Swamiji perform weekly Yajyen that is organised on every Sunday. In his preach, he shared:

Stay away from sins. If you cannot remove then keep trying. One day you will leave them. Nowadays you are understanding the importance of Yajyen. It is the best knowledge. Without Yajyen, you will not understand. What you have understood, you haven’t from Agnihotra but Yajyen.

Agnihotra is great worship. You won’t understand anything from it though. When acharya will explain in Yajyen, then the buddhi gets knowledge. It gets pure by knowledge. If you listen less then you have less benefit. To listen is tap. Nowadays people have compulsions, people listen less but it is enough.. it is enough to get into dev yoni.

It is a great benefit that you can remember God and Rishi at the time of death.

In every good deed do Yajyen. You should remember God. Yajyen has different names of God. It has prarthana, upasana, etc. It is the best deed. There is nothing better than it.

To do sanskaar is the order of God. Sri Ram, etc. had all sanskaars done. These were called sanskaari children. Now sanskaars are not done and addiction, lack of rules, bad language, etc. have spread. You come for Yajyen and you get sanskaars. You should imbibe this knowledge in your life. What is explained, you should understand and follow it in your life.

I have written so many articles and books. God has made me write. I don’t have enough power to write on my own. You should read them and also share it with your children. Only wealth has no pleasure. Wealth should be there along with dharam. If we don’t have dharam then it eats us. Dharam protects us otherwise. If we do not follow dharam then it eats us. Dharam is to do the deeds prescribed by Vedas. Don’t think life is easy. If you want to succeed then you need to make a lot of effort. It is not a joke when Acharya says not to do sins and leave kaam, krodh, etc. People seem happy while doing bad deeds. They think dukh as sukh. Not following orders. They think that it is good then this adharam eats them up. People think that this misery is pleasure.

People feel pleasure in kaam, krodh, etc. They get diseases and illness. People think that it is good. If they listen to the sentences of Rishi then one day it may get them into good path.

Kapil Muni writes in his shashtra. One Acharya went with his disciple to a forest. He said that I will give you knowledge there, give Vedic knowledge and will make you do sadhna. There was one rakshasa who was full of avidya, and was indulged in bad deeds. Instead of attacking, he hid behind a tree and started listening to them out of curiosity. He would come everyday and listen. He also learned meditation, and Vedic knowledge. At the end that rakshasa became devta. He came and touched the feet of the Acharya.

Rakshas can also become devta but they should have deeds accordingly. They are full of desires, greed, anger and other vices. They do not take them out. One lobh (greed) can destroy you. Dhritrashtra did lobh.

He occupied the kingdom of his brother. So Mahabharat war happened and his 101 sons got killed. Each one of the vices can destroy you. In man you have all five vice, what is the hope that one can be sukhi (happy) and will not get big problems in life? God is pure and is away from sins. You should also become pure. You should remove the cover of kaam, krodh, etc.

Even if you do less Yajyen, you should listen and imbibe the knowledge in their lives. You should know that it is not ours. You should have the thoughts like Sri Ram and the public. These thoughts will come only by Yajyen.

I remember my life. Whenever I would remember, I would just leave from office, take the ticket to Rishikesh and go to his cave. Joga Singh was the disciple of Guru Nanak. Half his marriage ceremony was done, he left and he ran towards his Guru. This is called pagalpan (pa gal – got knowledge).

The best use of resources is to use them for Yajyen. Maybe a lot of you have such feeling. When they remember, just pick their car and go towards Yajyen. It is your own effort, devotion and punya of your deeds that when you get it in your heart, you go towards Yajyen. Everything worldly is for your body. When you leave your body, it will all go but Yajyen will remain. It is important to have food, etc. for body. You should earn money.

I don’t say in vain. I explain from Ved mantras. You should understand and follow. Ninidyasan – to do it in practice. We should do worship everyday from Vedmantras. It is a blessing of God that you do agnihotra at home. It is important to know the meanings as well. It is the uddhar of the life.

Today people do not hear Vedas and starts doing the translations of Ved mantras. People translate Geeta without listening Vedas then the translation cannot be correct as it is Vedic preach. People take the words from upnishads and start doing their meanings. They spread avidya (false knowledge). I have taken these things in my book with the proof of Vedas to create awareness about the wrong meanings that are being spread.

If you do not try to know the meanings then you will remember the wrong meanings and then you will spread them. You should destroy shipt, vikshipt and other vrittis. You should listen with this desire that you will follow this is your life. You should do Agnihotra both times daily and thank God. You should know the meanings of the mantra. Your family’s uddhar will happen.

One disciple said that if you (Rishi) was not there then we would be in false knowledge. Someone who has understood after listening intently can only say this. If people just listen out of formality then they won’t. People understand that this knowledge can do their uddhar.

This knowledge is not just to be listened but is to be understood and followed in your life. We do your worship from Ved Mantras – daily from Ved mantras. The greatest worship is Yajyen. When you have time then you can come. The one who has time may come. Rest of you should take as much as benefit that you should take.  

The liberation is only of the soul. There are many secrets revealed in Yajyen but people don’t understand. Soul is neither male, female nor genderless. The body that the soul gets, it looks similar to the body. All the souls are similar – chetan (alive), ajar (never get old), amar (immortal), avinashi (never get destroyed) – they are away from birth and death. Body does not get mukti (liberation). It gets burnt.

Liberated Jeevatma is called dev. Those who are not shraddhalu (who do not have faith), they are not able to understand. Those who understand do Yajyen carefully. This is Gurudarbar (adobe of a Guru). They should be careful.

I don’t forgive anyone. Earlier I would forgive. The learned of Vedas do not need crowd. If they find that some disciple is useless then they should send him home. They do not do acharan of knowledge. They do not have the attitude of serving. They are not deserving to listen. They do not know that even if you sacrifice the life you are not capable of listening. Tapasvi has to be given tan (body), mann (mind), dhann (money), prann (life), etc. He has to be served.

This is a difficult path. It is a path of staying together with love. I may remove some more disciples. Those who can improve may improve themselves. People should try to improve and not go in the path of pride. Do not think themselves as superior. Everyone is same. You should understand the mantras and follow in your life.  

You cannot go against the order of a Rishi. Those who violate are great sinners. In Ved Mandir there is facility that you do not give money but you can stay here and do tapasya. Here no worldly pleasure is to be pursued but one should do service and tapasya when staying in the ashram. If you do not follow the order of a Rishi then you get misery.

After 60 years you should move towards vairagya. It is the rule that one should move towards vairagya. After 50 if someone doesn’t go towards vairagya then he will be immersed in sorrows. You should spend more time in sadhna even if you are staying at home.

If people get vairagya at an older age then they get sin of not getting vairagya for so many years. If they are staying at home then they should do very less worldly work but also spend more time in sadhna. You should stay lovingly with all family members but at the time of sadhna, you should leave all of them.

People till the order age get immersed in moh mamta (attachment) even at an older age. One should feel that we are going towards realization by the deeds that you have been doing.

If you cannot come for Yajyen then you should definitely do agnihotra at home. You should live this way that your connection (towards God) should not get disconnected. This is immortal knowledge. People should know that it is God’s earth and He can punish too. If you do love towards God then you do not need to be scared. If not, you should know that you can be punished anytime by God.

Where will you get to hear the immortal names of God? You do not know their value. Even if you sell three lokas and give to a Rishi then also is low in value. Shrat-dha – after listening again and again you get faith on the truth. To listen, follow is also not the value. You should follow it in your deeds.

God that has unlimited qualities. He is inside you and outside you. You are a soul. He is inside you too but you do not know it.

Like there is a room and there are a lot of things in it. If you do not know what things are inside it, if you own it, then you will be called foolish. God is everywhere. He is also in the every bit of the soul. It is an astonishment that even people do not know Him by words. Even the soul doesn’t know that he is soul even by words. This is shabhbrahm. If you listen, you can realise.

The whole world doesn’t know this. People show the picture and show that our relative has died. It is not the form of soul. He is very minute and doesn’t show. Even more minute (shuksham) that is God. You cannot see Him but He can see you. People have made their own Gods outside.

God is not visible by eyes. Sri Ram, etc. were seen by eyes. Even they had realised. They cannot preach after leaving the body. He is immortal and is away from false knowledge, destruction, pure and away from sins. He has given the true knowledge in four Vedas. Vedas are truth and rest are lies. He gives knowledge through Rishi Munis and protects the world. He is in the form of light. This is the preaching. His form is of merriment. No one has made Him. He is not under anybody. Everyone is under Him. To listen this and understand this is Yajyen. He protects always.

The one who worships Him, he also gets immersed in joys. Rishi Munis are not foolish. When the pleasure starts coming then the Yogi stays awake for months. Those who do not have pleasure go to sleep. He gets pleasures in this lok and the next birth. His next birth is good and is in the kul of Yogis.

He sends the learned of Vedas. He is inside us. You should stay in dhyan, yogabhyas, etc. He gives knowledge of all four Vedas. He who is in the form of unlimited pleasure, the aspirant gets pleasure, gets away from sorrows and gets good results. His description is in Vedas. Some are on the right path and others are trying to follow. You should follow with great effort. He will definitely give you pleasure and destroy your sins.

Yajyen is the best worship. Whose vritti was here he benefitted, whose went away got less benefit.

You should pay attention on sadhna and service. Service is bigger than sadhna. Those who get away from service will get destroyed. If you see the life of many like Sri Ram that they followed the knowledge of Vedas. Everyone should have this special knowledge that without service there is nothing. If your vritti is not in Rishi and in service then your life will be fruitless even after doing Yajyen. People get problems due to lack of service and bhakti, and lack of effort. A lot of knowledge comes if someone understands then only.. God has shared that the main purpose of four Vedas is to realise God. It is mentioned at the end in Atharvaved is that the main motto of the life is to realise.

You should do all deeds but you should pay attention that you have to realise. You should not leave doing sadhna while doing good deeds. The main purpose of Vedas is to realise God and of the human body is to realise God.

We should know realising God as the main purpose. Nowadays people have kept main motto to earn money. How will they get peace? While going even Einstein said that I went empty handed and he has wasted his life. The knowledgeable of Vedas know that he has not wasted his life. He should have add spiritualism and it would have been fine. The main mistake was that he forgot to pursue the main target in life.