Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen from Ved mantras conducted on every Sunday and Monday. In his divine preach, he shared:

About Ram it is said that he did crores of Yajyen. It is the biggest duty. You should take out time and do the stuti of God with Ved Mantras. As much as stuti and prarthana, upasana you can do in this life, and as much as yogabhyas you can do. You should remember for which work you have come, and you should do it – to remember God. The age of one earth is 4 arab and 32 lakh years. When this period ends, then pralay happens.

If you do not do bhakti then you get bad bodies. For 4 arab and 32 lakh years, the soul keeps roaming from one body to the other. Those who do bhakti they realise God. People have left Vedic dharam. This is the only path to get over life and death. These souls (who do not follow Vedas) will be away from human body. It is a big sorrow that they will keep getting non-human births.

You should remember all these things.

It is remember to learn the worldly studies. It is for the body. What you learn in Yajyen, it stays with you.

It is like you are getting posted in a transferrable job from one place to the other. Similarly, you keep roaming from one body to the other. The soul gets continuously bothered. There are so many animals who are born and then they die, and then they go to other yonis.

If someone after being born as a human being, does not do worship of God then till they are in the body, they will be sorrowful and even after that. For 4 arab 32 lakh years, it will be in various bodies. When the world ends, it will be in shusupt avastha. When the period of pralay ends then creation happens. They keep waiting that when they can get a body. When they get the body then only anything can be done.

Without worship of God there is no joy. If they still fail after getting human body then they will again go in sorrows. It is important to listen Vedas. It removes all doubts and people become vidvaan or vidhusi (knowledgeable of Vedas). As per Vedic philosophy, you can do Yajyen anytime.

With Rishis blessings, Yajyen gets complete.

By listening sins of several births get destroyed. By listening you get new light of knowledge. People who do not know the secret they think that aahutis have got over and Yajyen is over. If we do not listen to the meaning of Ved Mantras properly then punya gets reduced. It will become tap. If you remember the meanings then you can become Vidvaan and Tapasvi. You should listen and do uccharan then the light of knowledge comes. You also know the meanings of the words. You should take out time. Now you can listen at home with broadcast. You should remember and write. It will help you get over this yoni.

This is a superior yoni (of human beings) as you can cross over by havan, Yajyen, tapasya, etc. It is the wonder of this yoni that if you follow Vedic path then you will not be born in other yonis.

Blessings come from the mouth of Rishis. God has made such a system that they can give blessings.

The knowledgeable of Vedas are with amrit (realization), (Ritajyan) they know the truth – such praise is done by God in Vedas. If people will go to a Rishi then they will know the meaning of these mantras. They are with divine qualities, worshippable..  They may give us knowledge and protect us always.

They have realised God after several births of Vedic sadhna. In Samadhi they become amrit. Their body will not die again and again.

These days’ people respect very less. Such a time has come that so-called sadhus has created havoc. Because of these false saints, if even a good sadhu is going on the street then people will say that he is false. Even though he will not be affected it has tarnished the image.

There are many examples of Ved Mandir and of earlier times that people who come in Yajyen are protected and the lifespan increases. God has put such Brahmjyaan in the mantras of Swastivachan that you may stay with pleasure.

Karnbhed Sanskaar gives the sanskaar to follow both spiritual and materialistic path.