Earlier children would take Vedic knowledge and then enter Grahastha. People are unable to get complete knowledge. Even if they do not get complete knowledge, a lot is needed to realise and to make their life a success. People who listen Vedas, keep doing Yajyen and agnihotra, they are able to make their life successful. Ved Vidya and Yog Vidya has immense prabhav. What God has said (in Vedas), people are unable to understand properly. Without the worship of God there is no pleasure but God is saying that unless you know Vedas, you cannot worship me. If you don’t know Vedas then you are not worshipping but are going against Him. Without Vidvaan (knowlegeable of Vedas), you will not get the knowledge of Vedas.

If someone is not in the shelter of an acharya then he will not have knowledge of Vedas and God. He will be against Vedas. However, the practice that he does against Vedas, he has named it bhakti (worship).

Like this only people would sit in Yajyen. They would put aahutis and listen to pravachan. Sri Ram did crores of Yajyen. I had counted a long time back. He had been doing Yajyen since childhood. He never broke the practice of doing Yajyen. When he heard about him being appointed as the king, both he and his wife did Yajyen. When he was told that he has to go for banwas (banishment), he did Yajyen. He continued in forests and also when he returned. We should get up early morning and do havan before 7:00/7:30am. Sri Ram would get up at 4:00am. Sri Krishna would get up at 12:00am to do Sadhna. After finishing his sadhna, he would come down to do Yajyen with Rishi Munis.

It is the right worship of these dignatories if we follow them. To do aarti, etc. is not in Vedas. It is not considered as worship in Vedas. These Yajyen should continue. They have immense benefits. They spread purity.

On sadhna, I remember my life. I used to sleep at 12:00am and get up at 2:00am during my youth. Whole day the sadhna would continue. People do not become knowledgeable just like this. It is the result of tapasya. After we retire, we should get up at 2:00am and do tapasya only. In morning they should do havan. People are entangled in worldly attachment and they cannot do sadhna. We have been born for sadhna. This body is eligible for doing sadhna. No animal or bird can do. Only man can do but they do not do sadhna. They are considered as mad. They are animals in human form. Their deeds are like animals – eating, sleeping, fear and indulgence.

Till Mahabharat time there have been crores of kings. They would be engaged in tapasya and then whole day they would do work for the country. Nowadays the leaders are stuck in politics at all time. They plan to steal votes and create fights. They think that God will not punish them.

I can stop doing Yajyen anytime. Vedas say that Yajmaan and Vidvaan should keep doing Yajyen. The benefit is given by Vidvaan. They consider Vidvaan as an ordinary person. God keeps reducing their punya since they don’t know as yet what Vidvaan is. They need to keep the maryada (dignity) then only they benefit.