Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen, conducted on every Monday. In his divine preach, he said:

The one that we worship today is of Sri Krishna, Hanuman, etc. All these used to study Vedas, do Yajyen, took education of Vedas from Rishi and Munis, did agnihotra, etc. We only worship them but we do not follow Vedas. It is our misfortune. What will we get if we worship them if we do not follow their path?

(Worship) Pooja comes later of God. First you should know what the definition of God is, what are his qualities and who is called God? Then you should worship Him. All the religions made by man are less than 2,500 years old. The eternal everlasting path by God remains forever. Only tapavsi and knowledgeable of Vedas are able to share. Yajyen is Brahm (greatest, omnipresent God), if we do Yajyen then we are worshipping God and are sitting in His shelter. Yajyen is Vishnu. When a Rishi realises God, he experiences that every creation is in God and God is in everyone. God, which is present in every bit of the world, is called God. He is away from sins. He has no body. He is pure – He doesn’t need to be washed. The false gods that we have made today have to be cleaned as they get dirty.

We should know and understand the true form of God. His worship is Yajyen, naam simran, ashtang yog sadhna – people do this rarely. It is rare that someone hears the qualities of God. Rarely someone hears about ashtang yog and practices accordingly. It has been left. It used to happen in earlier yugas. God doesn’t accept self-made worship. Self-made worship has called friction, insult to women, ravages of hatred, violence, etc. has started which shouldn’t happen. It wasn’t there when people followed the path of Vedas. There was no poor person. Now these (violence, etc.) have started on such a large scale that it is difficult to walk on the road. It is difficult to call your home as home. You can get removed from there. There is no daya (mercy) and dharm (responsibility). There used to be Vedic brotherhood earlier. Everyone would be together. 

Only God can share what is called God. If someone tells their name then only you come to know their name. We should understand this knowledge. When the world is made there is non-sexual creation. After pralay God does shristi rachna. At that time no one knows. God Himself tells His name, qualities, worship, and gives every knowledge like deeds, sun, etc. in Vedas. If we do not understand His knowledge and give our own orders it becomes dangerous. It creates rifts and fights.

God does not do any favours. Like wind is created then it is made for humanity. In the last 2,500 religions are made, it works for everyone. Even those who are not believing get wind. The rules of current religions are self-made and have favourism. The rules by different religions differ but God has just made one way for everyone. Like eating non-vegetarian is prohibited for everyone, in religions it differs. People do favourism. God doesn’t do favourism.

If you follow the path of Vedas then you get pleasures, otherwise you won’t.

God that donates prann in the womb of a mother. He donates as soon as the soul comes in the womb. Due to prann only the fetus grows. In 6th month, heart starts working. If it doesn’t then doctor asks to wash out. You should follow Vedas then the baby will be protected.

Since He donates prann then His name is also Prann. (Bhu in Gayatri mantra). The great people that have come on the earth have not donated us prann. God has given it to everyone. He is alolik (out of the world). Due to God only there is blinking of eyes. We do not even come to know. He is just the one king of the world. There are not several Gods, there is just one.

People do not listen to such definitions. Whatever people say, we follow.

For God, we should do aahuti of havi (samagri) and ghee. We are not following the orders of God that’s why we are sorrowful.

We should worship you by Ved Mantras. Kashmir was inhabited by Kashyap Rishi. It is the place where he had done tap. Rishi Munis would do yogabhyas, tap, Yajyen, etc. If we had followed the path of Kashyap Rishi and Yajyen was done regularly. Agnihotra would be done in every house. Yogabhyas would be done. If this was followed then there won’t have been durgati (misery). It was a paradise.

Vedas are applicable on everyone, irrespective of the religion. When Yajyen was done in Kashmir then other brothers from all religions would come and attend. You have stopped following the path of Kashyap Rishi then destruction will surely come. We should not have left the knowledge of Kashyap Rishi. People of all religions would stay there, there would be brotherhood and Yajyen would happen.

Yajyen creates unity. It also unites with God. We have left the knowledge of Kashyap Rishi. There is some selfishness has come or some sect has come from outside that has started promoting non-vegetarian food and other vices.

What will happen if we say that it was the land of Kashyap Rishi? We have not taken his knowledge. Even now if you start doing Yajyen and agnihotra there then it will become a paradise.

When Yajyen happens then mukt jeevatmayen (realised souls) would come. Everything was fine. When Mahabharat war happened then Yajyen stopped and these blessings stopped. Now devtas have stopped coming.

I have explained several granths with you including Mahabharat and Ramayan. Yajyen would happen all over the world earlier. Name a country that is full of pleasure? Pleasure comes by Yajyen. People do not even know that their ancestors would worship earlier by Yajyen and follow Vedas.

Prasuv Yajyam – inspire us to do Yajyen. Like how agni is increasing just like that our family, animals, knowledge of Vedas, food, etc. should spread/increase.

Earlier everyone would pray for this. God is giver, and He used to give blessings and the knowledge of Vedas would spread. Now people have stopped this prayer and the knowledge is not being spread.

Now people even commit murder for wealth. Idamnamam – earlier no one would steal something that will belong to another person. People would pray that it is not ours. Without Yajyen, wealth is leftovers. There is nothing that belongs to me in this world. Everything belongs to God.

Those who do Yajyen have no shortage. My age has increased because of Yajyen that the disciples do for me. You can see the examples that ‘Aayu Yajyen Kalpantam’ – age increases by Yajyen (Tritiya vibhakti, ke dvara), Kalpantam – siddh hoti hai hai. Svah Yajyen Kalpantam (sukh comes by Yajyen). The world is living on Yajyen. It is the navel of the world. When the navel of a human moves then it causes sorrows. When Yajyen doesn’t happen then it causes sorrows. When you do Yajyen then pleasure comes. If you want pleasure then do Yajyen and agnihotra.

You should remove laziness from your body. You should keep checking again and again.

In Yesterday’s mantra, you had seen that ‘Bhavatkripa..dasuse’. Oh God that gives the light of Vedas! The one who gives all knowledge such as nuclear, agriculture, medical – all science has originated from Vedas. You should keep the creation in your mind. Even if an illiterate person hears, he will become knowledgeable. One should go to vidvaan to learn.

I keep repeating and one day you will know. You do not make an effort. If you make an effort then you will remember. It is a great sin in this world. What do you have to learn? From Vedas, you have heard four Vedas multiple times. You should have more knowledge. Vyas Muni is saying that one who doesn’t know creation from Vedas, he shouldn’t be called intelligent.

A mother makes a little child learn language as she speaks. If you keep the child in a cave then he won’t learn. If some religion says that God is one. How did that religion know this? It is the opinion of Rishis – they have done sadhna and realised God. God has given them the knowledge of four Vedas first.

Without giving knowledge, it doesn’t come. People have learnt the same from books. This is not their knowledge. Till the knowledge is not given, it doesn’t come. Any knowledge that is there, if it’s true, has come from Vedas.

As per Sankhya Shatra, you need to give the proof by quoting the Ved mantra. Men lie. You cannot believe in what they have said. Either Vedas or Rishis have to be followed. Rishis are saying the truth on the basis of evidence – they have the experience of that knowledge (like if they write that God is formless, they have experienced Him), and those who are not Rishi Muni, etc. Kapil Muni and others say that everything that he says or writes is false. It is without evidence. Today lies are popular. Where will you see in this world that someone is a Rishi Muni. There are many liars.

You need prataksh, anumaan or agam pranam. If you are saying is truth or lie, it will be checked by the evidence that you are sharing in its support. This rule that is coming from unlimited time, is not in practice now. People say anything about any kind of worship. They do not regard if anything that is tallying with Vedas.

I was explaining this mantra – Oh God that gives the knowledge of Vedas, you give us all knowledge, you give us the knowledge of Vedas that by listening from Rishi, we become knowledgeable. There are fourteen knowledge. To get Som (pleasure) and to also get worldly knowledge, the knowledgeable of Vedas get this 14 kalas. The one who chants (after listening several times), and listen, and follow – you start getting all knowledge, and you start understanding.

If you hear worldly knowledge again and again, you get it too. Even if that knowledge is false. People don’t listen Vedas hence they don’t understand it.

If you listen Vedas and then you chant, you are able to understand this knowledge, and you get all knowledge and also get the knowledge of God. You first get Shabdbrahm and then Parbharm. Shurtam Tapah. You shouldn’t stop listening. You should come in the feet of the Rishi and hear. Who can cancel this? You can also use science to hear. Our disciples are listening the world over. You get more benefit by coming to the house of the Rishi and doing service. This mantra was of yesterday.

In Yajyen you do achman and put aahuti. But the special meaning of Yajyen is devpooja, sangatikaran and daan. The children are praised who do service towards their mother, father, knowledgeable of Vedas and Acharya. These days children are doing durgati (bringing misery) to their parents. They say that they are sending money. Money should be earned but only those who do Yajyen, havan and sadhna should touch it. Rishis say that you touch money, food, etc. without havan/Yajyen, etc. then this is left over from demons. There are problems in every household. There are also problems with children. There are some children who are very good. They have brought good sanskaars from previous births. Maybe they have heard about Yajyen that devpooja, sangatikaran and daan is Yajyen. They keep Acharya pleased with sangatikaran. As per their potential they donate. If someone doesn’t listen to Vedas they won’t understand the secret of serving parents, and how it is a great punya. It is a big sin not to listen to Vedas.

Yajyen happens with sun and air. God has explained that… this light that happens by air and sunrays, we get nutritious food, wealth, etc. With Yajyen, you also get the knowledge where the mineral resources area. Without Yajyen this knowledge stays hidden. God says that with sunlight and air Yajyen spreads and gets good rains and prosperity, and gives pleasure to everyone. Government keeps saying that they will improve agriculture, etc. It has been developed by USA. People don’t die of hunger there but everyone is sorrowful. Yajyen is the source of pleasure. With Yajyen you get pleasure. God says that you will get the eternal truth.

Yajyen is the greatest deed. This is the land of Rishis. Their respect and Yajyen have stopped. There is dacoit, fighting, etc. – you hear bad news every day. You hear about murders, crimes, etc. You hear what was not heard of before. People have forgotten their responsibilities. With the chanting of Ved Mantras, God gets pleased. when someone is reading the book that you have written, you will become happy. These are worldly things which are nashwan.

God is everywhere, when you chant Vedas then He becomes happy. The voice of Vedas comes in the heart of four Rishis and comes from God, speak and hear again and again. You should take advantage of technology. Vedas come from the mouth of a Rishi. People are saying against Vedas, God says I will destroy you. You see my eyes, etc. and you do not believe in me – I will destroy you. The world is sitting on the piles of explosives. We don’t know what will happen next.