Swamiji preached during Yajyen from Ved Mantras:

Today very few people are joined with this spiritualism. People are just after money. People don’t listen to Rishis.

Rishis have experience of realising God. Udalak Rishi is telling his son that – you are that. (Tat tvam Asi) his son answered that I didn’t understand the meaning and what you are explaining me.

These days’ wrong definitions are popular. He first said.. Oh son! Like a honeybee brings honey and when many bees make a beehive containing honey then no one can say that which honey is of which flower. It has become one. Like in this world there are many souls, people have different bodies. After birth they have come in their bodies like lion, scorpion, etc. after that they forget their original form. If after doing sadhna, etc. they forget their body and realise that who they are.. tat tvam asi.

They do not forget like a honey where they have come from. Won’t it be nice if they forget like honey in a beehive, and be who they are?

He asked him to get fruit of a banyan tree. He asked him to break it and there were seeds. He asked him to break and ask see what is inside. He said there is nothing.

Rishi explained that inside that there is God that you can’t see. You are not a tapasvi. You haven’t done Sadhna. You think that you are body.

You are unable to understand that you are not body but are a soul. Similarly God is inside you. Like God even soul isn’t visible. That’s our shape (very minute). We are like the body of God. God lives in the body. In body both soul and God live. Men lie. Rishis and Vedas don’t lie.

Your body is destructible. You are soul. There is God inside you. You should worship God who is inside you. Why are you looking outside?

Who believes in Rishis now? We are away from Vedas and God. You can’t understand from books as they are new for you. Earlier there were only Vedas. When the world was made there were only Vedas.

God has said that He has made the earth that is full of joys and even a thorn won’t prick you. Now you have made it dirty by spilling blood and not following Vedas. It was a glory of Yajyen. It has Shakshat Parmeshwar. 5,000 years ago Mahabharat happened.

We are souls and not body. The names are of the body of the soul. When the body goes to the pyre then the name goes.

The name of Sri Ram will stay for a longtime till the present earth stays. At the start of Valmiki Ramayan it is mentioned. It proves that he was not God. As God’s name stays even after destruction.

1 Arab 97 crore years ago this earth was made. Before that also there were many great personalities. Their names would not be known in the current creation.

Soul on realisation becomes stable in his form. Even the shastras written by Rishi Munis cannot give us realisation. They ask you to follow Vedas and serve Rishis. The complete knowledge of yog is in Vedas. Shashtras contain little knowledge of a particular subject. They ask you to unite with Vedas.

Even those who realise and get complete information, they won’t be able to write. They will die before as the knowledge is unlimited.

Satsang is where there is truth and where the knowledgeable of Vedas come and light becomes prakat. We getting united with light and Vedas. He preaches Vedas. Guru Bani also said that Vedas have originated from God. Everyone has accepted. If someone doesn’t accept then God would be unhappy.

You are listening from Vedas and vani of Rishis. It is truth. When you start for ashram then even from home your punya starts. To listen put ashuti donate etc is tap. To have long hair, wear clothes, etc is not tap.

The criteria is whether they have Tapasya or Sadhna. There is no bigger sin than that. He will be saying lies. You have blessings of God that you are listening Vedas. What Rishis say is Agam praman.

The lack of knowledge is only till someone knowledgeable doesn’t give knowledge. I have given you the ways to realise and if you follow then you will realise. Rishi stays with disciples for 5 births.

Vidvaan are those that have knowledge of Vedas. They are Devta and not others.

Today is a misfortune that our children cannot hear Vedas. We hear the name of Vedas but cannot hear someone preaching Vedas.

You listen and chant Vedmantras then you get faith on Vedas.

There were many illiterate that have learnt Vedas and also their meanings. Those who don’t know Vedas are illiterate.

First are those who do not know Sanskrit.

Second are those who do not know the meanings of mantras. They don’t as they don’t hear.

Jigyasu are needed. He can become knowledgeable of Vedas. Crowd can come but Shrota is rare. You should keep listening and then it will keep joining.

Vyakhya of Yajurved etc is Pravachan. I have explained the meaning of these shlok in a book. I have not done criticism but shared what Rishis say after realising. People are giving wrong meanings.

What you say if it tallies with Vedas then it is the truth otherwise false. Without evidence sorrows have spread. Evidence from Vedas is needed. The relatives who have left us you should do Yajyen. 15 generations will benefit.

Soul gets another body as per deeds. Shradh is against Vedas. For 13 days after death it is under then control of sutratma vayu. It has no body and no organs.

There is a need to listen Vedas again and again. You should have good desires, bad desires destroy you. You keep following Vedic path and one day in some birth you will get away from desires. People would go to forests to realise God. Even Shri Ram went.

People have spread wrong notions that forests have nothing. They are the place for realisation. God creates the situation where everything happens for your support. The one who has Sadhna are protected. Those who do Yajyen then you get blessings. The blessings become safal too. God gets pleased by Yajyen then you get many blessings.

You listen and do chanting. God makes your good fortune.

To listen Vedas is Satsang. He doesn’t need any help. He is all powerful. We need his help. Vedic knowledge is endless.

Sat is eternal. (Na abhavo vidvyate). Knowledge is Vedas. It has come from God. It is the truth. If there are stories and jokes it is not satsang. These are the Vedic meanings. Man can say whatever they want.

As many times you are saying Swaha, it is your ghor tap. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. did not spend even a single day with Yajyen. Sri Ram has an amazing story. Even when he went in jungle in the ashram of Vishwamitraji, he said, Ram go to the river, wash your face and hands, do achman and bring samidha (sticks for havan) and would do evening Yajyen. In the morning, he would wake them up at 4:00am and ask them to prepare for morning havan. When they went for banwas (banished to the forests) for fourteen years, they will do Yajyen for 2-3 times per day. After reading Valmiki Ramayan, he Tulsi also wrote, “Kotin Vajmed Prabhu Keene, Daan Anek Dvijen Kah Deene’ – Sri Ram did crores of Ashwamedh Yajyen. Sri Ram’s worshipper does not do even a single Yajyen, it is very strange.

These are all names of God that you put aahutis of. These are out of the world. It is tapasya to chant these alokik names of God from Vedas. It is a big punya to chant and put their aahutis. Both names (to chant and to meditate on) should be used. These are not the names that have been made on this earth. Sri Ram’s naamkarn was done by Vashisht muni. It is the name of the body. We should understand tat tvam asi. You should understand by listening again and again.

You can ask as many questions. Without asking questions truth is not established. I think you are getting scared that I have no time. I am not able to give time to those who don’t deserve. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking for time to meet. The time is for Brahm. Any questions you have, you can write them and ask. I don’t have time for useless talks. I don’t have time even for a minute. I have to take time out. I don’t even get time to meet my family. How people are able to live with me I don’t know since I don’t talk.

I am unable to talk worldly things with anyone. I will like to keep immersed in God. I don’t like to talk about worldly things. It is my stage. I can talk about God the whole day and night. I cannot talk other things.

You need to do Yajyen. You are born for Yajyen. My organs (all 12 indriyen – 5 gyan, 5 karm and 1 mann) should be engaged in Yajyen. You should put in aahutis like this. You should do agnihotra at home as well. It is a great worship of God. Yajyen is like navel of the world. If you do don’t do Yajyen then the navel will be misplaced. The whole world is sitting on gunpowder. There is so much violence everywhere. Yajmaan and his family are automatically protected by Yajyen.

If India, like the ancient times does Yajyen, then this wealth and enemies could harm us. There won’t be any terrorism. We won’t have any enemies and we would have brotherhood with everyone. There would not be theft, dacoity, murder, harassment of older people, etc. These days’ old people staying alone get attacked and robbed. Some people also lose their organs. Everyone with Yajyen would have wisdom and would not have bad thoughts. Without Yajyen, we have to deal with all these things.

People are afraid when they walk on the road. If the children do not come back home in the evening then you become restless. This mantra (Adyadya) is telling you that in day and night, I (God) will protect you if you listen Vedas, do Yajyen, sadhna, etc. You should be without any worries. We do not listen to Vedas and we do not know that God is saying this. We listen to human beings. If there is any book that tallies with Vedas may have some good things but Vedas are original. Vedas say that I protect your family, children and even animals.

It is a matter of pleasure that people listen to Vedas carefully. There are several disciples like that. Money is needed for family life.

You don’t listen to Vedas and hence you don’t get its knowledge. Without listening Vedas, if say that they are difficult, then it is your great sin.

Darshatath – God who deserves to be realised after Vedic sadhna. If you make a statue then Vedas and God do not accept. God is jyotiswaroop (in form of light). You should take out time for God. He has given us everything. We need to listen Vedas. We need to do yogabhyas and naam simran everyday. We need to do havan everyday. Then only you will get realization inside.

Vayuh – God that has unlimited strength. Physical air has strength. Similarly, God also has unlimited strength. He can destroy creation. He punishes those who have committed sins and are against Rishis. He protects those who follow Vedas.

Aaayahi – please appear inside us. God is everywhere. He is realised only in the heart of a yogi. A yogi serves parents, does ashtang yog sadhna, Yajyen, havan, etc. for several births. He does not appear anywhere else.

God is sukshatam (He is even smaller than soul). He does not take avatar. How can you make His photo? We will not know Him without Vedas.

Inehsomah – you have made the materialistic products alankrit (ornate). When the creation happens, everything is still. After God enters then everything becomes moving. There is attraction between opposite genders and similar genders. It is due to presence of God. Gold and Silver shine as God is inside them. Kids of any race look very attractive as God is inside them. One who does not know about God will praise the worldly things but the one who is knows about God will say that it is due to the presence of God.

The mantra says that God has made all the products ornate. You are their protector. Humans have a responsibility to protect forests, air, water, etc. God has made the earth ornate but people have made it dirty by fighting over it. God will give very bad punishment and in current life and future births, they will suffer.

We are calling you in havan/Yajyen. You may listen to our prayers. When we do Yajyen then He listens to us and He doesn’t hear us anywhere else.

The correct pronunciation is Paurnnmasi. You cannot get the punya of Yajyen after spending even crores. You should donate as per your Samarth (potential). On Paurnnmasi, you should do go to the adobe of a Rishi and do Pooja of God.

It should be done with the knowledgeable of Vedas (Dev). God is calculating how much time you are spending in good and bad deeds. One day nakash prishte (you will realise).

You should sit in Yajyen with devotion, love, destroying your bad desires, etc.