Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen, conducted on every Monday. In his preach, he said:

You should sit in dhyaan for at least an hour daily. Less than that you will not achieve and will take a long time. Yajyen is bigger than dhyaan. It has stuti and you can chant the stuti and Upasana mantras. In your home also you should do agnihotra and chant these mantras. Om bhur bhuva also is stuti of God.

“Jananijanmbhumishcha swargat api gariyasi” – Janani (mother) and janmbhoomi (motherland) give more pleasure than swarg.

The rules of God are that if you do Anusthan with the permission of acharya then you get benefit.

Yajyen has unlimited qualities. These cannot be described. It gives immense benefits. It also gives benefit to those who have departed if you do Yajyen in their name. There is no other way that you can benefit the ones that are departed.

Disciple who doesn’t do service will not get much benefit. You should follow the orders. Service is bigger than Yajyen. There is an example of Upmanyu who was just given service of ashram and cow. He realised without listening to Vedas.

You have to pay attention to Rishis instruction. It cannot be ignored. If you have the feeling of service then your Yajyen starts from home. The example is of Draupadi who got the punya of 108 Yajyen in each step.

You should listen to the order carefully or you will get sin. Ashrams are to do service and to make our families cross over. These are rare places. This is not a hotel. This is not a place to rest. This is not an old age home. This is a place to do tap.

You should start while doing dhyaan of Rishi (not while driving). If you have to speak to someone unavoidably then you can but you should bring your vritti back to dhyaan.

You shouldn’t make him upset at any stage. It destroys your good deeds. You should serve him so much that he remains satisfied. These are the rules of God.

You should do service selflessly without any desires. You shouldn’t do cheating. If you pay attention then your devotion gets firm. Then you may get dev yoni.

This is the realisation of Rishi Munis. In the next birth there will be just pitra yoni (animals, etc.) You should save money but also you should save your birth.

For peace at home, you should have peace. You should serve parents, if someone is wrong then you can leave but not insult them. You should continue your sadhna.

You should leave them mentally and stay at home. Then you can have peace. You should produce peace in you if you want peace at home.

People who do not do name jaap and don’t have devotion towards acharya, they can never have peace. You shouldn’t ask for peace for them. This is applicable for the whole world. You should maintain love. You are a devotee of God and Rishi. How can you explain them? They will understand only if they follow Vedic path. God has not given order to fight with them. You can leave them mentally. Who will listen to the suksham (minute) knowledge of Vedas?

There is just one path. Either you can stay on it or go elsewhere. If they follow a wrong path then they will suffer. People do not know what is God and where you go? They keep doubting. You are listening and they aren’t. They don’t know the definition of God. If you think that they will get peace, if is impossible.

People who get Deeksha and listen Vedas even they don’t get peace since they lack service and Shraddha. This is not a good state of mind. No one can get pleasure by making a rishi unhappy. People cannot be happy since they don’t follow what they listen. When you listen these are Vedas otherwise they aren’t.

The benefit that you get by doing Yajyen, service, Darshan, etc. at Rishis home, you won’t get elsewhere. People who don’t do service won’t.

Even till a Yogi is alive, he has to bear sins. God gives result of deeds to everyone. He leaves no one. You should keep doing good deeds. Evidence is Vedas. Vedas say – ‘Roopenindrah’ that yogis are the Roop of God.

I am turning 80 next year. Even I don’t rest. If you rest here then both God and Rishi punish. If they don’t do repentance then even God doesn’t leave them. This is the place your sins can get destroyed and you commit sins here. God won’t leave you (unpunished).

There are a lot of sins in this world in the name of religion. When you bring a new disciple let him be downstairs and listen. The person who does not believe can go, or if they stay then they will continue to get benefit. It is not a path for everyone and to do darshan of a Rishi. People have to go through checks. People do a lot of sins. Even people who stay here don’t deserve to do the Darshan.

You should bring someone to Yajyen with permission. If you get an instruction, then pass on carefully.

You should improve upon your mistakes. For Deeksha many people have served rishis for months. When rishis anger rises then it brings destruction. If someone wants to become malik (owner/director) of the ashram then they will be destroyed.

These names of God mentioned in mantras till aapo jyoti rasomirtam mantra are out of the world. Only those who follow Vedic path can put their aahutis.

Even if you sell all lokas (worlds) and give the dakshina to a Rishi, it is not enough dakshina. It is so priceless.

People do not listen to the words of Rishis. Even those who listen they don’t follow. If they keep listening then they enter dev yoni. If you keep doing Sadhna then they enter dev yoni. Then it doesn’t break. Your Sadhna will continue and in some dev yoni you will realise. Do Yajyen, destroy your sins and get Devyoni.

It is Gods rule that He doesn’t forgive sins. In Yajyen when Rishi is happy then the sins get destroyed. The order of a Rishi cannot be broken.

Kashyap Rishi says that Vedas are unlimited. Everytime I explain 40th adhyaye there is a new meaning of the mantra. God’s unlimited qualities keep coming out of the mantras.

In four Vedas God is being explained. 40th adhyaye has more explanation about God. If you have to travel then you can do Sadhna there. He is everywhere. In the society today so many places are made where you are supposed to wash, clean feet and come. One quality is paryaga (He is everywhere). He is inside you (soul) but is away from you. He does not touch the soul.

He is inside water, air, etc but they cannot touch Him. He is everywhere and you can worship Him anywhere. We have made temples etc by our own mind. If someone doesn’t know this then they enter darkness.

His worship is Yajyen, agnihotra and yogabhyas. You should do at home and when you come here.

You cannot touch Him. Bodies cannot touch Him. Even soul cannot touch Him. He is always pure and away from sins.