Swamiji conducted the weekly Yajyen, conducted on every Sunday. In his divine preach, he said:

The second meaning of Yajyen is service. As much as effort you do, more you will again. If you spread laziness by eating, sleeping and resting.. You think that Rishi is quite dyalu (merciful). One day the rule of God becomes applicable. Whomsoever gets away from service, they will be punished. So many people have been asked to leave. This is Ved Mandir. You need to protect its respect. Do not talk materialistic things after entering the gate. I have been sharing since 1978. People do not follow. I had to ask them to leave. Now they can talk as much as materialistic things as they can.

God has given you knowledge to do Yajyen. I have just shared the knowledge of Vedas. This is your Shraddha and effort that you keep getting Yajyen done. This will make your long life and will improve your future birth.

As long as we live, the elders who have left us, we should do Yajyen for them. The body was burnt on pyre. The Yajyen is for their soul, in whichever body they are.

God has given you pure buddhi. Everyone, it is not just those who are sitting, but everyone who gets Yajyen done. Ordinary people do not get in their mind that they need to get Yajyen done. Your body, mind, intellect, etc. gets devoted to Yajyen.

This path has been made by God that 16 sanskaars should be done. Lifespan increases by Yajyen. You have to think about us and our children that we should keep doing Yajyen. It has unlimited benefits. The requirement for that is fulfilled with a lot of difficulty. It needs Brahma. It is Yajyen otherwise it isn’t. God has explained you with inspiration that Yajyen should be done.

Mrityu is a big khlesh. Yog shashtra sutra avidyaasmitaragdveshabhinevshpanchkalesha. They make you cry and give you sorrows. Death is a big khlesh. You won’t understand, unless you listen Vedas. People do not know what death is. People think that the dead body that they have burnt that only will die. Everytime they are stuck in worldly things. They do not take time for sadhna. They do not understand that they will die one day. In the old age people will take medicines and will try to stay alive. Even his children will insult them then only he will wish that they keep living. They will keep going to bad births. Sri Krishna says that to take births again and again people do not see faults in getting births, dying, sorrows, old age, etc.

If a Rishi stays in a forest after realising then he doesn’t get weakness, diseases, etc. Suteekshan Rishi at the time of Sri Ram had tapasvi body without diseases. Shabri was also healthy and independent. Both of them left their body at their own instance. Even when a Rishi is of a senior age they do not get the signs of old age.

Who cares about the knowledge of Vedas? It is the blessing of God that you can come for Yajyen. It improves even your later births. Rishi also blesses that in 5 births that they may realise. People do not have the desires to get over death. Even at the time of cremation people get messages on their phone to come quickly.

The shelter of God is the shelter of Vedas, those who are under an Acharya. If you see Vedas directly,

I share so many deep things but people do not remember.

There are people who do not know Sanskrit and those who do not want to look at Vedas.

There are others who do not want to look at Vedas who do not know the meaning of pads (words) of Vedas like dev in Vishwani Dev. They say show me an ordinary path and then they destroy themselves.

Sri Krishna says that it will be a surprise that someone looks at Vedas. People have gone against yog and Vedas.

There is promotion done for Upnishads, Puranns and Geeta. They are also in Sanskrit. Their meanings are false. Anything that has been written by Rishi Munis should be translated by Rishi Munis. Others will say wrong meanings. People will preach that Vedas are difficult. Then why are they teaching Sanskrit?

If we develop a habit of listening Vedas from Rishis then the darkness of billion years (sins, lies, etc.) will get destroyed by listening Vedas. Just like darkness goes on sun. There is no other path. I know that God (jyotiswaroop – in the form of light) not in the form of statues, stone, leaf, etc. If someone doesn’t listen Vedas then they won’t understand the true qualities of God. He will say wrong things that have been taught to him.

His shelter is Vedas. His shelter is amritam.

This is a great knowledge that do jaap of Gayatri mantra. You should keep listening. One day you will get the knowledge of Vedas. I am chanting 40th adhahye of Yajurveda again for the benefit of everyone.

People do not leave ‘ma gridhah’ – do not be greedy. Keep hard to earn money for the family. You should not be greedy. If you get saved in this world then you will not be saved from God. Bring sweetness in your voice. Whose is this wealth? Rishis speak directly. I try to say nicely so that we do not hurt you.

God has no eyes but He is seeing. He doesn’t have earns but He is listening. If you are serving God by Yajyen, agnihotra, prarthna, Pooja, stuti, Gurubhakti, sadhna, etc. it will protect you here and it will go with you. If you serve a Rishi then you do service towards God.

Everything else is just sorrows. These bitter words are true. According to him and Vedas, it is true. By detachment there is peace. How can the sentences of Rishi and God be untrue? We have two friends – God and Rishi. These are true friends. Rest of them are left here. If you do good deeds with them then it will also help you realise. There is nothing bad but it should not used to a bad use. You should do good deeds.

If you do deeds as per Vedas then you will not bear the results of your deeds. You should listen Vedas and do deeds according to Vedas. If someone doesn’t follow this then they are asur (demon).

Shutam tapah but if you remember.. you should keep trying that I keep sharing knowledge, they listen and the knowledge in my chitt becomes their chitt. If the disciples are weak then what can I or God do? If someone does sadhna (naam simran, etc.) then even his this birth and next birth are improved. It doesn’t happen in one birth. It takes 2-3 births and sometimes more also. We should improve the next life. Our current birth and next birth should be good. If someone does more effort, then he will benefit more.

Last time you heard, sah na pitev sunave agne. Today’s mantra is

Aayahi: Come. Vayuh: God that gives the knowledge of Vedas, with your blessings. Prah Pinchati: We do proper chanting of mantras. Rigved is saying that divyavachan devah.. first Acharya chant and the disciples get the knowledge of chanting.

Go, Vasha, Kasha, Dhenu, etc. are names of Vedas. Vedvanni gives knowledge of unlimited items. To get pleasure, listen and chant. Whatever you day you improve your next birth. More you do better it is. Shravan – to be heard Ved Vanni.

All items – moon, sun, etc.

To get worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge, to get both knowledge, donate, chant, listen in Vedas, speak and manan (contemplate) – they get this Vanni. (Jigagi) They give unlimited pleasure. It goes to those who listen and do its pravachan.

It is important to listen. It should be heard. It is not to be read. It should be heard from the mouth of Rishi. You should first listen and then do uccharan (chant) even after reading. It gives both worldly and spiritual knowledge. Once you get Ved Vanni then he gets away from the shackles of the world. He realises God.

God has not brought worldly education in this. If you remember after listening. Manu also says that the person is illiterate who doesn’t listen Vedas and reads other books. Whatever he is in the world (lawyer, engineer, etc.), he is illiterate. Those people who have read a lot and are billionaires are worshipping rocks, water, etc. All the so-called saints who do not know Vedas, in the eyes of Vedas they are illiterate. It is a big knowledge but people will not understand. Those who have not listened to the knowledge of Vedas do not know. Even scientists can go to these places of worship do not say anything about wrong notions being spread.

Not following Vedas has spread so many bad deeds in the world. When Vedas were in vogue there were pleasure and peace.