Swamiji conducted Yajyen on Shriti Samvat 1 Arab, 96 Crore, 7 Lakh, 53 Thousand and 121st Year from the start of this creation. In his divine preach, he shared:

Today is the first day of Shristi Samvat. Vikrami Samvat and other calendars are man-made. It is made by human beings. It is destroyable. Shristhi Samvat is made by God. The age of creation is finite and is specified in Yajyen Karm book. It has description of every yugas. Like Kalyug is 4,32,000 yugas. It is mentioned in the book. You should read it. If you remember it then you will become Vidvaan. I keep describing it several times. This knowledge is very important. These are made by God and to listen that is sukh.

Reading Rishis books is punya. It decides whether the soul will go to a good birth. Your Yajyen – devpooja, sangatikaran and daan, good deeds, service, etc. decide your next birth. If you are doing good deeds then it is great otherwise God punishes. Earlier also the creation was like this only. God had fixed (nishchit) that today is the first day and shriti samvat. The age of this creation is 1 arab 96 crore 7 lakh 53 thousand 121 years. It is shriti samvat. It is a great calculation. Today is shristi samvat. We do Yajyen every year and celebrate the new year. That is man-made (of Vikrami Samvat). We should celebrate as per Shristi Samvat. I will try that next time we will do Yajyen according to Shriti Samvat, which has been made by God.

You should write Shriti Samvat in the books, etc. when you take notes. You should write the date as well. We will keep both Shriti Samvat and Vikrami Samvat. If you want to be with the world, you should keep Vikrami Samvat. Today is the first day of Shriti Samvat. One disciple had written and I had chetna that we should do Yajyen. Next year we will do large Yajyen on Shriti Samvat. Whenever you put aahutis, they will benefit you. You donate in Yajyen also. You have the blessings of God that you keep donating. It all goes to God. Oh Yajyen, go to God!

Rishi has to do other work in the same vritti. Do not worry about strength and vritti. You should listen very carefully. These are priceless vachan. A yogi, rishi who has the experience of realisation, no one can match him. It has been described in shastras. Kapil Muni has written in Sankhya Shashtra – God is formless. He doesn’t have a mouth. He cannot speak. He makes those who have realised Him, speak. He says priceless sentences. Six Shashtras are true. Humans lie. In spiritualism, God has not given importance to the creations by men. Atharvaved has said that do not read the books written by humans. There will be an element of lie in them. God has explained this in Vedas.

At an older age, service of Acharya is required.

Yajyen makes everything pure. Tapasya purifies every part of the body. The soul starts realising itself. Right now we say that we are soul but we do not have the experience. You will get the experience. You do service and your service is great. Some serve by body, mind, money or soul. All are punyavaan souls. You should immerse yourself in service and devotion. Many of the disciples have come in Devyoni. Their next birth sanvar gaya (has become fulfilled). You may get all pleasures. May all jad devtas (non-alive devtas) give you pleasure. For it, service is required.

Many illnesses have come. To stop them, Yajyen is required. Acharya is sharing what God is sharing. If you have faith on God then you will know what God is saying. God is saying that if you do Yajyen then air, earth, etc. will get pure. No one knows what God is. God is the one who, God Himself calls as God in Vedas.

At the end of 40th adhyaye it says, “Om Kham Brahm”. Mankind can say anything that is not God. Valmikiji has described God. He creates and does palan (nourishment) of the earth. If you get faith and know that if you do Yajyen then everything will get pure. People ignore Rishi and God.

God is what you are singing from Vedas. It is the stuti (praise) of God. God is inside the soul as well. You do praise of God. He gets pleased. You should have faith and purity towards Rishi. You have the time to sanvarne (get fulfilled). You should do Yajyen. You should please Rishi. If you do not please Rishi then it is a big sin. It is in Vedas. Everyone should listen.

You shouldn’t be scared of Corona. You do Yajyen and havan. You have done a lot of Yajyen in your life. You live in the circle of Ved Mantras. You have the blessings of Guru. Everything will be fine. You should know that it is proper to stay at home. The disease is outside. If you go outside then you will bring the disease inside. If you stay inside then how will it enter? If you go out then you will not have impact but then also be careful. If you go out for important work then you should go bravely while remembering God.

All parts of body become pure by Yajyen. How will Corona enter?

You have been asking God for a long time for food, etc. If you do not get one day then you will get another day. You shouldn’t panic. You should do havan everyday and ask God (for food, etc.) These are essentials of life.

The base of purity is Vedmantras and Yajyen. Yajyen has unlimited qualities. It increases money, pleasure, etc. It is a benevolent deed. It gives benefit to the entire world. Since only a few do Yajyen then the benefit is little and it does not give complete benefit to everyone. It will benefit you since you are the karta (doer). You donate money, serve acharya, etc. All you serve in your own way. Service is foremost. God has said – devpooja. Acharya devobhava. The biggest status if of acharya. He is a tapasvi, Rishi, Muni, Samadhist, etc. There is no doubt. There have been so many in this world. This land is Devyajani since many people have become Dev on this earth and have done Yajyen, hence this is called Devyajani. They do Yajyen on this land. To become Dev is difficult and possible after many births. It is possible to come to Devyaan Marg in one birth. Leave your vices. ‘Om Vishwani Dev Savitar Duritani Parasuva’. You become Devi and Devta. Vivaanso he devah. Keep making an effort. Keep doing Yajyen. Keep doing havan at home. To come to the adobe of a Rishi has a special benefit. It is not possible now. After this Corona goes, and the government clears that you can move around. I have given a strict instruction to everyone not to come here.

You should do the manan of the mantra ‘Oh Ishetvorje Tva’. I have shared the meanings. To be away from Corona there is “ma va ayaskshma’ – Ayaskshma is infectious diseases. May infectious diseases may not come on the earth. There are others like no thieves, etc. It is for the pleasure. For pleasure people are eating nice things, wearing expensive clothes, etc. For soul, no food, clothes, etc. are required. For soul, Brahmodanam – Vedas mantras are required. If you do Yajyen and havan then these infectious diseases will not be come near you. You should be without worries. Just keep doing havan. These orders come from God and Guru only shares.

You should have faith on God. You should read the books by Rishis that your ultimate aim is to realise God. You should do the deeds to realise God. That’s why you should listen Vedas from acharya. You should understand and imbibe them in your life.

You should listen to these mantras daily. Sometimes I share the meaning also. These mantras will protect you. You should keep aahutis in havan. There are great disciples who serve from near and far. From their service ashram is running. Otherwise everyone will become narkgaami (they will go to bad yonis). Rishis will remain Rishis. God will give them everything. There are many people who are sinners. If they start coming on the right path then they will also improve.

People think that tapasvis are just like us. Why do they get more respect? How can a tapasvi who has done intense practice from several births, be like you? These thoughts are bad. God says that these tapasvis should be served. People who have jealousy and doubts towards them are sinners. Service is the biggest. You should keep checking if you insult others or get angry otherwise everything is gadbad (mess).

I have given blessings that all of you may get Dev Yoni. You should not be scared. Due to service the age is under control. We should focus on sadhna. It is the duty of everyone to serve the learned of Vedas. If they serve, then then yoni improve. One can even realise. A sevak is the one who is always immersed in service.

Doubts destroy soul. If you do not doubt then you will get Vedic knowledge. This is Yajyen. In it dev sit. They have the jyoti (light) of God. The jyoti makes them speak. This action happens nowhere else. Dev is Rishi, Muni, Tapasvi, Yogi, etc. The knowledgeable of Vedas is Vidvaan. He has the experience of ashtang yog. He is called Dev. Dev make humans Dev.

Gurubaani says about this – Balihari Guru Aapne, Jo Haadi Sad Baar, Jin Manush Te Devta.. I was an ordinary man or woman. I have been made a Devta or Devi. This is all as per Vedas.

This situation should be that we should meet Dev and there is Yajyen and Pravachan. Today is New Year’s Day. You people know. Most people do not know. God has made this samvat. God has made it. People have made Vikrami Samvat. It starts from the 1st day when the creation is made. God gave this. Arya kept noting it. After that the knowledgeable of Vedas calculated. Those who have realised can get the meaning from inside them. Vedas are formless. Rishi Munis are able to calculate themselves. They bring it from inside.

When the creation happens, there are two things – One Vedic knowledge and the other is prakriti. Rishis voice gives pleasure. Rajo Tamo Sato’s samyaavastha is called Prakriti. This is the voice of God. If you get something else in your buddhi (intellect) then your ship will sink (beda gark). You should get Vedas inside you.

At the time of the creation, God uses Vedic knowledge and prakriti. Creation is when the power of God works in prakriti then it ends mahapralay. The pralay period ends. Then the night happens and the day doesn’t come.  With the blessings of God, night becomes. It is maharatri. Then movement happens in prakriti – a sea of atoms happen. Like you mind is lifeless. When the soul comes then it starts working. First atoms happen of rajogun, satogun and tamogun. From prakriti God made samvatsar and then day is made, and the circle of day and night starts. Then days, weeks, months, etc. happen. We have done Yajyen today of Shritisamvat. In between they keep happening.

This creation is made by God. God is the swami (owner) of the creation. I have shared it earlier as well that He is the owner of the creation. He makes the creation and also does palna (nourishment) also. I have shared the knowledge of four Vedas with you. He makes the creation and does nourishment also. If you remember Him properly then your stay nourished and protected. Many good things happen. The health, etc. remains fine. He is the biggest doctor as per Rigved.

You have understood that when this sea of atoms happened after that years, months, nights and days were made. God is the creator. These sun, moon, etc. were made just like they were before creation. It is just like it was in earlier creations. Whenever the creation is made, there is maharatri (great night). Then God creates a seas of atoms from prakriti. Then He makes the creation out of that. Days, nights, etc. are made. He creates sun, moon, space, etc. like before. He creates several lokas. He will keep doing it again. Again pralay will happen, and the creation will be made again, and He will provide nourishment. This will keep happening. No one can stop this.

That’s why you should become a true devotee of God and Rishi so that you get salvation. Sri Krishna has said in Geeta that ‘Janm Mrityu Jara Vyadhi Dukh Dosha Anudarshanam’ Hey Arjun! Birth happens and the person dies. Then it goes to different yonis. It gives pain and there is fault (dosh) in it. There are many problems in that. That’s why Arjun, you should become a Yogi, Dev.. don’t stay just stay a man. After listening to this updesh (discourse), he has become amar. With the blessings of God, a very good Yajyen on Samvatsar has got complete and knowledge has been shared. Whenever the mauj happens, I will do Yajyen again – maybe in morning or evening. You are all sevak and sadhak. You have faith on God and Guru. You and your family are protected from all sides.