rich, they will have some problem or the other.

These are the rules that are made by God. We do not listen to the rules and hence we do not follow the rules of God. You don’t listen or you listen and ignore them. Sri Krishna says that this Vedic knowledge and importance of Rishi is not understood by anyone even if they hear. Without knowing the importance of Rishi people cannot know about God and Vedas.

Those who have knowledge of Vedas only that Guru can give knowledge about God and Vedas. If someone does not know Vedas then they will not know what is God.

God has explained His swaroop (form) in Vedas. If we do not do Yajyen, havan or listen then you cannot be happy. The rule is that if we do not know the rules of Vedas and implement them, then the money that you earn is the leftover from demons. The food and then things that you get from that money are also leftover from demons. This includes your house, bed, clothes, etc. Eating the same leftovers makes us demons as well. We do not get the knowledge of worshipping God, etc. and we start considering us superior. This is the result of leftovers.

If we do Yajyen and do devpooja (including service to Rishi), havan, etc. then our money, food, age, etc. will increase. It means that the pleasure that you were not supposed to get in this birth because of your deeds, you will get those pleasures. You cannot live without Yajyen but you can live without money and food, since money and food will come automatically. You should know these things. You may know since you hear Vedas. People criticize Vedas and Rishi.

God says that I am alone but I am all powerful. All those who are against Vedas, as many of them can be, I can destroy them in a fraction of a second. I will take away everything. It is God’s rule that those who are sajjan (noble), He protects them. Those who go against Vedas, He destroys him.

If we leave Yajyen and try to get all pleasures then you will get nothing. The next yonis (births) will be even worse. With Yajyen only there is pleasure and fulfilling of destroys. It is the navel. Yajyen goes to Yajmaan. When you do do Yajyen it benefits Yajmaan and others. It goes to God also and He gives blessings as His children are doing Yajyen.

Yajyen is the best deed and you should do Yajyen. Yajyen also means service. It will take some time for everyone to understand. You have bad sanskaars from previous births. Even if you are listening now and the broadcast is going to the world, it is difficult that it comes to practice. People adjust themselves to worldly things and get nuksaan (loss). You should adjust to Yajyen.

Sri Ram did Yajyen throughout his life and for everything. When it was announced that he will be the king then he immediately did Yajyen along with his wife. When it was announced that he has to go the forests, he did Yajyen. When the public was with him to restrict him and to bring him back, he did Yajyen. He did after reaching the forest. He did Yajyen both times daily in every situation. Till 81 years, it is known that he did Yajyen both times. It is the insult to Sri Ram and Sri Krishna that we say that we worship them and do not follow them. The knowledge that they have given to speak lovingly, do havan, etc. we don’t follow. We say your name and collect money, and use them for our benefit.

Yajyen makes your life happy. Other materialistic programs you can do later. If you do Yajyen then the even agriculture will prosper. With little land, a lot of output will happen. Good disciples do work proactively. It also inspires others to perform service. It will benefit their family and children immensely.

This service to cow and fields of Rishi is coming for a long time. We should not do attachment and dvesh (hatred). If you do not service then the body becomes full of diseases.

Service is Yajyen. The inspiration to come for Yajyen from inside you actually comes from God. People try to stay in Ved Mandir but I do not allow them like so-called saints do. It does not happen in Vedic path. If you cannot serve your parents and cannot earn money that means that you are lazy. If you come for Yajyen during Purnmasi and Amavasya then you brighten your future.

This knowledge comes from Yajyen only. People listen and still do not understand. There are many intelligent people who immediately understand. If a Rishi asks you to leave Yajyen or havan, immediately leave. If you do not listen then you get a sin that you need to bear.

In case a Rishi comes to your home and you are doing havan then immediately get up and do namaskaar. If he allows then you do havan, otherwise don’t. People earlier would listen to Rishis and also become Rishis. This is a difficult path. You should get up, be alert and realise. This path is like you are walking on a sword. It is such a difficult path. It is as serious like sea. It is difficult path as it is not what is liked by mind. The religions of today are usually appeal to the mind. There is no restriction as well.

In Vedic path you need to remember and become intelligent. The Vedic path puts stress on mind and intellect. You need to do sadhna, asan, naam jaap, etc. There is a big difference. You should not doubt if Rishi stops Yajyen in between. Service is bigger than anything. People have realised by service without doing Yajyen, asan, prannayam, etc. Upamanyu realised by just serving his Rishi’s cows. If someone cannot do service then he is lazy and dalidari (perpetual lazy), and spreads laziness.

If someone enters the family of a Rishi then the person realises God, if it takes one birth or hundred years. If a Rishi’s family member stays with a Rishi for a long time then he goes towards the path of becoming a Rishi. They have previous births’ sanskaars.

If someone sleeps for long then sun eats his buddhi like a wolf devours a prey. The rule of God is that if you don’t get up in the morning then the buddhi becomes bhrast. Mann, vachan and karm – from these three prannam is done.

Your indriyaan should do Yajyen – 5 gyan, 5 karm, mind and intellect – all of them should do Yajyen. We are born for this. When we get stupidity then we get engaged in dirt. They make themselves very dirty. Avidya is considering impure as pure. There is no one impure than you.

Yajyen eradicates pollution. It makes money, food, etc. pure. Yajyen is service. It comprises of devpooja, sangatikaran and daan. It creates purity till divyalok.

If India does Yajyen like earlier times then the environment will become pure throughout the world and even till moon and sun. With Yajyen the earth is stable. Without Yajyen diseases, calamities, etc. spread. It spreads unlimited pleasures. You should increase pleasures by Yajyen.

People say that you make this vegetable today. It will give pleasure. But the real source of pleasure is Yajyen. You do Yajyen then every vegetable will give pleasure. Purity and taste is spread by Yajyen. Anytime that comes here, people eat by love and pleasure.

Yajyen gives pleasure. Increase it and pleasures will increase. You should never leave it. God says that I will not let you get peace and pleasure. Knowledgeable of Vedas (Rishi) and you should never leave Yajyen. Yajyen is spreading happiness. It is giving all pleasures. Both shouldn’t leave them.