Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen that is organised on every Monday. In his speech, he shared:

The mantra – Yajmanasya pashun paahi. Keep doing Yajyen. God protects their family. It is a misfortune for those who cannot do Yajyen. As much as Yajyen will happen, you and your family will get a protective cover. God’s stuti keeps happening in Yajyen.

You should do jaap with meaning. You should do prannayam too. If your attention breaks then you should bring it back. It is practice. It is a great punya. One should not give up. You should do it for a long time. If the mind wanders, you should bring it back. One day you will get victorious. You will also get the punya of mind wandering since you are bringing it back. Those who just practice for a little while or do not bring it back then it is not good.

In senior age you should sit for 2 hours or more. You should not leave a single day without practice. Be firm about sadhna. It is because of good disciples like you the name of Ved Mandir will rise. Your way of living, faith on God, tapa, swadhaye, etc. will raise your fame in the world.

The deeksha that you have learned you should become immersed in it. Sometimes in Gayatri. You should do maximum focus on deeksha.

You should know the mantras of 40th adhyaye of Yajurveda. You should remember their meanings. I will get them translated. It is just a matter of time. It should gunj (echo) in your ears. You should be become knowledgeable. Don’t spend time in bad company. Don’t spend time in criticism, hatred, backbiting, etc. Once you get the meanings then you will know how much knowledge is there.

After this we will give you the knowledge of 31st adhyaye.

It is quite easy. When I chant, keep the text in front of you. You can initially start speaking slowly and then loudly. This knowledge will go with you. Also the relatives that have left us, 7 generations of them will benefit. You should think this while listening.

Yesterday I was explaining that how is God. He is in the form of pleasure. Anyone who worships Him by yogabhyas, Yajyen, etc. then he gets pleasure. We are soul. God has given us wisdom that we can think that our mind wandering. When it breaks then you should try to bring it back. You should practice. You should remember that you are not body but soul. Mind and sense organs are dead, and are made by prakriti. You should write it in your mind that the soul lives in the body.

Soul is a matter by whose presence all mind, sense organs, etc. work. It seems that eyes see. Dead body also has eyes but it doesn’t mean it can see. Through eyes soul can see. God has given these sense organs to realise God. By eyes you should do see Rishi Muni, parents, etc. God that is without any form and is full of pleasure.

Those gods made by human beings, you cannot say that they are in the form of pleasure. Even Sri Ram and Sri Krishna had problems. How can God have any problem? No one can see Him. How can anyone attack Him? He is in every part of the world. He stays in fire but fire cannot touch Him. We should worship the God like this. He is inside you. He will give you pleasure. He will give you wisdom.

The next mantra you know. Sah na pitev sunave agne.. You should keep your attention away from the whole world and pay attention.

Sah – God who has created the world. Nah – our. Pitev – like our father. God who is everyone, who protects everyone, is in the form of Yajyen, Vedas come from it and He is like our father.

A lot of questions have come on the internet on this. God is our father. He makes the creation from prakriti. The mantra says that He is like our father. Father does our palan poshan (Father Nurtures). He gives us all the objects like food, etc. just like father. Worldly father will be able to bring food, etc. only if God has made them earlier.

God creates the world and does palan poshan so He is like our father.

We are like his children. For his children, God that is like knowledge, gives knowledge from Vedas, gives all objects, from which we live, give us the means for pleasure (ann, dhan, etc. – food, money, etc.) You have listened so many times. Each time you listen you will get new bhavs (aspects) if you do not have laziness. Oh God! Knowledge is the source of all pleasures. Give us that knowledge from Vedas. It also has how to earn, ask from God do Yajyen, etc. Foremost we need knowledge. We should keep taking knowledge from Vedas. With focus you should have this firm conviction that this is my knowledge and I will take it. He is like our father and He gives his children superior knowledge.

Without money there will not be food but without knowledge, we will be immersed in sorrows. People are full of tension and diseases. If we take knowledge then things will not stay like this.

Give us all the pleasures. In order to get all pleasures, you should do deeds accordingly. You should do Yajyen and work hard as well.

This mantra is giving us knowledge that He is like our father. He gives his children all objects to get pleasure. Give is superior knowledge. God that gives us superior knowledge, make us joined with all pleasures. These are such prayers that when you do, you will get pleasure. You should do hard work.

This is unlimited knowledge. Vedas have unlimited knowledge. When you listen the meaning of this mantra again, it will have a different bhaav (aspect). The subject will not change but to give pleasure to soul, there will be more knowledge.

You should try to remember. I stress on it. The tapah to listen is different. It makes buddhi pure. Buddhi gets pure by knowledge.