Swamiji shared his preach during weekly Yajyen. In his divine preach, he said:

Yog Vidya is learnt to practice. People should take time for Yog Vidya. At least 1 to 1.25 hours in morning and evening in Grahasthya Ashram. Sanyasi has a lot of time. He can do 3-4 times per day.

Jigyasu should listen, understand and follow. Shrat-dha – truth is formless God. He has divine qualities. To have faith on God is only Shraddha. Vedas doesn’t say to have faith on something else. We should have Shraddha on God. Like a hungry person years for food, similarly we should for listening Vedas from Rishi.

We have come in the world like someone has put a black gag over our eyes and have been left in a forest. We do not know which path to take. A person who is gagged will not know where a path is leading. It may go to a city or in deep forest. If someone tells him the way then only he will be away from sorrows otherwise it is just sadness.

In this world people are caught in sorrows and wait for death. Unless we get guidance from a Rishi, we will not get knowledge. We do not do study for us, spiritualism is a very serious matter. All the problems will end if they focus towards true spiritualism – Vedas.

Every religion spends billions every year to promote their books. A lot of people in the world are praying. However, ravages of hatred are increasing. If Vedas come now then you can keep religion also. Vedas makes your buddhi pure. They destroy illusion.

Yajurveda 40/9th mantra:

Asambhuti – prakriti. It is the samya avastha (they are not doing anything, like someone is sleeping) of rajogun, satogun and tamogun.  No creation is happening then it is the time of destruction. When prakriti is in its original form and rajogun, satogun, tamogun are not doing their work. This stage is called prakriti. After the time of pralay happens, they become active. When the soul leaves the body it doesn’t come back.

Due to the power of God these qualities seem that they are alive. Then the creation happens.

People get into the influence of avidya if they worship prakriti. The scientists are engaged in discovery. Einstein did good things but he made the mistake of not following the spiritual path. He regretted later. He said that I couldn’t worship then one that made him a scientist.

Those who are engaged in just scientific study in the end they go empty handed. They will not have peace and pleasure. The education is of no use if it doesn’t have spiritualism. If they don’t even have good education, they can also do do well on spiritual path. More than that people will go in deeper darkness who worship the products made from prakriti (sambhutyan rathaha). Everyone dies one day. Those who are immersed in the products made of prakriti – poverty, palaces, gold, etc. – they go in deeper darkness. God will give them even more sorrows. This is when they forget God. You should use these products with detachment and follow the Vedic path. No one knows this secret since they do not listen Vedas. You should remember what sambhuti and asambhuti.