Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras, conducted weekly on Sundays and Mondays. In his divine preach, he shared:

God is one. Until knowledge is given, it cannot be obtained. Where did this knowledge come from? The knowledge comes from Vedas. You can take religious book from any religion. Any true knowledge it contains, it will be from Vedas. What they have written on their own, it doesn’t tally.

The prayer is that we may get the knowledge of Vedas in our buddhi. You are our children. It is a matter of great pleasure that you know the importance of Yajyen from Yajurved. It has 40 adhyaye. You have heard 40 adhyaye from your ears.

If the whole world just does study of 1/1 and 40/1 mantras of Yajurved, and also does Yajyen.. Who do you worship? You should answer that we worship the God who was worshipped by your ancestors. This knowledge you won’t understand till you hear. YOu will not get knowledge. The knowledge compes from Vedas.

1/1: All my gyan and karmindriya should unite with the best deed – Yajyen. Why will God not be happy with you? God has given this mantra. You leave Yajyen and I have left you to get sorrows. It is your dharam that you should take knowledge from Vedas and do Yajyen. By doing Yajyen, wealth increases. Anyone rich without Vedas get sorrows from wealth.

If the professor writes a book that means he has studied something. Just like that there are other books.

We will get peace by Yajyen. Shabri had no money but had great peace. Sri Ram had a lot of wealth. His praise if done by tapasvis, it will touch your heart.

If someone listens the right qualities of Sri Ram from Valmiki Ramayan then there will not be anyone in this country that will not bow down to him in respect.

At the when Ramayan was written then Valmikiji, Sri Ram and Narad were alive. He has written many gunns of Sri Ram. If they listen his quaities till the end there will not anyone who will not respect him.

We need the truth. Now both sayer and listeners are rare.

In Yajyen parents are served. They are not left in old age home.

Vedas leave no doubt. It has not been said that you serve the Guru. God says that you serve the Rishi. God says that I make them Rishi. This title is given by God. When you have understood then you get Yajyen done. Agnimeede – say the name of God first. Wish for Him first and then do any work. The best way to remember God is to do Yajyen. God is alive. When you do Yajyen then you get the blessing that the work will happen without interruptions and will be with pleasure.

If you read the true books like shashtras, Geeta, etc. then you will join with Vedas only.

You have the right to get the pleasure of realising God. Vedas say the same. You should go towards it and also try to get others to join. When someone progresses, you should be happy. You will also progress. If you have hatred towards them then your progress will stop.

Shastras are great since those who have written them were Rishis who had realised God. They have said that after getting the knowledge from them you should join Vedas. People have vested interest in promoting other books and they did not join with Vedas.

One day you will not just be a student and one day you will become a teacher.

You benefit others by doing Yajyen. One Yajyen gives benefit to three lokas. Pleasure is in Yajyen. Almighty God is the source of divine pleasure. God is the source of pleasure. You should have money – God is saying that. If you worship God then you will get money. If you worship money then if you get because of past birth’s deeds then it will give you pain.

If you do not do Yajyen then you get dooshit (impure) food, money, etc. You should prepare to leave. No one stays here permanently. After 50-60 give the remaining age to God and Rishi. Prepare that you need to leave the body.

You may get extension in job but not in lifespan. What answer will you give when you are leaving the body?

You should bring knowledge to practice. That is true knowledge. Sri Ram did not leave Yajyen even for a day. Wealth comes from Yajyen. The meaning of Ram Rajya was Yajyen, people used to follow their duties, there was justice, etc.

God says that we may leave all bad deeds. We should learn truth from Vedas. I am sorry to say that you read any other religious book. You will not gain any pious result. This rule is in Vedas. If someone understands then they will get alert. Life is very small and it has a lot of interruptions. We can’t even think of such things. We should follow Vedic path and remove problems of others as well. This one mantra is quite astonishing. There is a lot of worship but we can see that there are so many bad deeds. Some of these are not revealed. We have to remove these and then only our country will become a golden bird.

Agnihotra does poorti. You can do naman of God in several mantras. God is prakat is Yajyen. You can do prayers during Yajyen. Your desires get fulfilled.

Do Yajyen and God will give wealth, and all pleasures. It is His vow. If you are after just wealth then he will give sorrows, even after giving wealth. God’s rules are applicable. It is His creation. Apart from jewels, He gives food as well. Jewels are useless if you do not have food. Do not worry about time delay in Yajyen otherwise God gets upset. He gives so much. You compile so much capital (poonji).

If someone understands Yajyen then you get carefree. You can’t come just like this. You get inspiration from God. Wherever you go, Rishi protects you. Without understanding you will not become Vidvaan and you won’t be able to explain what is Yajyen to anyone.

Age also increases by Yajyen. You also give pleasure to everyone. You should make an effort apart from worship. You should do good deeds and stay away from adharm. God helps those who help themselves.

You should control your anger. It is the big enemies of humans and humanity. In anger all the bad deeds happen. This path is of love and worship. It is through sadhna and control over sense organs. It needs love of soul. Sita worshipped her guru Shatanand.

The knowledgeable of Vedas may give us peace. We must like their pravachan. It is a sin to cause interruption. Anyone who listens is called tapasvi. We should listen with concentration of mind. We should be away from kshipt, vikshit, moodh, etc. These are not accepted by God. Keep your anger and greed under check.

You are not paying attention since you do not find the sentences of a Vidvaan lovable. You make such an effort that you are able to chant mantras. You can read from the book also and have ekagrah vritti. It will give pleasure in your life.

In shipt, vikshit, etc. vritti one should not sit in yogabhyas and Yajyen. As many times you say swahah and put aahutis, you get the benefit of tapah.

You should get beneficial thoughts in your mind. That benefit you and benefit others as well. Those who come to the adobe of Rishis then they get extra benefit. You can increase life and pleasure by Yajyen.

Till the 6th mantra you have heard about Vayu. You can hear Vedas in any language and imbibe them in your life. Then you go into Dev Yoni. It is a big mistake that people are not listening to Vedas and they do not know the purpose of their life. In Vedas there is no favourism or pretense. It teaches everything. Without listening you will not understand. God has made Vayu (air) as well. There are many cyclones and hurricanes. You can imagine how powerful the one that has made air is. God has done dharan of us (like someone is wearing clothes). The owner of souls and bodies is God.

When the creation is made then there are no parents. God made everything and also put souls and prann. But everything stayed like a statue. Then when He entered and everything started moving. Like God has done dharan of everything, and He gives us every object of the world. You have generated every item of the world. You rear us also (do our palan poshan). We may realise you.

We should search for Him inside us. He is everywhere but we can realise Him inside us only.